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  • Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary


    How did it go? Lets have your Pics and vids, and your constructive Criticism. Particularly interested to know about the CO planning, did it help, and did the template work for you Ironpants?

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    Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

    Originally posted by Jeepo_SAS View Post
    How did it go? Lets have your Pics and vids, and your constructive Criticism. Particularly interested to know about the CO planning, did it help, and did the template work for you Ironpants?
    Didn't have an opportunity to participate today, but I did want to chime in to say that the mission plan posted by ironpants in the other thread looked good. Hopefully that helped things play out more smoothly than otherwise. Good job on it, Ironpants.


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      Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

      This is a just a quick AAR, will likely do a more detailed one later.

      Mission briefing was fairly short, got into the game a little late though as we had some crashing problems.

      On mission start it was a little darker than intended I believe, but not too big a deal. Definately need to work on use of IR strobes, as only half of the Ranger team had them on. Some common sense prevails here, if your leader has his on, turn yours on too.

      The movement to the area was a little rough, the road was very rough and dangerous. The convoy had problems bunching up which lead to an accident where medical aid and a repair truck was needed.

      The SF detachment seemed to lose their planned route as they cut very close to the enemy compound and were spotted, throwing off our organized attack.

      Once they made contact, lead became very busy, I took the Ranger element to their start position and waited for orders. It took quite some time to get orders, command was in a lot of contact.

      We got the order to move, did a simple advance, 2 fireteams covering, one advancing. An enemy HMG was spotted on a tower roof, I had the FTL of the assault force hit it with an AT round and then they began moving up.

      Things went well, the advancing team took fire from the west, support shifted fire on it. An enemy sniper managed to "infiltrate" our lines quite good. He ran up onto our firing line, and started shooting AT the advancing element from ALONG OUR LINE. Kind of surprising, at first, I thought a friendly took an enemy weapon, then when he turned and shot someone I figured it out and shot him.

      After that, the step off point was secured the support element moved up. With the crazy sniper guy, he shot one of our TLs and we lost one of the fireteams at the original support position, eventually they made it back with 2 casualties.

      We then moved in and cleared the closest towers and eventually a mansion in the center of the courtyard. No casualties in this, no objectives either. We formed up and moved down a path towards a fortified house. The team assigned to breach the house took fire from the right, I got people to move right and engage, I was shot. Ka-Oz and Facemachine were also shot on the right. I bandaged and checked the status of the two casualties, after I confirmed they were dead, I tried falling back but was shot.

      Everyone went to ground in the building and I bled out.


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        Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

        Unfortunately the server crashed just as we were escorting the captives to Blackdog's LB in the compound's east side - but I'm going to consider it a success anyway.

        We began by running through the objectives and course of action, but I should have been clearer about the SF maneuver plan (noted later). Team leaders got their men geared and mounted up pretty quick, and there was a bit of reckless driving at base. I understand that players can get antsy from all the waiting during Sunday events - it helps to have stuff to do during the lulls, so you aren't tempted to screw around in-game just to occupy yourself.

        During travel, there was a brief holdup to repair and tend to minor injuries due to a vehicle collision. Those Columbian dirt roads are treacherous!

        Meanwhile Archer relocated to the FARP, signaling a clear road ahead. Me and my medics brought a trio of support trucks to the FARP, then had Blackdog transport us north to SF Dismount, where I first realized that I hadn't adequately explained the course of action due to the absence of any dismounted humvees. We hoofed it west to join up with the SF teams, but they were already being engaged by the time we passed SF Recon. I originally intended for the SF teams to go west on foot, using the ravine to avoid being sighted and get into position for assault. However, it had already begun so I gave the greenlight for the Ranger assault (they had not yet been spotted). SF Sabre was using an M2 humvee east of the target area, while SF Cutlass moved to SF Assault on foot. Also, I had Archer lift off to orbit and engage rooftop targets.

        I joined up with SF Cutlass, and together we advanced southwest toward the closest tower. Suddenly there were grenades going off right and left, SF casualties piling up and my medics who I'd lost track of were not responding. We were decimated, with only me and Sabre team leader Viper left. Fortunately beta and his rangers were doing quite well, and sent a team to secure the central mansion. Me and Viper moved west from the northeastern tower to the next one, engaging scattered EI. This is when one of our blackhawks went down - I'm not sure if it was due to enemy fire or not. We joined up with the rangers and secured a building to the west which held our targets, taking some casualties in the process due to scattered EI popping up all around us. I spent half my time pulling security and half popping smoke to tend to the wounded, until I made it to the building which housed our captives. Shortly after moving out from this building, the server crashed.

        Writing out the briefing in advance using Angryson's suggested format was extremely helpful in not only communicating the plan of action beforehand to the team leaders, but in getting me to think about the situation in ways I am not practiced.

        Finally, as I end this post says that it's 23:45 GMT and 4:45 my time which means we started an hour early. I logged on at 1pm, three hours and forty minutes ago. 23:45-3:45=20:00 so that's why some of my chosen team leaders were missing I'll wager!


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          Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

          Didnt even get in. According to my clocks you guys started 8 mins early and considering there was no JIP I was left out.


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            Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

            Ironpants breifing and all his preplanning was awesome, GREAT JOB Ironpants. It really helped in getting right to the point.

            My team:
            Sabre - Viper, Jorge.PT, Aceking, Tangowrangler.

            Mission started out like it shoud, FTL's and PL's getting their unit all sorted with kits and mission brieifings. Teams then got assigned to their respective vehicles with my team, call sign Sabre taking lead for the convoy to Fort Exorcist. Along the way i miscalculated the sudden rise in road and didn't think that it would decend on the other side as fast as it rose and took it too fast. Took a sweat jump but drove the nose right into the ground, got wounded and had to do a little patch work.

            Things got moving again as Archer buzzed overhead and both SF teams Sabre and Cutlass moved out to WP 2 which got ugly fast. Some how Cutlass got lost ans Sabre followed them right into enemy fire :). We managed to drive right past the complex were fixed enemy positions just riddled both humvees and cause both drivers to just floor it. My team decided to say screw it and dig in east of the object at the intersection and return fire. At this point Comms got very busy were the rangers got jealous and wanted some of the action.

            Sabre held it's ground engaging enemies as they left the compound and at one point Tangowrangler was behind the M2 firing at the towers while tracers and rounds impacted around him in his humvee. Cutlass in the meantime swung northwest to the assualt point and the rangers moved in from the southeast.

            Sabre moved up to the northeastern tower and saw what was left of Cutlass and attempted to call a medic which there was non of at this point. Out of no where the CO shows up and then grenades impacted all around us and i lost aceking and Jorge.PT. At this point the rangers had taken the southeastern tower and began assualting the mansion, going room to room and redecorating the place. Eventually Tangowrangler went down because of random AI running around confused at the assualt on the compound.

            At this point Ironpants and myself stuck together and linked up west of the mansion with the rangers and held back some counterattacks. Archer was buzzing around overhead shooting at targets not blinking and doing a fine job clearing rooftops. All remnants of the ground force converged on the target location and held the location despite grenades and sporadic attacks by drug induced soldiers. Eventually enough of the enemy force was taken out that the attempt to extract back to the mansion and expidite the target by littlebird was conducted. While moving back east the server crashed but the mission was still considered a success because Blackdog would have done an incredible job transporting the target back to base :).

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              Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

              Just a quick word for the air team. Kimmeh and Worldprayer were the pilots of the UH60's and did exactly as I asked of them as I was flying the MH6. Once I had dropped off command at the SF Dismount position, I landed back at the FARP and gave the orders for the Blackhawks to dustoff, as Command had called in Air support. We established an orbit pattern that would keep the Blackhawks at a decent range from the ground troops not to interfere with ground comms and to minimise possible incoming enemy fire.

              Unfortunately we lost one bird early due to Heavy MG fire, but Kimmeh did a great job flying the 2nd UH60 and impulse began to engage targets as the door gunner.

              When I was called in to do the airlift, it was clear that there had been a fair amount of casualties and there was still enemy fire in the compound. On approach the LZ was changed on finals just as I reached the compound and as I turned to rotate I was lit up by an MG. Managed to get away to west but was still taking fire, so we called a new LZ to the east of the compound on the entrance path and slope. Managed to land on the tree lined driveway and was awaiting the captives when the server crashed.

              Command seemed to do a good job and the squad leaders all seemed to react to a change in the battleplan due to early contact. Well done all involved. Was very enjoyable.

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                Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

                From a Ranger medic's perspective -

                The mission was very well planned at start, we loaded and geared up. I was assigned to a repair truck and to follow the convoy. Those roads are very hazardous but fun to drive on ;D Besides a slight mishap which was cleared up by the time I got there, we continued on to the waypoint. The rangers stopped and the SF went ahead and seem to have taken fire from the enemy.

                We moved up and dismounted, and then beta formed our three ranger squads into a line, told two squads to cover and one to move up. One of our men fired a rocket at a tower that had a MG on top of it. While the two squads were hanging back, it seems that the enemy infiltrated our lines from behind and started firing at the assault element. He then started firing at the rest of the squads, which led to my death and a few others.

                Not quite sure what happened afterward because i went AFK for a bit. But overall it was good planning and leadership, and enjoyable to play.


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                  Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

                  Looks like i missed lots of fun. I played this mission once and its awesome. Looking forward playing it again next week maybe? Stupid work.

                  The inner Combat Cameraman thats is sleeping in me is missing his job :(

                  -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
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                    Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

                    Sunday Event AAR
                    5 1800 EST APR 2009
                    ~35 people

                    Blufor (Special Forces)
                    CO (HQ Element) – Ironpants / Repair truck, Fuel truck, Ammo truck
                    B (Inf Squad)- Tangowrangler / HMMWV M2
                    C (Inf Squad)- Winchester / HMMWV M2
                    D (Pilots)- Blackdog1 / MH6, UH-60X2

                    Independent (Ranger)
                    2ndIC (HQ Element) – Beta / Repair truck, Fuel truck, Ammo truck
                    B (Inf Squad)- T Wilson / HMMWV M2
                    C (Inf Squad)- Waterispoison / HMMWV SF
                    D (Inf Squad)- Socomseal / HMMWV SF

                    Mission: ACE-Op Hail Mary Co 36
                    Island: Ace Gaia
                    Description: Blufor/Independent Raid

                    I was a rifleman in Independent (Ranger) Delta Squad

                    What was supposed to happen:
                    As per ironpant’s plan
                    • Our Task was to
                    1. Assault and secure Casa del Phaeden, a fortified villa and suspected cocaine processing facility.
                    2. Capture Carlos Lehder, Jose Abello Silva, and an unidentified official from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia.
                    3. Destroy all drug shipment containers.
                    4. Acquire any INTEL present.
                    • His intent was to move all personnel and equipment to the vicinity of camp exorcist
                    o The ground convoy would move north of camp
                    o Air assets would move to camp
                    • The SF team would then recon the target and move to the NE of the OBJ
                    • Rangers would move into position SE of target
                    • Once all ground forces were in position, they would assault with the Air assets providing CAS
                    • The SF and Ranger teams would capture the three targets, locate intel, destroy drugs/ammo, and then all forces would move back to Camp Libertas.
                    • Overview of plan : [media][/media]
                    • Blowup of Objective: [media][/media]

                    What actually happened (from my perspective):
                    • Began mission
                    • Grabbed ammo and equipment
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Began mounting up trucks-there was some confusion on who goes where, took awhile to get it all sorted out; I think part of the problem was the SF team did not take the SF HMMWVs
                    • [media][/media]
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Convoy formed up at edge of camp, order of movement seemed screwed up, the support trucks were at the front of the convoy followed by some HMMWVs.
                    • [media][/media]
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Later, some of the HMMWVs got in front, no big deal
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Some bunching up of convoy, but for the most part it went okay
                    • [media][/media]
                    • [media][/media]
                    • I think, but am not entirely positive, SF made a wrong turn and got engaged.
                    • I heard lots of AK fire and some M2/M16 return fire
                    • My SL told me the SF were pinned down and were breaking contact possibly
                    • Rangers dismounted and moved into position SE of OBJ
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Not sure if the SF were in the right position
                    • Kept hearing AK fire, spotted a MG on one of the towers
                    • Beta ordered us to engage, we began putting down fire on the OBJ
                    • [media][/media] - Yay, got one
                    • We killed a couple of enemy, then my SL and one joe were killed
                    • I took charge and moved the squad West to try to flank
                    • Watched as the helo was blown out of the sky over the OBJ
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Beta ordered all surviving Rangers to rally on him on the SE of the OBJ
                    • Formed up on Beta, and he took charge of the three remaining personnel (including me)
                    • We stacked up near the house on the OBJ and cleared it
                    • [media][/media]
                    • After clearing it, we realized no one had any satchel charges (mine had mysteriously disappeared)
                    • Ordered to clear West Building
                    • Cleared it, captured an HVT, took a couple of casualties there
                    • We were surrounded in the building for a while and could not leave
                    • Eventually we finally pushed into the courtyard and began moving East off the OBJ
                    • [media][/media]
                    • Took sporadic fire; we returned fire, treated the wounded, and popped smoke
                    • [media][/media] - Yay, got another one
                    • About to get extracted by helo when the red chain appeared
                    • [media][/media]

                    Key Issues –
                    • Sustains
                    1. The plan posted on the forums was first-rate and it seemed to streamline the planning process.
                    2. Refreshing to see some new people taking leadership roles, good job.
                    3. Leadership reacted quickly to changes in plan, once the SF team was engaged orders were given out rather quickly.
                    4. The comms were the best yet, I don’t think I heard the CO say a word the entire game (except in direct comms when I was right beside him)

                    • Improves – I had a tough time coming up with improves since the operation went relatively well. That being said, here are a couple of pointers that could be helpful.
                    1. CO - Remind the squad leaders what kind of equipment to bring, especially mission-essential gear. For instance, “I want all SLs to ensure their squad has at least two satchels and all members have working IR strobes.”
                    2. SLs – Be sure to provide a check on upper-level leadership if you see an error; my squad realized we need to bring satchels and the order of movement was jacked up

                    Closing Comments

                    Once again, it was a great event by TG. Looking forward to the next one
                    "Never forget that you are there to SERVE the soldiers. Listen to your NCOs and always do the right thing." -My Father


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                      Re: Sunday Event Operation Hail Mary

                      Kinda wish I didn't have to go. Had emergency to go to which was lame.

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