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May 1 Domination

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  • May 1 Domination

    That is right this is a domination AAR.

    Joined when only Lowspeed and Tango and TDEV were playing. They were doing side missions. One side mission was to capture an officer which we did after a prolonged fighting. I had the control over the AI. Gave the control to Lowspeed and he crashed giving the SL position to the captured officer. Somehow we kicked him out of the squad waiting for Lowspeed to come back as a rescue operator to be able to capture the officer again. During this time TDEV came in and shot him...

    Told ya I was gonna make it an AAR.

    But after this we completed 6 side missions with great success. Best fun I had in Domination excluding Lasering targets for a Harrier.

    Thanks to:

    Tango - starting up side missions squad
    Lowspeed - flying for the first 2 missions and arty specialist, rescue operator
    Impulse 9 - flying last 4 missions (transporting MHQ)
    xbox - sniper duty and MHQ maintenance
    Gunter - outside hired soldier doing some dirty work on the enemy armors
    TDEV - hilarious moment provider and very loyal soldier for the rest of the time
    Fholmyn - Our engineer and demolitions specialist

    We were unstoppable at times, taking out armor after armor, wiping out infantries left and right...

    Good games lads.

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    Re: May 1 Domination

    Yes, I find playing Domination fun when playing with a team and made it more fun with players that gelled well together on the field.

    Looking forward to more of these in the future.

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      Re: May 1 Domination

      I didn't get in on this one but played a few other rounds over the past weekend on Dom. I've always liked Domination, it works quite well if you have a small group of willing participants. Then again, what doesn't! Really, though, Domination offers that persistent flexibility that I find frustratingly lacking in most other modes of Arma.


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        Re: May 1 Domination

        Yeah that was me. Humped it over the mountain into the forest to capture the officer. We couldn't see far in front of us because of how thick the woods were. Needless to say it took a while to finally capture the officer. We get him through the woods to our rally point which took some time and snap. I don't know what happened but some one crashed and the officer was now group leader. I thought it was a glitch, we waited so I thought wounding the guy would take care or it. He would fall out of the group leader slot and I could heal him up and we could leave. Bad idea. I should have wounded him with a paper clip because he immediately went unconscious. On top of that we couldn't heal him. Then to add insult to injury I later found out that the operator was the one who crashed to desktop and we were waiting for him to regroup. So I finished the task, killed him, failed the mission. So FYI you can not heal the officer.


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          Re: May 1 Domination

          Originally posted by seg[TDev] View Post
          So I finished the task, killed him, failed the mission. So FYI you can not heal the officer.
          Best AAR I have ever read.




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