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Shock and Awe August 14

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  • Shock and Awe August 14

    A longer AAR will follow.

    As the total time of the mission approached 4.5 hours, I am trying to examine how the mission lasted for so long. I will admit that I was rather fatigued so I was getting rather overloaded at some points with multiple requests and logistics. I was command of Echo squad and also acting as CO. We had a sniper squad, and Charlie acting as an additional Infantry squad. Delta JIPs were allocated to either Charlie or Echo; however, eventually they became their own squad. This map acted in a way as a training session as I had new people act as FTL and SL.

    We only had one pilot, Kezei to perform CAS and Air transport. Our air assists were compromised early on by a SU-34 attacking the base and taking out 2 of our aircraft and a Tow humvee. This required an operational pause for us to repair and rearm. At this time the Viper Sniper team was engaged in clearing areas near the AA armour and Radar

    After we had two full squads deploy to the area where the AA Armour was located, the base was attacked by an entire company of infantry approaching from the road north east (not the one by the dam but the one following the shoreline) of electravosk. This was something I had never encountered before where our Respawns and pilots were repetitiously being attacked as soon as they respawned. This required Charlie to hold position while Echo disengaged and headed back to base. Upon arrival we were met with heavy infantry and Armoured resistance. Furthermore, the OPFOR destroyed all of our remaining vehicles and reduced our air assists to one huey. At this point Delta was at full strength so I broke it off to form a new squad. Accordingly, I was required to debrief Delta on their new plan of attack. There was again confusion on approach to the AA rally point as
    Delta disembarked from their truck due to being under fire from unknown contacts and I was run over by a friendly humvee.

    We were able to clear the AA Armour with Charlie and Echo flanking with Delta providing suppressing fire. There were some navigational problems in having all squads adhering to their proper waypoints. Upon clearing the Armour all squads moved north to attack the AA Radar splitting into 3 areas where Charlie would flank from the West while Delta provided suppressing fire facing the AA radar. Echo was intended to attack from the East however we were engaged in following an infantry section heading towards topalov dam, I was concerned that if we did not engage them, they would have attack the main forces. At this time due to logistics, I was required to act as a FTL,SL, and CO simaltaniously which diverted my attention. CAS support was mitgated due to the pilot experiencing computer problems. After engaging the enemy at the dam we were able to commandeer several friendly vehicles. The main thrust of the attack on the AA radar was successfully; however, at times some squads were not in the position which I expected them to be in, which caused confusion on my part when trying to organize the assault. Futhermore additional time was expended on having Satchel charges brought up from base.

    Only having one aircraft (a huey) meant that we had to do multiple transportation rounds back to base in order to RTB. At this time, there were several turnovers in FTL and SL, so time was spent briefing them on the objectives and trying to ascertain whether or not their squads were ready to deploy. Futhermore, there was an unknown individual who was boarding friendly aircraft and firing hydra rockets at base which resulted in a disruption. Viper team was deployed their area (the far north of the map, north of the airfield) in advance of my intended orders which resulted in both Echo and Delta waiting for the only chopper to head back to base.

    The thrust on Vybor proceded well; however, ground forces were unable to engage a SU-25 which continoued to attack our forces and destroyed our helicopter. Our Pilot was then forced to hide from multiple SUs which were following him across the map, he was required to hide in a barn with the chopper to avoid detection. Our ground forces were taken refuge in Vybor until we could get an SAM on the SU-25. However our attack was ineffective, this required us to advance more slowly than expected as we did not have any CAS. Upon arrival at the POW camp, Delta's forces were rendered ineffective from a sniper on a tower. Echo lost two men from the sniper. Upon arrival at the POW camp, we found the friendly pilots dead. Echo continued to wait for reenforcements; however, we lost 3 consecutive aircraft (respawned) due to SU fire. We moved towards the junction to the hanger and engaged a BRDM. The remaining Echo forces moved to the officer's quarters and engaged the enemy. I was injured but was able to be healed. Delta squad had to walk 2.5kms from the only safe LZ to link up with Echo. Delta went to the eastern side of the airport while Echo advanced from the West. Echo encountered multiple armoured assests and was forced to retreat. We were pinned until the helo could bring reinforcement which took some time due to the continual CAS of the SU. Both Echo and Delta pushed towards the airfield with Viper team taking a bravado charge towards the northern end of the base to take a weapon's cache. Delta was eliminated and there were only two left on Echo with Viper lead firing from the weapons cache so we again had to move slowly to advance to the end of the runway. The remaining forces boarded the C-130 and landed at the runway to the South.

    This type of map reinforces the necessity to have a 2IC and the CO separate from the squad position. The mission design is such that it becomes unwieldy to command due to the nature of the join in progress and not being able to use the UAV, which would have provided better situational awareness for the commander. (however because the command is in charge of a spec ops squad, it is not possible for him to use it all the time). The nature of having to take on the role of a CO/SL/FTL due to the composition of each squad made it difficult to command. In hindsight I should have slotted up Delta with a proper SL and have Charlie and Delta move out while remaining the SL of Echo. From there, I would have assigned anyone joining on echo to either charlie or delta and have the SL's break people down into proper fireteams. Again that goes against the structure of the mission, but I think it would ease the burden on the CO in regards to only having to look at the 'big picture'. As it is rather difficult to keep focused on the the strategic objective when you also have to follow the tactical

    I apologize for the overall delay in the execution of this mission.


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    Re: Shock and Awe August 14

    yup, that map was defenatly shock and awe... performed by the russians ! :D
    I was Echos heavy machine gunner, and this was indeed a touch one... unfortunatly i had to give up, due to it beeing 9am down here lol, before we rolled out for the the POW camp.

    But i did managed to snap some screenies when echo rushed back to base to take care of opfor attacking.


    "brum brum"


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      Re: Shock and Awe August 14

      that last photo sort of summarizes how bad the situation was at base.


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        Re: Shock and Awe August 14

        Long weekend away...I've missed some great missions...nice work guys...great AAR's.
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