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My After Mission Report Sunday August 17th

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  • My After Mission Report Sunday August 17th

    Mission name: CoOp46_We_Were_Soldiers_V1-0

    I was one of the huey pilots transporting our guys to the front and doing CAS missions, we always had something to do, there was a side mission for chopper pilots popping up at the start, i just wished there were more of them (maybe 3 in general). Other then that, i heared that the AI wasnt reacting very well, maybe a setting "bug" in the mission?

    Other then that, refueling/rearming is kind a tricky in the base, but we figured out that it autorearms when you hover over the rearm objects. The whole process became easier when we got the FARP, you had to look at the truck you needed and then choose via action menu to refuel/rearm, but you had to get quite close to get the refuel/rearm action menu. Maybe we could increase the distance or using a area wide refuel/rearm circle around the trucks.

    Another advantage would be to have a repair truck in base to not have to blow up the choppers, if they are damaged. That caused some trouble, because one of the chopper pilots blew his chopper up and the respawn destroyed a parking one together with an almost full transport huey.

    As always, great teamplay guys, keep it up!




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