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[June 16th] Desert Storm 2

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  • [June 16th] Desert Storm 2

    This is the new mission from yours truly BD1. One of his last project on Arma 1. And it gave a hell of a goodbye to this game I love, before embarking similar yet greater journey onto the world of Arma 2.

    Last 28 minutes Winchester inserted us into the town by flying incredibly low from a perfect angle. The infantry of 3-4 guys went in, took out the occupying forces with a few shots fired. Once occupied we took positions in the buildings waiting for the counterattack.

    Tackett was with me in the same building. Somebody took him out with the big AA gun while we were waiting.

    While grieving for my building buddy I had no idea that a "wow, that had my palms sweating" moment was coming.

    MI17 rocketed all around the building I was in and dropped off 4-5 guys. I spotted it and called it in before attempting to pin them at their place. I was the only one with good view of them. I changed to downstairs and upstairs and back down from different windows shooting pop shots, throwing grenades. (Good thing I had a ruck with ammo and a bunch of grenades). Everytime I shoot they answer with a MG fire and a RPG to the window I was in. Lucky I survived by changing my position constantly after 2 shots or so.

    By this time this dilemma of my trying to pin a squad by myself - outgunned, and adneraline - was all over the side channel. Everybody wanted to help me. Apache was called in I relayed their position and a storm of rockets and gattling gun fire lit up the enemy squad's last known position.

    The enemy answered by calling in hail of rockets from an MI17 to the building I was in. By that time I was out and about advancing while Grambo changed his position into my building and took the hail of rockets. But he survived.

    Well this fight was one of those moments to go "Holy crap that was intense. I cannot believe I survived that." Or one of those "My palms are sweating and my heart is beating fast". I enjoyed it because I came out alive and defeated the squad. But it was a moment of TG at its finest.

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    Re: [June 16th] Desert Storm 2

    Truely an amazing mission,good job Blackdog , one of the best yet!.
    Well done TG B excellent defence in the face of an entire enemy squad(3-4) men + an Mi-17, I thought I was well dead when it strafed the building!!



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      Re: [June 16th] Desert Storm 2

      Hehehe thanks fellas...I think it is a fun mission to say "Thanks ArmA1...and in the words of Vinny Jones... It's Been Emnotional!"

      I wanted to try something different to get ready for ArmA2 and I like how this style of TvT plays out. The capture and hold model has not been played much but I am sure we will see more for ArmA2. There are a number of TvT protagonists within the TG community and I and the admins have given them the chance now to take some responsibility for hosting and creating games of varying nature so that we can embrace all forms of play.

      CoOp will remain the backbone of TG, but as with today, throwing in a different TvT every now and then really keeps things fresh.

      During the first mission today I flew the AH64 and switched between ferry pilot in the UH60 and gunship duties in the Apache.

      On the 2nd match I took the Mi17 Rocketship role and spent most of the game conducting ferry flights and avoiding the prowling Harriers! Then as mentioned above it all got a little hectic with Blufor making a rush!

      I then dropped the reinforcements behind the hangar and started taking hits on the way out (I now know this was "B", good job fella) I then returned to base to collect some more reinforcements including a Medic....the troops pinned down on the ground called in the fire support on the burned out building so on my approach to land, I lit the building up with a barrage of rockets! There really is something fun about tracer fire and rockets at night...!!!

      Anyway, I think the mission is well balanced now but we still have a few bugs. Mainly JIP issues, often joining players get stuck at the start camera position, but a respawn solves this? Very odd.

      Also I need to add the "fix headbug feature". There is also sometmes the issue of guns taking four mouse clicks to fire, but generally viewing your sights several times before firing your weapon normally fixes this.

      We also have a flag capture issue and it is not switching properly when the majority force is in if anyone fancies trying to help fix these issues...give me a shout...

      But all in all, good fun and the limitation of rockets for the attack Helo's foces the pilots to make more dangerous runs... good stuff!

      At the end of the day, if a mission gets your pulse racing then to me...THAT is a good mission! :D

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