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  • ArmA 2: Launch mission

    This won't really be an AAR as I was not in a command position in this mission, but more a gallery......Speaking personally I had a great first mission. I took a few images and videos, but mainly forgot because I was busy with the shooting and views and whatnot.

    We had a lot of very good people on the server, and shout outs go to those who stepped up and led, as well as all the SL's. Hopefully good times were had by all, and feel free to post your experiences here.

    Takeoff for Force Recon....


    By jeepo1 at 2009-07-04


    Will get the few videos I have up in a little bit.

    Force Recon went in first, landing north of the objective. We pushed south and got eyes on the target town. By observing enemy patrols we were able to get a definate fix on the enemy AA positions. After contact was made by the main assault force in the west, we pushed in east. Using the element of suprise, stealth, and a well placed C4 we were able to take out a numerically superiour enemy force with only a few casulties, including an enemy APC, not bad as we had no AT....;)

    As the sun came up the rest of the team swept east and south, linking with us as we took out the final AA.

    Great game all, props to the leaders, and the pilots. Nice work to Viper our FR leader, thats how to run a spec ops squad....
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    Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

    Sorry about the LAV support (lacking),
    We had a driver that left twice because of computer issues, then pubs that were not on coms boarding the lav and causing havok. When we finally got on station I was so busy trying to respond (type) to all the questions of "where are you lav"or "what's your eta" or plotting a move on the map, that I was not scanning with the gun and consequently was destroyed by a bmp3.
    Turned into a real debacle. By the time it was sorted the mission was over.
    Still had a great time!
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      Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

      I had a blast, Good squad, and good action near the end. Don't forget to nominate if someone did particularly good.
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        Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

        Does one of the other units have a AAR? Falcon, as commander do you have one?? I led the Force Recon unit tasked with over watch and destroying the northern same sight. Jeepo pretty much covered our aspect of the mission.

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          Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

          I had the pleasure of being in the Force Recon unit for this mission. Viper did an excellent job. Everything went very smoothly from the start. On our end there weren't really any hiccups. We took up overwatch to the north east of town spotting infantry, armor and reconnoitering our northern objective.
          After the main group began their assault we moved to the east side of town and assaulted down the train tracks infiltrating to the objective. Or DM and Heavy gunner took up covering positions and began engaging. We took a few casualties during the assault ultimately however we were successful in destroying our objective and enemy armor with no AT at our disposal.

          All in all it was a successful mission and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Small unit tactics in ArmA have my favorite aspect of the game. Viper thank you for the great job leading and thank you to all other members of the squad for a great time. Everything from insertion to the 360 security every time we stopped, to MOUT movement and bounding once we were in the city was great. It was an excellent way to kick of ArmA II here at TG.


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            Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

            Great screens. I need to take that camera out next time im in Chernarus ;)

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              Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

              Looks like u guys had a lot of fun.Nice to hear that everything went smoothly.I was just burning to get in butt with ingame VON and my TS not working there was no way to join.:row__529:Butt hey am working on my TS and hopefully I will be on the server one day!:icon_roll

              Enjoy guys:icon26:
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                Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

                Hey guys just thought I'd throw up a quick AAR from my point of view since I commanded the mission.

                Our first objective was to neutralize the communication relay before the SAM sites to avoid detection. However just before the mission started two squad leaders for charlie and delta squads got dropped or had other technical difficulties which I never really figured out although I was able to establish some communications with those squads later.

                My plan was to use Force Recon as a recon/scout unit and provide overwatch from the hills above the objective. Force Recon inserted into an LZ north of the city and moved into position, everyone else used the V-22 to insert to the west of the city along the beach.

                With the main force in place we moved up the coast to a collection of buildings along the railroad tracks on the outskirts of town. Here we set up a perimeter until the LAV was airdropped to us to provide support. With the LAV in place the main force split into two elements, Alpha squad moved into an overwatch position to the south west of town while everyone else advanced towards the first objective. At this point the LAV was engaged by a BMP-3 and destroyed. With our position compromised and dismounted enemy infantry moving in I ordered the attack to begin. HQ and the AT Wep squad secured the left flank and were able to neutralize the BMP and suppress enemy reinforcements. Alpha provided covering fire while Bravo and co. moved into the objective. After an intense firefight alpha was running low on ammo and was unable to provide any more effective overwatch. I ordered alpha to move to reinforce the HQ squad. At this point the attack had stalled after several SL were KIA. Once Alpha arrived I moved up and got the squads reorganized and we took the objective. With the comms station destroyed we fell back to the blocking position HQ had established.

                With enemy armor patrolling the city and our own armor assets KIA. I changed the original plan and had the main force move across the docks towards the southern SAM site. At the same time Force Recon initiated their assault on the northern SAM site. With almost all SL's down save Alpha squad our assault on the southern SAM site descended into a bit of a tactical blob :/ . As we approached the SAM site from the south we encountered entrenched infantry and sustained several casualties to LMG and automatic rifle fire. As I was attempting to get our pinned infantry to flank right I was fatally wounded. Kudos to Alpha Lead for organizing the mop up and destruction of the SAM sites.

                Although the mission was a success friendly losses were moderately high. Because of some communications problems I was forced to micromanage several times, reducing my situational awareness of the entire tactical situation which lead to several bad decisions on my part. However I would say this is a great beginning to ArmA 2 for TG and look froward to many more games in the future.


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                  Re: ArmA 2: Launch mission

                  Looks like a lot of fun, I will be giving link to my mission tonight. So, stay alert :)




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