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June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

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  • June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

    So, as I was pretty vocal about someone posting an AAR of this while we were in this "epic" mission yesterday night, I suppose I should step up and write down what I remember of what was definitely my best night on TG since first joining.

    I can't remember the name of the island nor the mission, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the ACE Island Pack ones. The mission was "created for Germany-fun in 2008", or something like that. The basic story was that an American force was attacking this island because... er, well, they had a good reason, I'm sure. We were to shut down and destroy several radio towers, destroy(?) an AA emplacement and hijack an attack helicopter. However, according to the briefing we had lost all our weapons when the ship carrying them ran into problems, and so our first and foremost objective was recovering a support truck so we could have access to a larger arsenal. I'm not sure this mission was made for ACE because while it claimed we'd have no weapons save for the basics, the ACE crates had their default loadout.

    There were three squads. The first "squad" was just a pilot slot, presumably there so he could fly the helicopter we were supposed to hijack. I'm not sure he ever did, since as far as I know we didn't complete that objective. Bravo and Charlie were standard infantry squads, into which everyone else went. The great Hadi took control of the platoon and Bravo squad. I'm telling this story from the point of view of Bravo squad, which I was in.

    The mission was started up and Hadi got everyone into a line so he could give his initial speech on a tree stump (at least he would if they were collidable). There was only one road out of the base we were at, which went through a mountain pass (the other road was a dead end in some woods), so Hadi's plan was to mount everyone up into Humvees and convoy until... we arrived at our destinations or were blown up, I suppose. He also knew we all had an urge to do the lean dance, so we briefly did some synchronized leaning before setting off.

    Around this point I should note that another feature and objective of this mission was to clear several enemy armor roadblocks. Unfortunately just 30 seconds out of base in our Humvee convoy we had the pleasure of meeting one. Everyone popped out of the 'vees as fast as we could and ran for the sparse cover, and an intense firefight ensued, but after a few minutes we were all dead and the Humvees were smoking wrecks. The lack of AT weapons determined a mission restart (but not before 14 jokes about cake).

    Now aware of the roadblocks immediately up the hill, the revised plan was to convoy as before, but disembark before the point where we had been killed before. And that was what we did, taking care to load up on AT weapons this time. After disembarking we slowly edged up the left side of the mountain road, taking out two infantry squads as they moved to intercept. After a while all seemed clear, and Hadi led Bravo and Charlie squads up the hill to our right, upon which sat a radio tower we were to destroy. Meanwhile, Charlie squad was sent the opposite way, onto another peak, to try and take out the BRDM (BMP?) sitting on a small plateau on the left side of the road, which had given us trouble earlier. Bravo squad slowly advanced up the radio tower hill, covered by Charlie's machinegun fire in what was a very successful operation. After everyone cleared the area the tower was brought down, our first objective complete.

    On the left (west) side we were pinned by the armor, so while we managed to take out most of the infantry, Hadi decided to hug the eastern side of the mountain we were on and survey the situation to the north of the peak. Some time into this walk we started getting shelled by the enemy. We had barely enough time between each barrage to revive everyone before another fire mission was landing on us. Hadi eventually ordered everyone to "run like women" down the hill (at Zoneout's request) and into the thick forest. As it turns out, we were no safer there, as we eventually had to cross a small clearing and no sooner did we than we were surrounded on all sides - taking fire from the mountain peaks behind the armor to the west, Eponia to the northeast and the woods to the northwest. BloodnGuts, I believe, at this point was down right in the middle of the clearing, but we had no choice but to run as fast as we could into the opposite side of the clearing - all for naught as seconds later a new artillery barrage hit us. I was killed by this barrage and two minutes later, in deathcam, saw an entire enemy squad we hadn't seen coursing around my body, so in any case we probably didn't stand a chance.

    We respawned at base. I *think* Charlie company (led by Olsen) went another way, because while we were doing the rest of what I'm about to describe they were able to successfully take and clear Eponia, which was occupied by infantry which had shot at us earlier when we were on the mountain.

    With everyone dead on the ground, Bravo squad respawned at our main base. This time the plan was to take out the armor on the plateau which had caused our earlier detour - Hadi wanted us to circle around to the east, staying below the lip of the plateau, and take a shot at the back of the enemy armor. We embarked into a Humvee and a 5-ton this time, and disembarked where our Humvees from our earlier convoy still stood. Hopping out and hugging the rocks by the left side of the road, we got to the plateau and circled around easily until we were directly to the east of the armor, at which point Hadi ordered (many times) AT to open fire on the armor.

    Finally the annoying armor was dead, but the "worst" had only started. Bravo clambered up into the little plateau previously dominated by the armor, taking out scattered infantry units. There were little clumps of trees scattered around the plateau which provided reasonable cover, so we advanced up to one and started heading northeast - I believe the plan was to hit another radio tower in that direction.

    North of the plateau was a massive mountain range with three large peaks. After advancing a little we were able to spot enemy squads on all of the peaks. What followed the spotting of these troops was the most intense part of the night - we opened fire on them. They returned fire. What we didn't realize was that there were several squads between us and the peak, lying in a small depression through which the road to the radio tower passed. While the machineguns opened up on the troops on the peak, I started seeing lone infantrymen clad in black waltzing out in front of us, a sign that something wasn't right. Highlights of this fight included me "shouting" to Hadi over text that we had an UAZ sitting right in the depression. I took it down, though it had tried to strafe us before. We also started taking unexpected fire from a position to the northeast, near the mountain pass road.

    After reviving everyone in the squad at least twice due to enemy fire, it started raining artillery shells again. At this point Hadi had clearly had enough and ordered everyone to fall back to the clump of trees. I was killed while trying to drag another soldier to cover, but revived, and once we were all back at the trees Hadi ordered a headcount. There were six of us as far as I could tell. I *think* it was at this point that Hadi decided to go back to the Humvees still parked on the road a little down the hill. When we all got there there was a doubt over whether we should RTB - after a vote, some of us stayed behind while the rest went back to base to resupply in a 5-ton. I drove the 5-ton back to base with three or four soldiers on board, and for about ten minutes Soup and another soldier loaded, as I would find out later, most of the AT ammo and Stanag rounds into the truck. I'm still not sure how the truck moved afterward with several tons of missiles on board, but we got back to Hadi and fawned over the AT weaponry. At this point I took a Dragon launcher and two missiles.

    We decided to advance down the mountain pass road, which went downhill into Eponia after curving to the north and then the east. Orders were to keep to the left of the road and advance slowly. These turned out to be good orders since we hit another roadblock. A T-80 parked on the side of the road, barbed wire and a grenade launcher emplacement. The item everyone was understandably most nervous about was the T-80. We had the launcher-toting soldiers move up front (I was one of them), and I took the first two shots. Embarassingly I missed both of them, one landing on the ground a few meters in front of me and the other landing on the rock face behind the tank. The Soviet behemoth seemed unfazed however, and didn't move an inch throughout all of this. Eventually someone else who also had missiles took a shot at it, but also missed (so I'm not the only bad anti-armor man!). Someone else did take a shot which hit it, and later I figured I should take another shot for good measure, and finally hit it - unfortunately I was probably not very good at communicating my intentions since I blasted Zoneout in the face with the launcher's backblast (he was okay, in case you're wondering), an offense for which I am now obligated to provide a cupcake with a letter of apology on it.

    The tank still moved in between those shots, much to our dismay, but one of the latter missiles finally made the crew bail, and they were easy prey for our oversupplied squad. We moved through the roadblock after getting the mission message that it was clear. After we were a few meters past the block, Fincuan decided to scare the hell out of us by commandeering the tank and having everyone think it had come back to life. Apparently all that missile-shooting was for nothing, because all we had managed to do was lightly damage the T-80's right track. Oh well. At least we had a tank now. As we advanced down the road, which was now luckily free of more enemies, it advanced with us until we stopped in a small clearing.

    Hadi called on Charlie squad, which in the meantime had reported they had successfully cleared Eponia of enemies, to bring the support truck to us so we could attempt to repair the tank. It came to us (after overshooting the tank by a few dozen meters), but it was a fuel truck - I'm not sure it was supposed to act as a repair truck even in the context of the mission.

    At this point it was getting to be 3 AM for several people in Bravo squad, namely me, Hadi and Zoneout. We still had most of the mission to complete and by now had been at this for 120 minutes - two hours. Still, not letting combat fatigue get to him, Hadi said to hell with it and we all clambered up the mountainside, to strike the radio tower at the top. Our spirits undampened at first, the mountainside kept getting steeper and steeper until we were trying to climb a 70% grade, at which point we started sliding backwards. In the meantime I spotted and called out an entire enemy infantry squad and "an antenna" (the top bit of a Shilka, as it turned out) on the mountain, off the the south. Hadi and half of Bravo squad managed to wedge themselves about three quarters up the side between the mountain and some boulders, while I went around the left side to try and find a less steep face - I did not, however, and eventually after much fooling around started sliding down at an alarming speed before ArmA decided it was a good idea to jump, and I did a flying leap before falling 20 meters to my death.

    The last I heard of Bravo squad was Hadi calling on Charlie squad to bring us the helicopter which we should have commandeered, to airlift us to the radio tower and hopefully complete another objective (though none of us were quite sure if we had satchels to blow it up once we got there). However another hilarious complication sprung up involving the chopper being out of fuel because someone had left it running, and friendly fuel trucks not being able to refuel enemy vehicles. By now the 3 AM soldiers were all very tired and Hadi, having lost control of his German faculties, disconnected, followed by Zoneout and eventually me, but not before a round of congratulations that we had gotten this far and did relatively well.

    I'm unfortunately not very familiar with the TG regulars' names, so I'm sorry if I missed your name even though you did something crucial to the mission. Besides Hadi, Zoneout and Olsen, other important players in this mission were Fincuan, BloodnGuts and Daniel. Make sure to chip in with your contribution if I left you out.

    (And someone else can elaborate on my choice of title. ;))

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    Re: June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

    Haha yeah, that was an epic mission. It was "High mountains" by Xeno, and happened in the northern parts of Sahrani.

    Thanks for the AAR btw! I'll add some vids later on, as I should have at least recorded your first "mishap" with the Dragon :)


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      Re: June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

      The Dragon episode:



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        Re: June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

        High Mountains is a great mission. Have had many fun hours on this and it certainly holds up to TG style play.

        Excellent AAR. Welcome aboard.
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          Re: June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

          Ha nice report and cool vid. I spent ages trying to get into that game last night!


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            Re: June 2 - Roadblocks! Backblast! Cake! Gangstas!?

            Originally posted by cctoide View Post
            We had the launcher-toting soldiers move up front (I was one of them), and I took the first two shots. Embarassingly I missed both of them, one landing on the ground a few meters in front of me and the other landing on the rock face behind the tank. The Soviet behemoth seemed unfazed however, and didn't move an inch throughout all of this. Eventually someone else who also had missiles took a shot at it, but also missed (so I'm not the only bad anti-armor man!). Someone else did take a shot which hit it, and later I figured I should take another shot for good measure, and finally hit it - ;))
            I was the other guy with the DRAGOON LAUNCHER that failed at first... but got the hit second time!, GOOD TIMES!




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