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The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

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  • The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

    Bumpy start with people having trouble connecting, losing our designated CO along with some other "crash to desktop"-ers. Thanks to BD for taking over CO and pilot duty.

    Delta squad -
    Bk-Seal --- Machine Gunner (Great supporting fire, stayed in for the first two objective)
    Beita --- Demolition specialist (Did most of the dirty work. Blowing holes in fences taking down the objectives)
    Hamilton --- Medic (Saved beita twice, since he was always in the front as Guinea target. Saved a bunch when we got ambushed.)
    Vigi --- Sniper and AT specialist (Took down high level threats like MG and Arty gunners.)
    Fansadox --- MG gunner (Stuck around for the first objective. Took down high priority targets like AGS gunner)
    Sam Hoy --- Rifleman (kicked butt, took names)

    First objective: Delta objective - Taking down Communication tower.

    Got inserted, I took a phone call. When I came back the squad was engaging a bmp squad. Got them disengaged Left the BMP and we went around it to our objective, not knowing that BMP will haunt us later on. Had little trouble taking down objective's defenses and taking down the tower thanks to great execution. On the wait for the extraction BMP came in to hunt us down. Took it down with little effort since we had much more cover.

    Second Objective: Golf objective - Assassinating Ivan

    From base got inserted again. Sniper took out Shilka on the way in, as well as MG emplacement guarding the compound when Ivan was hiding. T90 was spotted guarding the place. Approached the compound from a safe angle to be able to avoid the T90. Beita went down when he was trying to blow a hole in the fence for our breach. Rest of the squad engaged the infantry squad that took down beita. Got him back up. Killed a civilian thinking that was Ivan. And then Ivan finally peeked out. Killed him on sight and we got our of there.

    Third Objective: Charlie objective - Destroy Biochemical factory

    Took two hummers and started to roll out. Got ambushed straight away lost on the jeeps. Got everybody back up and took a boat in. Linked up with Eagle squad who was hunkered down without AT capability by a BMP. When we got there they took down the BMP finally. Delta took the high road into the objective. Sniper did a great job eliminating priority targets like an AA gattling gun before they could engage us. Rigged up the factory and blew it up.


    Delta squad members had a great fun on this one. Three objectives completed one after another. The setup for this mission is designed to create immersion. SL s have to plan everything including communication from distance, meet up place after gearing up in base, weapon designation. This mission really tests ability to plan things. All objectives can be completed with sheer force or quick get in and get out method. For example Eagle objective - meeting the scientist - can be done by eliminating everybody and meeting the scientist OR silenced weapon squad quietly and carefully entering into the city and quick get out. So far this missions remains my favorite. I hope more missions with same communication set up is to arise soon.

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    Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

    Bravo Team's AAR

    Partial Roster
    Steve --- Sniper, made the critical shot on Prime Minister
    Krazikiller --- Medic, on the ball and a great member of the team
    Sectors --- AT, fast and accurate, two confirmed kills on enemy armor
    Tralic --- Shooter, on the ball
    Dread --- Shooter, on the ball
    Steven Seagal --- Shooter, obviously a veteran

    Bravo Objective: Assassinate Prime Minister
    LZ on eastern beach south of objective. Infiltrated target zone via light woodland. Observed light civilian presence. Encountered and crewed abandoned BRDM with Tralic and Steven. After securing the southern section of the objective area, posted sniper team on the roof of a 5 story building. Sniper- eyes on two infantry contacts and abandoned UAZ. Conducted close recon of objective area, spotted additional infantry and BRDM. Engaged enemy forces, with sniper making the kill shot on fleeing HVT. Exfiltrated under fire to sniper's building, moved to evac point with BRDM and rest of team on foot. Extract by air transport.

    ? Objective: The Scientist
    LZ south of target objective. Infiltrated a great distance via dense woodland to covered position west of objective. Entered town north of objective point after checking for contacts on four parallel streets (east-west). Observed heavy civilian presence. Posted sniper team on two buildings, with no LOS to any hostile infantry or equipment. Merged with sniper team to move south into objective, interdicting BMP and several infantry. Searched buildings in limited area, making contact with the scientist in a church. Exfiltrated west and out of the city into dense woodland.

    Zero casualties. The members of Bravo team performed well in all aspects of their task, under limited visibility and poor objective-area intel: each member executed complex tactical maneuvers with autonomy, precision, and speed. Victory through superior firepower-Great job Bravo Team!

    Mission Feedback
    Overall very positive feedback from members in the Bravo team roster.
    Adding disperse stationary and mobile hostile infantry elements around the objective areas (in logical locations) mentioned above should be a consideration.


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      Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

      I could not connect :(


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        Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

        Tralic, good spotter and sectors is a GREAT at man.
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          Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

          Had a great time, a lot of good performances and a good mission. We in Charlie squad were early ambushed by a good number of infantry and some Armor right behind a decline near the Forrest base.

          I'm not sure if there were any survivors of the Charlie squad after this incident, but Me and Terry was after respawn directed to join the good people in special forces squad Eagle, and we assaulted the deceased squad Charlies original objective, the chemical factory.

          If I were to post any second thoughts(second thoughts always come cheap, leading in the moment is a much harder thing) on why Charlie squad was wiped out, we probably went a bit fast into unknown hilly terrain with the Strykers. But our squad leader and squad in general did a very good job up to this point :)

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            Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

            DreadLee's AAR.He asked me to put this up for him since he does not have 15 posts yet. He was in Bravo Squad. khsong sounds like you guys kicked butt as well.

            Since you kept talking to your squad in Group channel and me and Blackdog had to tell you every time to change channel to direct, I thought about giving you a advice...

            You can bind talk on group, or to talk on side, and talk on direct to certain keys other than the VOIP key. Once I got used to it, I am loving being able to talk on different channel without messing with change channel key. I still use the VOIP key when in a vehicle or in need to talk on global.

            My setup is "V" , "B", "N".

            Originally posted by Dreadlee
            Hi there i cant still post links on the forum so if u can help me and post the images in the aar mision thread.

            Anyway here they go:

            Beta Sq forming on for brefing

            Delta and Beta moving out from camp

            landing on the Delta LZ

            on the way to our Beta LZ chinok went under fire

            Beta LZ

            cover of LZ

            and there goes chinok back to base

            and the hunt for Prime Minister

            we got contact close to the target 3 BRDM and 2 UAZ Leader send a pointman so he check the target after that we size the vehicles

            securit the first building in Konde the sniper team goes to the roff top givin cover to our advance after that i hear behind me a splat sound.HUH?

            I now we are the mean killing machines but seriusly next time use staircase ;)

            securing second bulding we got armor and infantry contact after fast action Sector got the armor we going under fire,nice cover from Steve and he got critical shot on Prime Minister

            we move back under armor cover

            we faling back to lz

            boarding the chinok

            returning to base

            we rearming got some energy drinks and we go for the Scientis

            securing The Rock

            and finaly securing the Scientis in the church

            moving back to LZ after securing Scientis.
            Ufff we got sweet time nice mission BlackDog1.
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              Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

              Great AARs guys! This is what I like to read!

              If the event on Friday isn't enough for you, don't forget to sign up for tomorrow's event, the Sunday Event!

              Thanks to everyone who attended!

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                Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                Very nicely done fellas...

                yep I think I have a few revisions again to make to the mission, so look out for version 5 coming soon! ;) I just completed a version with NO "DAC" and it knocked .5MB from the file size taking from 1.8MB down to 1.2MB!!!! I will put in some random patrols manually and we will see how it plays, so I will probably test this version sometime next week.

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                  Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                  Looking forward to it Blackdog!


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                    Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                    I see a new video being released just for this mission :) :) :)

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                      Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                      In light of recent "News Breaking" events, I have added three player slots, so THE SCIENTIST is not only now a playable position, but we also have a "Fox News Reporter and Cameraman slots", taking player count now to 73.

                      This will be on my new "DAC free" version with some old fashioned made patrols, to compare the difference in mission load and operation performance.

                      Fox News should be on duty sometime this week during tis Top Secret operation! ;)


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                        Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                        yeah bravo had great success, but i happened to notice i wasn't on the list of players in bravo, despite helping steve, the sniper on the roof at the first objective, with shooting some enemy that ran straight for you guys. khsong was a great SL when he finally got out of the Chinook and caught up with us.
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                          Re: The Scientist - May 8 - TGIF event

                          Oops (I thought I left out somebody)! Gregos, I apologize for forgetting to include you in the list, you were definitely a great member of the squad and a fantastic spotter/shooter. Looking forward to the next time!




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