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ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

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  • ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

    The game started as somewhat of a joke, we started a 40 person mission with only a squad of six. they were:

    Daniel: Lead
    Azzwort: Marksman
    Frank: Sabatour
    Collin (aka Tab): Machine Gun
    Pistolfied: Corpsman
    Fincuan: Grenadier

    after taking out our main objective in the three valleys area using very effective fire and maneuver tactics, we made our way to our main objective in Berezino. By the time we reached the enemy encampment outside the city, we had amassed about 12 players total from JIPs, and we split the channels and squads into a large assault force (call sign: sword) led by daniel, and a four man fire team (call sign: shield) led by me. We split the city and flanked from the east and west, and then met in the town square where we re-formed the squads and moved north down the eastern and western roads of the city, Shield captured the docks, while sword captured an intersection just to its west. sword moved out of the city and had a minor contact, and the mission was over.

    Total casualties: 3 (all from sword)
    Total casualties from the origanal 6: 0

    anyone have any good stories from this mission?

    Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.

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    Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

    You forgot to mention that besides being a grenadier I was the official bullet magnet in that mission. Pistol had his hands full with me, performing life saving measures no less than four times!

    The first time was right at the start: I guess I had missed a lesson at para-school or just did something else wrong, but I just couldn't get out of my harness and chute no matter what. Luckily our "para rescuers" devised a way to get me out, which involved shooting me in the hand and then pulling me out of the chute, after which Pistol patched me up. After the succesful rescue we avoided a close-by enemy patrol and moved to take down the enemy radar van, which was accomplished without any casualties to us but plenty to the enemy. The assault was a good example on fire and movement, and the enemy had no idea what had hit them. Especially the machinegunner-marksman team was in its element, wreaking havoc left and right.

    Having dealt with the van, our main objective, we started inching our way northwards towards Berezino. On the way we avoided a few patrols and destroyed one that spotted us, until we had a dangerous close-range contact with one more patrol. Daniel was the point man, but somehow the enemy bullets missed him and found me, and once again Pistol had his hands full. The enemy was quickly dealt with and my life was saved, so we double-timed it out of the scene before anyone came to investigate.

    Having avoided a patrolling T72 we finally achieved the first part of our ingenious plan: We got eyes on Berezino, and after a chinese parliament came up with a more detailed plan on how to take it:
    1. Clear a heavily-patrolled village south of the town to protect our rear.
    2. Deal with an enemy field base between the village and Berezino. The base had some infantry and service vehicles, but more importantly a rocket-equipped Mi-8 which shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground under any circumstances.
    3. Use the base for rearming, mainly to get at-weapons, and as a staging area for an assault into the city.

    I've gotta run now, someone please take it from there :)


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      Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

      I joined the mission after you guys had completed the first Obj and were moving into Berezino.

      I took my pontoon boat far around the city and found a suitable landing on the beach which was not patroled..... from there I made my way to link up with the recon team at a rally point south of Berezino just in time before they pushed into the city.

      Not being in the team made it a bit challenging to stay aware of multiple patrols and trying to follow the leader I was assigned to but we never got separated more than 50m.

      We worked our way from a suitable defensive position to the next we moved about 500m at a time and cleared parts of the city. Once we reached our WP the SLs marked out our next position to work towards while everyone took defensive positions, caling out contacts.

      At this point we had another 3 or 4 people JIP so we established a good defensive outpost at the MI8 where we had our AT guys take out a BMP and keep tabs on a T72 making us nervous. We had a nice clear view of fields and roads near us, making it impossible for AI to flank us... Oh it was so nice to destroy AI at range... we had alot of firepower. After some target practice on the T72(cough :) about 5 missed shots) and once our JIP people were asigned into teams we rolled out into the city once again.

      Most patrols were spoted and engaged on our terms, we were ambushing them one by one. A couple never even got to return fire.

      Shield and Sword split up and took to different parts of the city, I was in Sword with Daniel we made our way N and cleared compounds, seeing enemy bodies every few hundred meters. We took another defensive position in a large industrial fenced in area where we were attacked by a T72, everyone taking cover the rifleman covered the uncleared sides of the city engaging patrols our AT guys took care of the T72.

      The area was once again clear and we proceded to clear the remaining few straglers to finish the mission at a duration of 4h:11min

      I was part of the mission for 3 hours and it flew by, we had good comms discipline some humor and plenty of action for everyone. Good crowd and fun.

      I would also like to point out that this mission would not have been possible without JIP which was not abused by any means, so you CAN have a good mission with a gheto respawn and people treating their virtual lives with care. ;)


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        Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

        hahah it was a fantastic mission! although i only caught the last two hours of it just as the team moved into the city.

        awesome use of comms and cohesion between the fire teams (i served in both, sword for a while then ended up in shield). with tactics like that the Russians never stood a chance =p bravo lads
        excuse my poor english, im australian


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          Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

          Okay, here's how things progressed, from my perspective.

          Initial Force Recon team: Daniel, Azzwort, Fincuan, Collin, Frank, Pistolified

          JIPs that I can can remember. Flakt, Corpduty, Phoenix,

          1. Drop into Chernarus
          2. Engagement in woods
          3. Regrouped
          4. Recce’d 3 valleys
          5. Established base of fire.
          6. Assault flanked north then east
          7. Initiated assault, rapidly dropping ~ 20 guys
          8. Sirens went off, we bombed radio equipment and moved on.
          9. Regrouped
          10. Moved to hill 131 to recce solnichniy
          11. Frank and Collin recced road north of 131
          12. Group decided not to attack Solnichniy
          13. Moved north through the woods.
          14. Spotted by patrol, assaulted patrol and seized AT
          15. Moved north to recce Niznoyhe, then Berezino properly.
          16. Moved north towards berezino
          17. Encountered militia in the woods west of berenzino
          18. Returned south to initiate attack in Niznoyhe
          19. Established base of fire at orchard area south of niznoyhe
          20. Assaulted Niznoyhe, base of fire dropped two patrols and assault dropped one.
          21. JIPs began to link up with Force Recon
          22. From Niznoyhe we moved north, engaging targets
          23. Assaulted enemy staging area, seizing ammo and a Mil-8, and several trucks
          24. Regrouped with JIP troops coming in from the sea.
          25. Succesfully engaged BMP and several infantry.
          26. Engaged T-72 with numerous RPG rounds, but failed to destroy the vehicle.
          27. Separated into sword and shield elements. Sword moved north to position itself to move into Berezino from the east.
          28. Shield moved south to Nizoyhe, then west into the woods, finally north to position themselves to move into Berezino from the West
          29. Shield moved into Berezino, and began to hear gunfire and rockets as Sword moved in.
          30. Shield encountered and eliminated an enemy patrol
          31. Shield and sword linked up, then moved to the city center to plan a move north to sweep bereznino.
          32. Shield and sword moved north in tandem, engaging targets.
          33. Shield and sword, working in tandem, cleared the area north of Bereznino and effectively engaged several snipers, infantry, and a T72
          34. Finally tally: Friendly losses: 3-5.
          35. Enemy Losses – 160+ infantry kia, 3 t-72 tanks, 1 BMP3, ~2 UAZ trucks.
          36. Captured – Two Ural Utility trucks, 2 UAZs, one AGS30 GL, One armed Mil8 helo

          Some hilights for the morning were excellent comms and coordination between the various groups, as well as excellent application of fire and movement, bounding overwatch, the use of base of fire and assault elements, and detailed reconnaissance. Because we took our time recceing enemy positions and numbers, as well as back tracking and patiently waiting for optimum times to intiate our assault, we were never engaged by more enemies than we could easily handle. During our long walk north from the LZ we encountered several small patrols in the forest, and the bounding overwatch movement meant that we were able to respond to the threat rapidly and in an orderly fashion.

          Also of note were good comms discipline and good map and compass use. We made extensive use of the map to determine positions to reconnoiter enemy positions, make our assaults, rally our folks coming in via JIP, and generally navigate.

          All in all it was a great mission, one of the best (and longest) I've played with TG, and also notable in that we had, as far as I can recall, only about a dozen casualties the whole time, and only three or four of those were fatal.


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            Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

            Writing this up for Wort, since he asked me to. This is the long version so if you don't like reading you wont like this :D.

            The mission started out as a joke, just doing late night foolin around before we started this AAR worthy session.

            First part, get the parajump down correctly to avoid people dieing. I called out my team mates names one by one to jump, and it worked out well, we all landed close to each other, except Fincuan and Frank. I landed with the other 3 members of my team, azzwort, Collin(Tab), and Pistolfied. We made our way up north towards the radio trailer to regroup with Fincuan and Frank, and the 4 of us found Fincuan, but he was face down, stuck in his chute, and there were 3 hunters 20 meters from him :P. We were lucky enough to avoid the 3 hunters, and tried to go help out Fin by shooting his parachute off but it didn't work. Thankfully someone got a good idea to shoot Fin in the arm so we could use the medic module to pull him out, and our Doc(Pistolfied) fixed him right up. After getting Fin out we made our way up the road to Frank, at the deer stand who decided to dub the objective, The Three Valleys Radio Trailer.

            Recon and Planning. I tried a different style of leadership and got tactical input from all my team mates for the planning of assaults, it worked out very well for our small force recon team and it got us through the whole mission. Anyways, we got to the deer stand and the view was alright but not the greatest. I decided not to use the deer stand and we made our way to some different elevation up to the northwest of our position, west of the radio trailer. After getting some input from my team, I decided to have Tab and Wort provide a base of fire with the MG and DMR on the hill while the rest of the team was designated as the assault team. The assault team moved up north to assault the radio trailer, and we all prepared for the assault. Fin would initiate the assault by shooting the 3 guys on patrol, north of us on a hill, and then the base of fire would start to rain down hell on the trailer park :D. The summary of this assault is that we owned the Russians, took their vodka, base of fire mowed down everyone, and Frank bombed their radio trailer.

            After the assault, we moved up north to the radio tower hill to recce Solnichniy. It looked clear for the most part, and we decided to push north. We made a group decision not to assault Solnichniy, because we were worried about losing someone, and decided not to search for a transport for the long 4 klick walk. While we were moving up north, unintentionally doing a bounding overwatch, we ran into a 5 man patrol near the factory north of Solnichniy. We tried to avoid it but it came too close and we opened up, and got some much needed AT equipment in the process. Force recon continued to push north through the forest, now doing a real bounding overwatch. While bounding up, we ran into about 4 hunters with sniper rifles, and Fin was shot :O we moved to engage the hunters while Pistol helped Fin, thank god no one died. After the encounter, one of my teammates noticed a helicopter on the map, and we decided to go check out what it was. Turns out it was a rocket MI8 in an enemy camp which had some ammo crates, which meant RPGs. There was a town only 300 meters south of the camp, and we had to engage them to get to the camp.

            There were 3 enemy patrols in the town, with about 5 men per each patrol. Once again, we set up a base of fire, and an assault team. The assault team moved into the town to get into position to engage a patrol, and the base of fire would engage another patrol. The ambush went very well, and by that time, JIPs had started to join up with us for the ambush on the third patrol. Everything went very well, and we regrouped up at a compound just south of the enemy camp. I divided the new JIPs, and we planned the assault on the enemy camp.

            The assault on the camp went very well, with very little contacts, and we moved to rearm, but by that time, the hostile tanks started to roll up on us. Quickly we grabbed RPGs and moved to engage the tanks under enemy AK fire from the north. We missed about 10 times, hit about 3 times with no effect, and I was pissed. After the fighting had died down a bit, we rearmed, grabbed some AKs and RPGs and checked out the MI8, turns out that it had no fuel. Force recon was joking about how we made it this far with only Fin being shot up a bunch :P. We waited in the camp for a bit, and more JIPs started to roll in on boats. We had about 2 squads by then, and we decided to split up the squads into callsigns Sword and Shield. Sword was led by me, and Shield was led by Wort. We were finally planning the assault on Berezino. Sword would be moving up north, while Shield would be moving to the western forest of Berezino, and we would sweep the whole town out, meeting up in the town square afterwards. The assault began, Sword mowed down lots of tanks, lots of infantry, and kicked ass. A lot. IDK about Shield's story, you would have to ask Wort about that. After the town was cleared, we consolidated in the town square, but unfortunately there was a straggler, and someone was shot and killed, while someone else was wounded trying to help the other guy. After we got some bullets into that dude, I sent some from guys from Sword to the undermanned Shield, and Wort and I were planning the assault on the northern part of Berezino while our troops set up security.

            The Final Sweep. Both teams moved up north to secure the first objective, the lumber mill. Shield's objective was to sweep the eastern docks, and Sword was tasked with sweeping the west houses, ending with us meeting at the factory up north. We began the sweep, but right then, a Russian tank suddenly blasted through the factory walls on Sword's side, and we took 3 casualties before taking it out. After that little encounter, half my squad decided to shimmy over to Shield, and I was left with a fireteam. Oh well. -.-

            We continued our sweep and ran into 2 snipers on a smoke stack up north. Shield took out one and there was only one sniper left, and I attempted to take a shot at him from 370 meters with an AK74 with someone else backing me up in case I missed. Pistol called it a "joint effort". Lawlz. Thanks to Pistols range cards it was easy as pie. Both teams successfully took the snipers out with no casualties, and we continued our sweep. It was easy sailing from there, and we successfully completed our sweep of the town, meeting on the northern factory, mission end, break out the vodka, fly off into the sun. Thanks for readin :D

            Force Recon 6
            Fincuan "Bullet Magnet"
            Frank "Demo Dude"
            Tab "Machine Gun"
            azzwort "Sharpshooter"
            Pistolfied "Doc"
            Daniel "Shower Guy"


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              Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

              I am damned impressed you did that mission with that few people


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                Re: ToC 1: The Landing 8/11 to 8/12 (depending on where you were)

                haha it was almost like you super ninja black ops force recon dudes did all the dirty work before the bulk of the marine core showed up to clear out the town =p
                excuse my poor english, im australian




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