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AAR Nadezhdino July 19, 2009

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  • AAR Nadezhdino July 19, 2009

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    AAR Nadezhdino: 4 Man Bravo

    No Respawn/ No JIP

    Order of Battle

    Boog MG

    Trallic Medic

    Scotty Grenadier

    Skin SL

    Alpha and Bravo squads were assigned to destroy three enemy armoured assets in the mountainous terrain near Nadezhdino. Supporting Alpha and Bravo was a single mounted infantry squad with a UAZ MG.

    Our Commander tasked us with moving up the left cliff face. However, before Bravo could engage in standard combat operations we took sporadic harassing fire from civilian hunters to our rear. I instructed Bravo to immediately return fire and neutralize the threat. Afterwards Bravo moved towards the west hill face in an Echelon Left form. The Commander and the UAZ advanced from the East and road respectively. I instructed Bravo to deviate circuitously along the slope of the ridge to avoid a direct line of sight which would have left my squad exposed.

    We proceeded to engage in multiple enemy contacts along the ridge line, I instructed my Squad to form line facing down into the valley to provide suppressing fire support for Alpha and Charlie. Bravo continued to provide overwatch as Alpha destroyed the first tank. At this time, Bravo lost our sniper due to a disconnect. The Platoon continued to press north towards Nadezhdino with Bravo covering the left flank.

    Alpha continued to move north towards an open clearing on the right side of the road. My squad heard MG fire from the North East; however, due to the steep ridgeline we were unable to intervene directly. I instructed Bravo to hold a line bearing east and bring fire support for Alpha and Charlie. I asked Boog to setup a firing lane on the S curve of the road. Bravo engaged multiple infantry contacts bearing North, North East and East. We were able to successfully route all incoming OPFOR hostiles; however, this success was tempered due to the complete annihilation of Alpha and Charlie squads who appeared to have been massacred in the open field to the right of the road leaving only the four men of Bravo squad remaining.

    I divided Bravo into two separate fireteams: Red(Boog, Scotty) and White(Skin, Trallic). I instructed Red to provide suppressing fire from the ridgeline while White advanced eastwards towards an abandoned barn. Bravo crossed the road next to the barn and moved into Nadezino engaging one squad guarding the second tank. We destroyed the tank and proceeded to move northward towards an open clearing to the North West. We took cover along a bluff towards the West part of town and attempted to move west up a hill to flank a section of OPFOR guarding the final tank. We immediately came under suppressing fire from a machine gun mounted on a UAZ which prevented us from making any further advances. Under the cover of a smoke grenade, I instructed Boog to provide suppressing firesupport while Scotty, Trallic and I withdrew back towards the West. Boog successfully suppressed the UAZ; however, he was effectively pinned and could not rally with us.

    At this time, ammunition was in low supply so I rationed my spare rounds between Trallic and Scotty while Scotty obtained an additional MG. The three of us moved eastward along the treeline towards the sound of the UAZ. I attempted a solo flank while Trallic and Scotty with great disregard for their safety brought fire to bear upon the UAZ and killed the Machine Gunner. While the three of us assaulted the UAZ, Boog under his own initiative moved North East along the treeline and successfully eliminate an OPFOR fireteam guarding the final tank and deploy a satchel charge which destroyed the final tank.

    The 4 man Bravo squad alone completed the objective designed for a BLUEFOR contingent of approx 12 men.

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    Re: AAR Nadezhdino July 19, 2009

    You forgot to mention the second UAZ was invisible, but ya that was sweet.


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      Re: AAR Nadezhdino July 19, 2009

      Great AAR Skin. Welcome to the forums mate. I've enjoyed playing along side with you these past few weeks. Glad you found TG.
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