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Ingrained Intelligence - Feb 22

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  • Ingrained Intelligence - Feb 22

    Great game on this one. Wanted to show off to Steven that we finished the whole thing.

    Plan was to raid outer camps before moving in to town. First camp raid went very well with 5 people raiding it. No casualities except myself getting shot by a wounded enemy waking up. Cars checked, nothing.

    After each raid we regrouped back at base, which helped a great deal.

    Second camp also 5-7 people. We lost our truck because socomseal got flanked. But took the some civilian vehicles back to base. It was pretty intense trying to make sure everybody has a ride while taking fire from several directions. This assault was intense. Only Century and me actually moved in while three snipers (freaking sniper rifle lovers) stayed up top for overwatch. But Snipers made sure we were covered. Bullets flying over my head, from snipers' fire, and I saw enemy guys going down right in front of me on several instances.

    By this time we had a considerable amount of people joined in, waiting for us to RTB. So the third camp was assulted by around 10 infantries. Snipers were positioned behind. Infantries taking up a position and firing, shifting position and firing, making a half circle coverage to make sure nobody was hiding from one perspective. Moved in checked cars, no intelligence. This assault was a textbook. No casualties. Everybody did superb.

    All came back to base took more ammo. We then headed inside the town, and assaulted the camp in the city. By this time we had 15-20 people on making it harder to manage. Things got easier, the jobs were getting done somehow.

    After that we went to the last camp without RTB. Found the intel in the last possible car. Everybody returned to base. And we got the

    M I S S I O N C O M P L E T E.

    Overall took about 2 hours I think, may be more. Great job everybody.

    Thanks to J1, socomseal, Centruy, Air Alex for playing this from start to finish.

    I know I am forgetting too many names, but it has been a day since this incident happened. Now I want to command Operation Mongoose from start to finish. :row__642:

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    Re: Ingrained Intelligence - Feb 22

    shout out to me? lol i think i remember this one




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