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  • Total Resistance, 19jul09

    Best Mission Ever!


    The good Doctor Browna planting a bomb right next to a russian APC while the russians were trying to figure out what to do with me.

    Getting into the town of Stolinaya with Father Skin, who was sick and needed a doctor. Unfortunately the doctor was an insane terrorist...

    Generally trying to sort out who was with you, who was against you, who you should shoot, and who was shooting at you.

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    Re: Total Resistance, 19jul09

    Great mission, just the spawning on the island bug needs to be sorted out.

    I was leading the Guerillas for most of the mission. We accumulated a force of around 11 men in Staroye, including a few civilians who we armed with AKs. We were just mounting up in our truck to attack the main city when a russian BTR rolled in and all hell broke lose. Staroye was the main warzone for the rest of the game with the civilians caught in the middle.

    Overall, very fun game.


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      Re: Total Resistance, 19jul09

      The mission is nuts!

      I love it.

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        Re: Total Resistance, 19jul09

        Overall, a very fun experience. I didn't have any of the technical bugs (because I was lucky enough to be told how to avoid them). I personally haven't played anything like this mission before, very unique.

        I played as a Russian, and was cocky at first since we're better equipped and not particularly outnumbered. I learned the hard way what fighting against a resistance is really like.

        The Russian movement out to Staroye (intended as a shakedown of the town) was a travesty. We lost almost our entire squad in a well organized ambush. I was the lone survivor, and I lived only because the BTR driver was able to drive over and cover me from the nasty sniper crossfire as I belly crawled into the vehicle. We left about 10 bodies on the field there (out of an entire team of 12).

        The gameplay itself was a bit confusing. The condition for victory is not clear. More on that later.

        What I learned as a Russian:

        1) Don't arm a civilian militia (and don't allow a militia to exist). You can't trust anyone with weapons unless they are your soldiers. The militia experiment was a failure. Giving any civilians weapons inevitably led them to shooting at Russians.

        2) No one can carry weapons but Russian soldiers. See #1. Assume that every civilian is an Independent resistance guerrilla waiting to happen. If a civilian is unarmed, don't shoot them. However, don't take your eyes off of them either. If they walk by you smiling, assume they are about to walk behind a house, pick up a gun, and shoot you in the back. They probably will.


        1) MISSION NOTES NEED A SUMMARY PARAGRAPH. The mission notes are too long to read during the planning phase. Remember, players are usually listening to briefings from Command while the game is about to start. Give us a one-paragraph summary of what is about to happen. The back story is great, and should still be included, but think of the first paragraph as a "cliff notes" version. BE SURE to mention the respawn limit here.

        2) NO CLEAR "VICTORY CONDITIONS" DESCRIBED. This is by far the most critical part of the mission. This is tied to respawn limit for the Russians and Independents? What about the Civs, do they have limited respawns too? Are the resource points the Russians are guarding part of the win/lose condition? I could see some interesting combos here, like Russians and Independents have 10 respawns, Civs have unlimited respawns, Russians must protect resources for 30 minutes, then wipeout Independent base within 30 minutes... something like that. Civs will be complicated, no matter what. To a Russian, the Civs are just Independents that don't wear uniforms. Maybe treat them as such?

        3) THREE TEAMS PROBLEM. Attempting to use three factions is INCREDIBLY ambitious. I was stunned to see it even attempted... the complexity is jaw-dropping. It will make item #2 much more complex. Who wins and how? Remember, each team will view the world as "us vs. them." So dividing into threes is really going to turn the whole schema on its head. The Civs are really an interesting problem... how can I allow a Civ to carry a weapon and trust him not to shoot me? Answer: I can't.

        What if each team had "units" that appear to be Civilians? For example, the Russian side could have a "unit" that looks like a priest and starts with no weapons, but must play for the Russian side. The Independent side will have an identical "unit." Play on Veteran where no one knows who is who, and it could get interesting... might have problems, but I'm just shooting in the dark here. The current style didn't quite work though... as a Russian, I basically had to treat Civs like Independents that I couldn't shoot unless they had a weapon.

        ...which could be interesting... it could turn into sweeping actions where hidden weapons around town must be found. That smiling civilian might not be armed now, but he might be casually walking toward a weapon dropped in a bush.

        Minor Issues: I think the minor technical bugs have been mentioned already. The spawn locations need to be safer in general. Once an enemy is establish over the South CP on the huge ridge, for instance, it's sniper heaven.

        Anyway, the Victory Condition is by far the biggest challenge in my opinion. The map was fun to play at its current phase and shows potential to be the best mission I've ever seen. Thanks for your hard work so far, guys.


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          Re: Total Resistance, 19jul09

          I know that you can script a teamswitch in. We had a mission that did that in ArmA 1:

          Civilian walks up to...

          Russian Soldier, wants to join their cause, scrolls their action menu next to the Russian Soldier and clicks Join Russians. He's now a Russian Soldier and cannot change his side anymore. He must fight for the Russians.

          Same thing for Civilians wanting to join the Insurgents.

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