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Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

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  • Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

    That was probably the one of the best games of Arma I have ever played. Had lots of fun leading Charlie squad through Chernogorsk so we could blow up that radar. Special thank yous to my Fire Team leaders Ka-Oz, Katanaman, and Grunt for keeping the squad in line for me.

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    Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

    Absolutely fantastic mission. I had a great time commanding, and squadleading was EXCEPTIONAL. Everyone did a great job, comms was clear the entire mission, and we only hit the meatgrinder ONCE.


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      Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

      I actually made it through Chernogorsk without my machine blowing up so that automatically made me enjoy this mission and then, with the good team leading by Mkoll and my fire team leader Ka Oz, made this mission one of the best ive played so far.
      On a side note, Ka-Oz, ive never seen someone got injured so many times and survive by the grace of our medic and still manage to kick ass. Good game.


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        Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

        At nearly 3 hours this mission was a marathon. JIP'ers were handled quite nicely by command. It was nice to not have people locked out of the server during a long mission.

        I served as the AR on the Charlie Squad Command Fire Team for 2/3 of the map. Mostly providing security for the squad leader. I took over FT lead when Katanama had to step away. Squad cohesion was pretty darned good for most of this mission.

        The most memorable moment came when my FT was ordered to advance E to engage enemies to our front. As we moved to contact we were flanked soundly by a BRDM that wiped out my fire team one by one. It was devastation but it was our own fault. As FT leader I should've recognized we had no security on our flank and reported that up the ladder.

        Must start taking screenies -he says to self...
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          Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

          Excellent commanding Scope - I hope you're not too mad about me running you over with the Amtrack ;)

          And great mission Tralic. I definitely enjoyed this one.

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            Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

            Great stuff indeed. Had the pleasure of joining in progress and took over one of the Fireteams of Skin's squad. Skin's squad was also a very cohesive squad handling their business. Skin did great job organizing everybody into FTs.

            I am glad we have many many mission makers pumping out missions and perfecting their style.


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              Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

              Damn, I still can't post url's here. So delete the spaces between the words and will can see all the screenshots I took yesterday:

              http: // s246.photobucket .com /albums/gg93 /aleromagnolo/ arma2%20-%20II/


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                Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

                Glad you guys enjoyed it, Ive updated that one and Ive made a second one like it. This time your CDF and got BMP-2s. Should be done this afternoon. I made lockdown a bit shorter and made some other changes you guys recommended. I took i few pics while we were playing even though i spent most of the time driving reinforcements and chilling with scope in command channel.
                Gearing up to go back into Chernogorsk.

                Blowing the Ammo Cache in Prigorodki


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                  Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

                  AAV driver reporting in! Was indeed a fun mission, Delta provided transport and support for Bravo squad. We started as a full crew with socomseal as my gunner and prowler as AAV commander.

                  After we inserted Bravo near their first objective, we hung back and let bravo do their stuff, after they had cleared their objective we moved in to pick them up. We took up postion on of the sideroad next to the barn to provide security to bravos flank as they patched up some of their casualties.
                  The field next to the barn was sloped upward, and after a few minutes of standing there we received UAZ fire from that direction, we managed to take one out and then headed into the field to destroy the second, however during that time a blue on blue occured at the corner of the barn, somehow the infantry set of an explosions of sorts that resulted in several KIAs.
                  We retook our postion to provide overwatch as we waited for command to redirect the respawned players to our position.

                  Once bravo was reinforced, they mounted up and we set off towards the next objective.
                  After we dropped them off, we took up overwatch, but were forced to move back due to the threat of a BMP2. My gunner did to engage contact from that position, and we took out some light armor. During this we lost our commander Prowler (disconnect).
                  Things got a little heated for the infantry during the assualt, so we were directed to a new overwatch pos where we engaged multiple targets and provided mark19 support for Bravo.

                  Shortly after this my gunner also left the server and this left my in command of Delta. Me not realising this right away was asked to move to a pickup point for Bravo. After moving to that position there was some confusion going and bravo was no to be seen for pickup, i informed command of my predicament and was told to rtb for a replacement crew
                  As i was on my way to base pistolfied had already connected to the server as my gunner and was waiting at base for a pickup.

                  Delighted to have pistol as my gunner we set out to try to resupply the AAV, but no joy... Might have to look at that tralic.
                  We took the other AAV as it was full of ammo and set out to pick up Bravo squad, wich apperently was still at the previous objective. After picking them up, as we were rtb, we were hit by RPG fire out of nowhere, and we narrowly escaped with out lives as one exploded inches behind our AAV, luckily i was gunning it a top speed and we took no damage. Rather then take them on with Bravo low on supplies, we decided to run back to base lol

                  Once there, we organised ourself, and togheter with alpha squad took preparations to drive dow to chernagorsk in convoy with Delta as the second vehicle follow a mk19 equipped hummvee.
                  We reached our droppoff point with any resistance and proceded to roll alongside bravo at a snail pace providing security to their flank.
                  light armor was found to roam the streets and as bravo and alpha started engaging them we sped up to crossroad whiskey and helped engaging those targets.
                  During the sweeps out the outskirts of town we discovered one of the weapon cache objectives. During the innitial attack on the town, new JIPs, marine and somebody else (sry forgot your name!) took out or "old" AAV to provide additional security for the infantry. Unfortunatly we were unaware of this until there were already inroute, so we did not inform them of the low ammo supplies on that AAV.
                  Deltas second AAV marked the cache for destruction by infantry so we could conserve ammo on the AAVs.

                  It was then that more light armor was found in the fields directly out of town, after infantry took care of them, both AAVs took an overwatch position for so Bravo could regroup.
                  It was then that AAV one got startled as a loud explosion ripped through the air and a fireball was seen by the back of AAV2, AAV1 quickly performed evasive manuevres and tried to asses possible threats, we it was reveiled that this was yet another blue on blue incident leaving many injured or KIA! After that a general regroup was ordered at the towns church.

                  We set out to the last objective in the same convoy, AAV1 running second. At this point, former AAV commander had come back into the server, and had boarded our AAV.
                  As we approaced the droppoff point near a railroad, close to the enemy(maybe to close in hindsight :p), lead humvee lost controll of the wheel and jump the somewhat elevated railroadtracks and was immediatly greeted with fire, the rest of the convoy stopped abruptly and fire was coming in fast and accurate.
                  I had manuevered AAV in a position so the infantry was protected from small arms fire, but the battle group was taking severe casualties and it became apperent that light armor had move in to assist the enemy. In an attempt to retake the initiative, i moved AAV to the right up a slope in order to engage the enemy from a somewhat flanking position, however the moment we were in position to engage we were hit by extremely accurate rocket/cannon fire wich manage to wipe out AAV with one shot.

                  As i was waiting to respawn, my computer shutdown, and after my second attempt to rejoin the server, as i spawned at base, the mission was won.

                  "brum brum"


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                    Re: Operation Lockdown, July 22 09

                    The longest mission I´ve played in A2 until now.

                    I was Charlie´s medic, the SL shadow all the time. Died once, wen the BRDM flanked us. I dind´t have a good feeling about that waypoint "NAM".....

                    I liked the mission, the enemy comes in waves, looks like they are counterattacking, but it could be shorter, after my SQ destroyed the radar we stayed about 30 min at the city just waiting, an then the comander order us to clear the city square by square....

                    I think that the team could be more objective at that time and moved to the next mission target.

                    Thank you all for another great mission.




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