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Couvin Pocket/Ciney Line - 24 APR 09

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  • Couvin Pocket/Ciney Line - 24 APR 09

    We had a large amount of players on the server, so we decided to try out these missions to see how it went.

    The first mission up was Couvin Pocket.

    The plan was simple, we formed into a Platoon line, each Section was in a staggered column and we swept north through the woods to make contact. I was the 2IC of 2 Section, we were on the left flank of the Platoon (though I thought we were supposed to be in the middle?). We were moving slowly and had just about reached the edge of the woods, SilverJohn ordered an extended line and as we were forming it, our far left flank bumped into a 2 man enemy patrol. We engaged them and killed them with no casualties, however shortly after the forest was illuminated with the erie, flickering flare-light. We held our line and scanned for contacts.

    The rest of the Platoon sounded like it was engaged to our right. We spotted a few more troops and were putting fire down when there was a disturbingly close explosion to our right, exactly where 3 Section was supposed to be. A few seconds later, another CLOSE explosion right behind us. With that, we were pretty convinced this was enemy arty, so we bugged out back through the woods, bad idea. The arty concentration fell right where we were running to, almost on top of Platoon HQ. We quickly changed direction and got close to the edge of the forest. UAZs had started engaging us from the north, I avoided a long burst of MG fire from a well-placed tree, and we continued our retreat.

    We moved back to an area, I didn't like it; there was a large clearing and open ground to our right. I warned SilverJohn that this could be bad, but as we needed to get away from the arty, we continued on. I held and covered for the Section to cross the open ground. Not 5m into it, the Section 1IC, SilverJohn, was shot dead by a 5 round burst from a UAZ MG. The Section returned fire and killed the gunner and driver, it later burst into flames. I scrambled to get the radio from SilverJohn's corpse, but I couldn't find it. Eventually, Platoon HQ made contact with us by yelling, and just as I found the freakin' radio, another UAZ pulls up and lets off a 20 round burst in my direction. I hit the deck and hope not to die, the Section was on the ball and returned fire, quickly killing the crew. Another UAZ had the same fate, there were now 3 burning wrecks.

    I gave a quick sitrep to Platoon HQ, and he told us to fall back to our starting point, 1 Section is already there and waiting. I quickly gathered everyone together and moved off at a quick pace. I didn't want to make contact again before we got into our position. We made it back to the Platoon start point with no further contact, some rifle fire, flares, and explosions, but it seemed relatively quiet compared to the artillery barrages and mass gunfire earlier. We settled into position on the left of 1 Section and got comfortable overwatching the woods, looking for the inevitable enemy counter-attack. After everyone had their sectors set, I took a quick look around. There was FAR too few people for this to be the whole Platoon. I then became distinctly aware of the sound of a distant, intense firefight. 3 Section was still in the middle of the woods. Radio reports kept coming in; 3 Section took many casualties and are moving at a snail's pace on the retreat. Platoon finally gave the order, we have to go and get 3 Section back.

    I had a bad feeling about that from the start, but it had to be done. I get 2 Section formed up into an extended line, and begin advancing at a walking pace. Not 3 feet into the woods and we make contact. The whole Platoon shoots a single soldier (sucks to be him). Nothing else, even the distant fire fight seemed quiet. I figured it was just some crazy rambo guy running wild, so we start moving out, as does the rest of the Platoon. Continuing on, scanning everything carefully, we make it about 10 meters before more contacts show up, barely 20 meters in front of us. I hit the deck, call a hasty contact report and put 2 rounds towards a target .. and run out of ammo. I frantically reload, the whole time watching the tracers get closer and closer to my head. Thankfully a burst from a friendly MG kills my target, I look around and see shapes moving, at least 10 of them, in front of us. I put up a paraflare, and suddenly everything is clear; there is practically an enemy Platoon between us and 3 Section. Simply put, 3 Section is screwed.

    A violent firefight breaks out, wounded are piling up. Before we take any more casualties, I order a retreat for 2 Section, the other Sections of the Platoon have done the same. We fall back to our positions on the outside of the woods, the firefight has burst into epic proportions. The machinegun and rifle fire is non-stop, there is wounded EVERYWHERE, the medics are no where to be found, 3 Section is still calling frantically over the Platoon net for us to help them, people are screaming for extra MG ammo. As I move to change positions (the one I was just in got shot up by an MG), I catch a round in the chest. I go down, but am dragged back. There was no respite, as soon as I was dropped, my savior had to go back to the fight. As I lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness, bleeding profusely, I thought:

    This was a good mission.

    The next mission up was Ciney Line.

    Since I wasn't in a leadership position (I was the Carl Gustav gunner), I didn't get the whole plan. All I knew was that we were to hold this hill and provide supporting fire for 1 and 2 Section's advance on the objective. I was a little concerned about the lack of cover, but when our friendly fire missions started coming down, everything seemed fine. My assistant gunner, Bk_Seal, was next to me, we had set up a small firing position from where I hoped to be able to destroy the expected 3 enemy BMPs. There was MG nest and patrols scattered all across our front. I left them for everyone else to deal with, I was focused on killing the damn BMPs. The first shots of the engagement rang out.

    Artillery boomed, and did absolutely nothing, those were some sturdy MG nests. We suppressed and killed a few MG nests, but it wasn't long before flares were over our heads, and where flares float down, mortars are sure to follow. As expected, a spot round landed to our right, about 30m away. I screamed at bobik, our 1IC, that enemy arty was inbound. When the second spot round landed between him and the 240 gunner, it convinced us to get the hell out of there. I get up and start running back, yelling at Bk to follow, mortars explode to my left, to my right, in front, and RIGHT behind. I look behind me, calling out to Bk to make sure he isn't dead, he runs through the smoke and dust of the mortar round assuring me he is fine.

    After the enemy fire mission stopped, we moved back to our old position on the hill to continue our overwatch. We continue our supporting fires, unaware that the Platoon attack has stumbled and failed; the attacking elements were spotted and routed by a well placed enemy artillery barrage. They had begun their retreat back to their start point. Our Weapons Section was still engaging all targets of opportunity, UAZs, infantry sections, and even a whole infantry platoon were all spotted and shot at. Then we heard it, the distant rumble and squeak of enemy armour. They had come at last, the infamous BMPs. They were spotted moving at high speed through our objective town's highway, straight towards us. I lined up my sight, but I couldn't get a clean shot - they were all driving so quickly, all at oblique angles. I watched helplessly as the closed in on 3 Section, who have been providing supporting fire and guarding our left flank. Realizing it was now or never, I sight in the closest BMP, at 350m, it was driving at nearly 30KM/h at an oblique angle, a horrible shot. I took it, and it landed 10m behind the BMP. No sweat, I've still got 3 rounds left. Bk is still here, calmly dropping extra rounds.

    I start reloading, but oh god, I felt the urge to stand up and reload from a crouch. It's all over, I can tell. There are now 3 BMPs shooting at me with their coax, there is green tracer filling the sky, I am hit, I am bleeding, but goddamnit I AM STILL RELOADING. Some how, I am not killed, I finish the god forsaken reload, I get back into position and I destroy one of the BMPs. Surprised at the fact that I am not dead, I start looking for another round. I look behind me, there is nothing but smoke - smoke that is glowing green with the tracers of my enemy. That can't be good. Bk is no where to be found, I don't know where he dumped the extra rounds. I jog around shouting for extra ammo, finally, I see it. Another HEAT round. I rush over and grab it up. I reload and notice that it seems kind of quiet, the BMPs aren't shooting at me anymore. I realize that they have driven right past 3 Section and are now driving up our hill. They drove right past the Platoon HQ, killing the Platoon 1IC. There is now a BMP 10m away from the rest of Platoon HQ and Weapons Section .. I hesitate, should I shoot it? Won't it kill all those people?

    I notice another BMP, further away. The closer BMP is now shrouded in smoke, everyone else threw smoke grenades on it in the hopes of surviving. I took my shot at the farther BMP, a good hit and a good kill. 2 BMPs now burn. Still bleeding (it has gotten much worse) I rush over to bobik to find out where my a-gunner went. When I get there, I can barely understand him from all the gunfire, but I hear Bk's voice clearly. "I'm hit again. Get the AT out of my rucksack." As I frantically search through his gear, bleeding heavily, trying to ignore the screams to kill the damn BMP, I get shot, repeatedly. The third BMP drives by slowly, shooting me, and only me to death. Seemingly content with killing me, it lumbers off down the hill.

    Had some great missions tonight. It was really nice to just play a mission for a change, not having to make up a plan, or be responsible for other people. Some very memorable moments, that attack through the woods was one of the best ArmA missions I've played, it was simply amazing to see and hear. The unexpected contacts, the aggressive AI, the artillery. Awesome.

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    Re: Couvin Pocket/Ciney Line - 24 APR 09

    Yea those were some epic missions.

    On Couvin Pocket both of the medics (myself and another guy) were up with 3 section because they had the first casualties but when the platoon got the order to fall back we were having trouble healing one of the guys because he had desync but we didn't know that at the time. When we finally decided to fall back we were already getting overrun with enemy troops mixed in with our squad and at that point. I think I made it back to the main force but I got shot within a couple mins trying to render aid to some of the wounded.

    On Ciney Line I was part of 2nd section with our SL SilverJohn we advanced into position to begin the assault on objective Juliet the friendly arty started to drop and we began our advance when we made contact with a 2 man patrol on the right flank we neutralized then and were about to continue when a squad sized force opened up on us from the forest on the right side. Sec II and Ace king's section I returned fire, halting our advance. we were putting down good fire on them when a mortar landed about 15 meters in front of our line out SL ordered us to fall back which we did in good order no sooner had we cleared out positions then a massive mortar strike hit were we had been not 10 seconds earlier. Unfortunately it also landed right on top of 1section we fell back to the hill near HQ, section 1 was decimated we could see numerous dead and wounded at their position so we advanced back onto the ridge to cover the medics as they moved to assist 1 section. we were still engaged with enemy forces now streaming into the woods were we had originally made contact. The medics got most of the survivors patched up from one section and we again fell back to HQ under concentrated fire from the woods. we had just reached the hill HQ was on and I went over to ask the SL about something (can't remember what) and just as I started talking to him I was shot in the head and killed instantly as the now platoon sized enemy force renewed its counter attack.

    Again props for the EPIC mission had a blast


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      Re: Couvin Pocket/Ciney Line - 24 APR 09

      Both missions were direct chat only and the leaders in were on teamspeak. I found this to be excellent with experienced leaders. This made all unnecessary information and communications, for me, to be left out. It definately added to the realism too.

      This AAR probably has quite a wrongs in it because it was night, no nv (night time), only direct chat, no map and me playing as a grunt. Often I just followed my team and shot at the muzzle flashes I saw. It was also the first times I played the missions.

      Couvin Pocket
      This mission was the most intense mission I've played. I was a light MG soldier and if I remember it right, in the 1st section. We formed up and advanced in a walking pace through the forest until we had contact. To our right there was another section (probably the 3rd) that came under heavy fire. Shortly after we was totally artillered and had to retreat. The shells hit extremely close to us as we ran back in direction towards the insertion point.

      I can't remember if we tried an advance again (pretty chaotic situation in the forest) but we ended up at a slope in the forest. I was covering the direction where we had retreated from. It was now calm for the first time since the beginning of the mission. The calm before the storm.
      Suddenly the hell broke out and there were fire everywhere. We took a lot of casualties. Men where screaming for medics all around me. I kept shooting at targets until I also were hit and bled to death.

      Ciney Line
      I was also here a light MG (M249) and under command of SilverJohn. We went northbound and into position at the edge of the forest. There we waited some minutes and held until the artillery was called out. During the wait we philosophized about how we love to be in the army (Arma), watched the stars and exchanged ammo.

      At the time of the artillery we opened fire at some hostiles and after that advancing over a road to the north. On the other side of the road, we entered a another forest and kept engaging targets that were coming from our earlier position.
      We then advanced up on a hill to the west where we had a clear view of the road and a open area to our front left. Some UAZs showed up in the open area and got shot until they were ablaze. Hostile soldiers also kept coming out from the forest on the other side of the road.
      After some time on the hill we heard a BMP and it was coming behind us. A quick retreat down the hill into the forest was made, with rounds being pumped out after us. The hill was later climbed upon again and the same positions were taken. SilverJohn decided to check and help some wounded on the road and got some men to do it. I was meantime providing cover at the hill top with the rest of the team. I think all the ones on the road were all dead.

      We then had to go double time to rescue a another team north east from the hill. I followed SilverJohn double time over the open field. At position of the wounded team I got covering position and I guess the needing were given treatment. We were now straight north of the town, our first objective (Kilo, I think), which we entered and cleared without problems.

      Until the last objective it was basically only running and sporadic contacts from lone soldiers and MG nests. An AA post on a hill was taken out by another team and weapons caches were blown up. I was low on ammo, having approximately lower than a half box of ammo to my SAW. At this time I was only shooting single shots. Wilson had found some ammo and went to get it for me. But unfortunately it didn't fit the M249 so he gave me 30rnd stanag for the worst case scenario with the words "I hope you won't need it" =)

      The last objective was was taken after an attack from a good overwatching position.

      At the end, I couldn't understand that I actually had survived the mission. The first part with the fighting around the hill was intense. I also had severe lag (FPS drop) there, making the shots being fired almost one per second. The major part of my survival I think was because the retreats called out by SilverJohn. I kept close and listened all the time and when a retreat or a new position was called out, I got on my feets.
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        Re: Couvin Pocket/Ciney Line - 24 APR 09

        Unfortunately, I could only play Couvin Pocket, but that was an absolute blast. (The mission played before, SimHQ 01, rocked pretty much as well ... at least for my group, right, SilverJohn? ;))

        I think the main reason for this mission having turned out to be so much fun was that fuzzhead enforced the "direct only" rule for non-leaders and leader-to-leader comms in TS only (and only if they had their radio with them, so 2ICs had first to find their 1IC's radio when they went down). I can picture what comms chaos this mission would have become if not for these rules. And it proved very well that there is no need for group or side chat if people play just a bit disciplined and the rules are made clear beforehand and it's also made clear that those rules will be enforced. Well done, fuzzhead! In addition, we had a great amount of added immersion from people talking to each other, passing information through the lines, being able to tell where people are by the direction of their voice and so on. I wished leaders and admins would do this on every mission, since it's great fun (admittedly, it only works if all the leaders behave accordingly).

        Greatest event for me was after the first friendly artillery going down, artillery started to fall very close to our own position. I do not know if it was friendly or not, but we sure as hell started a slow retreat (some maybe still remembering Thunder Valley :D). Then we heard single shots fired pretty close. A paraflare went up and I saw from the corner of my eye a somewhat too green uniform about 10m away. I instantly hit the deck and called out contact, crawled around in a circle and let the M249 speak. Luckily, others had spotted the enemy as well (it were 2 soldiers) and they were taken out fast. But this really was like in a bad horror movie, where someone creeps through a dark wood, a light goes on and he sees himself surrounded by evil creatures. Fricking awesome. :D

        The others already described how the mission went down afterwards, I can only underline how great this was. My team leaders (2 Section) were, as usual, great (first SilverJohn, who found a bad end by a UAZ MG and then beita, who had the honors to get us all killed -- not his fault of course ;)).

        A few picture impressions, though it would have taken a movie to really make understand what was going on in the woods and the tension after the retreat and the greater tension when we moved in again for the rescue of 3 Section.

        Waiting to move out at the mission's beginning ... not knowing what we were about to experience ;):

        beita looking for the radio on dead SilverJohn's body, UAZs going up in flames, first one ...:

        ... then three:

        After the retreat, we were anxiously waiting at the edge of the forest, hearing gun fire from inside, but not seeing anything:

        Last picture I took. Moving into the forest again, after that, we (at least most of us) managed once more to get out of it, but were then overrun by enemy forces. I remember there were tracers all around us and people were going down at my sides. When the first went down I still yelled "Man down, MEDIC!" but as more and more went down, I only tried to fight off the incoming enemies:

        To let you know how dark it really was, here an unchanged picture:

        More of this stuff please, thanks again to those people who made it possible to play a mission in this style!




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