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Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

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  • Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

    This was a quality mission that deserved an AAR so i'm gonna write one up, i encourage anyone who played to post a good story if you have one.

    Mission goals were relativly clear, though before i say anything, i'd like to say that pretty much after every objective we completed i thought that it was the end of the mission...anyways, First objective, defend the airbase from enemy attack.

    I unfortunatly do not remember player names except for people who i've played with for awhile, i did know most of the squad leaders so, i'll just name them:

    Tango 1 (acting command element): Zedic

    India 1: Frank

    India 2: Azzwort (I will attempt to recall squad mates within the AAR)

    India 3 (I believe they were a spec ops team): Daniel

    Hotel: Can't recall name of hotel lead, or anyone in hotel in general, sorry guys!!

    India 2 was tasked with holding positions from targets attacking from the south east. As we began setting up for Armor contacts, a massive helicopter raid came in from the south west that killed most of the sqaud. We respawned and replaced our positions on the hill and fought off a wave of infantry from the southwest. Then India 1 and 3 came to our position to help us out and provide support. in truth, we never had real contacts from the south east, hotel squad had been CASing enemy tanks, and because of this, we basically only encountered one or two tanks, at least as far as i remember.

    Eventually we held off the assault and moved to our next objective to the south east, an enemy AA base. we took choppers and landed about a km out, with the tanks moving in to support us as we went along. Zedic did a good job with the tank support throughout this mission, we got the first major taste of it, as we moved towards our various squad hold points to assault the installation. Zedic's tanks rolled in near us and took down an M1A2 TUSK, they didn't survive the skirmish, but it was a rather epic sight to watch. we continued to our hold points, and once zedic got back with more tank support we assaulted the village. The group i had set up on the hill as a sortof fire team pretty much ate it right away, in truth, everyone in my squad probably died at least twice under my command at one point or another, let me state right now, that i take full responsibility for getting my sqaudmembers owned. but, by the time i moved up to the base, i only had 3 squad members, me, morphine, and kaffa. Kaffa, got killed relativly early after we entered the base when a automatic rifleman blasted him as he turned a corner. morphine and I moved around the oposite end of the house where kaffa was killed and we managed to take down the infantryman. india 3 moved in behind us, and we cleared to base with india 1 providing suppressive fire. The tanks also moved in and took down enemy stragglers. Tango 1 destroyed the Avengers, and the objective was complete.

    Then, i found out the mission wasn't over... we still had to attack chernagorsk. All squads moved south to a new LZ. Indias 1 and 2 were very low strength at this point, six men each. at the LZ the first two india groups followed basically the same path with India 2 moving south at the very end to our respective hold points. We started getting enemy contacts in the woods and were engaging the enemy when Zedic gave the call to attack our respective objectives. I know i heard the order, but i was concentrating on the already attacking enemy forces. Either way, i started moving my men in groups of three out of the tree line and i called up command and double checked that we had been given the order to move out, which zedic pointed out had been given upwards of 10 minutes ago...

    So, we moved to our first objective marker, the movement was good, but soon after entering the 'burbs, of chernugorsk, we encountered an LAV. when i say "encountered" you're probably thinking we saw it moving towards us, or we were engaged by it. well, i guess it would be the ladder of those two, but "engaged" has to mean "the bloody thing bascially steamrolled towards us!!!" One of my guys with a metis launcher managed to take the LAV out at the expense of his life, and we continued on. just outside of the trainyard, we encountered a second LAV, which was very nicly taken out by India 1. After reaching objective 1, we moved as a sqaud into the trainyard and our sniper, Razor, started engaging targets moving towards us on the tracks, we lost at least one man. A CAS bombing from one of the hotel squad pilots temporarily halted our advance because if we moved up we would be risking an accidental fragging. then we moved to objective 2. At objective 2 our sniper and machine gunner somehow got way ahead of the group and ended up at objective 3. on our way to then, the corpsman, morphine, got KiA'd by some enemy fire. while we were holding at obj 3 waiting for morphine to move up, he got killed again by enemy fire. finally we convinced a hotel pilot to land him in a marked "SAFE LZ" closer to our position.

    As we procieded along the southern road in chernagorsk, a friendly plane, or soldier, killed the last infantry in the city. we had won the mission. total time 4.5 hours.

    well that was a rather long AAR. please post some good stories of the battle, i'll probably go bother zedic to write somthing, as he really did do alot more then what i talked about here. All in all, good leadership, good teamwork, FANTASTIC combined arms, Great mission.

    Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.

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    Re: Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

    This was a great mission. I was leading the spetsnaz team, India 3. We loaded up AT heavy for the initial defense. Per Zedic's orders, we mounted two vodniks and prepared to serve as a rapid reaction force in support of India 1+2. We lost 1 vodnik right off the bat, I think to an enemy attack chopper. All hell broke loose after that, and the defense was frantic. I think we actually had enemy armor on the airfield at one point. We had 2 snipers trying to climb towers at the airfield. They were having some trouble, apparently when you are up on those towers you can't move or crouch. They tried and were thrown to their deaths. My team advanced into some trees and proceeded to hunt enemy armor. We killed maybe 5-6 tanks and assorted infantry. Miles was calling out targets, while daniel and miller engaged with metis rockets.

    Regrouped on the airfield, and loaded up with more AT gear and scoped rifles. Landed at the LZ and moved to attack the AA site. I got a little lost en route, it was veteran mode and I was trying to navigate by landmarks. Then one of my squaddies pointed out that we had GPS (doh!). We got sorted out and found a good position overlooking the objective. Lion was our advance man, and reported on enemy activity until we arrived. When the shooting started he took out the AA driver, while Miles shout out the tires.

    Some signals got crossed, and my squad missed the chopper back to base to rearm. We headed to Chernagorsk on foot, scavenging enemy equipment on the way.

    We assaulted the city, encountering a couple LAV-25's and infantry. Jhoson took out one LAV with a sweet smaw shot. Were were just inside edge of the city when we got the mission complete.

    My squad did an excellent job. Their communication and marksmanship were outstanding throughout.

    Props are in order:
    -Zedic for coordinating all assets. This was a large mission with lots of action. He was on comms pretty much constantly dealing with contact reports and organizing operations.

    -Daniel for his AT skills, and for his leadership when I was sitting at base waiting for a ride.

    -Miles for his observation and communication calling out enemy targets. And for his great shooting.

    -Jhoson for his expert handling of the smaw. If he hadn't killed that LAV we would have been in serious trouble.

    -Lion for his stealthy observation skills and excellent shooting.

    -Miller also for his marksmanship and AT. The whole team used their scoped rifles to devastating effect.

    I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. It was a long and hectic mission, ending at 2:30 AM my time. Great job everyone. That was one of the most well coordinated missions I've been a part of.


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      Re: Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

      I was Hotel Lead with Profitt as my second pilot. Was great COing on Zedic's part. Heh, seems every mission he COs gets a spot in the AAR forum.

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        Re: Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

        Definitely a good mission, but a long one. I had a good time fighting, so I'll try and cover most of what happened from my perspective on this mission.

        My official position was RPG-18 on India 1, but I traded the RPG-18 for the Metis launcher as the round started. I was one of three AT men in our squad, and in the end I was the ONLY AT man.

        As soon as the round started, Frank ordered us to fill up on any weapons we wanted and get ready to move out within a minute. Like I said, I traded my RPG-18 for a Metis. After that, we split up into 3 fireteams of 3-4 men each, a sniper/rifle team, MG team, and AT team and took positions outside the airport to the south. As we moved to our positions, AH-1Zs showed up and started causing trouble for forces by raiding what was east of us. We proceeded into a field south of the airport, and an MH-60 dropped off a full squad of infantry to our east. We held fire for long as possible while proceeding to a barn, but eventually were forced to engage half way through. We reached the barn and finished the squad off with the help of a friendly AAA. Sadly, the AAA soon burst into flames as it was hit by presumably an enemy AT man. At the barn, an F-35 flew over our heads to the east, and Nyax, our AA man, took a shot at it and hit it. The F-35 pilot bailed out and the plane crashed.

        After regrouping, our squad spotted 4 enemy M1s headed for us from a field, traveling north from south. We hid in ambush positions near a pond, and were forced to engage at around 250m from the tanks, and I scored a non-lethal hit on one tank. The tanks soon turned to face us an wiped us all out except for two men in our squad. We regrouped in a Vodnik, took it to the perimeter of the airport, and then headed to what we believed to be the last standing M1 in our area. Air assets had made short work of the other tanks. The tank was siting out by the barn, and I scored a hit on it. The crew bailed and we mowed them down. The tank was in serviceable condition, but the tracks were crippled. Command advised we leave the tank and not move it for the sake of preventing friendly fire incidents.

        Frank sent me and Nyax back to base to get more ammo for ourselves, and we brought the Vodnik back to the barn to pick up everyone and ferry them back to base. We all rearmed and boarded helicopters to take us to the AA facility which was our next target. We advanced through the woods and arrived at our hold point, sniper team had eyes on an Avenger and our whole squad locked in on it and as soon as the assault began, we opened up on it, quickly killing the driver and the bailed out gunner. We then advanced to the high ground of the nearby castle and provided mostly suppressing fire from there on out.

        As soon as the base was secure, we went down to the base, looted some weapons from the bodies and crates and then reorganized into two fireteams as we had only 6-7 men left. Base of fire consisted of me and our two snipers, the assault team consisted of Frank and the other two riflemen. I traded my Metis for a Javelin missile launcher at the AA fort.

        Soon, we were airlifted to a new location outside Chernogorsk

        We followed power lines to our hold positions and then spotted some infantry which our snipers took out. Then, our assault team ran ahead of us to the base of a hill outside the industrial complex. I was then called up by Frank to take out an LAV, which I did, (The very same LAV that is mentioned in the first post that was taken out by India 1) however, we lost one sniper from a burst of fire from the LAV as the base of fire team moved up. We were down to five people now in our squad. We cautiously cleared the complex, and engagements were nerve racking as there was confusion occasionally as to where fire was coming from and whether it was friendly or not.

        At one intersection in the complex, a lone rifleman took out our squad leader and Nyax quickly took over the remaining 4 while Frank came back. We crossed another intersection and received blue on blue fire from one of our tanks. Nobody was hurt. We then proceeded to the final objective as Frank caught up with us. Then, all but 2 of us were wiped out as another rifleman ambushed us. Friendly tanks moved up and helped the remaining two of us to take out the rifleman. The two of us and the tank secured the immediate area, and the Frank and the rest returned to our location. The mission was then over as the enemy was killed in the city, and Zedic ended the mission due to the massive amount of time that had already passed. Truth be told, we were only 3/5 done with the mission, but nobody was in the mood to continue. It was late and we were all getting tired.

        Overall, as Zedic later said after the mission, the combined arms effort was great. Everyone did beautifully to communicate with each other and cooperate to achieve the goals. Armor and Air assets did great upon requested support. I felt pretty safe as we had air flying over the city constantly and the friendly armor helped us out.

        So, that was a lot longer than I planned to write, but I had a lot to say about this mission, I guess. I had some nice pictures to post, but this is the first time I've posted here and I need 15 posts to link a URL/embed an image


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          Re: Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

          Alright Hookers,

          I'll write my own side of the story but consider the fact that I was not on the ground with you guys at all times and for the most part was sitting 'high and mighty' from the turret of my tank. However I can comment and write up my overall intent throughout each subsequent operation; my planning procedure and concurrent activity; and, my points to improve.

          India 1: Infantry Element
          India 2: Infantry Element
          India 3: Infantry Element
          Tango 1'1: T-90
          Tango 1'2: T-90
          Tango 1: Command Callsign.
          Hotel 1: Air assets (Trans, Fixed Wing, ATK Helo)

          Mission Briefing Phase:

          Upon the initial briefing within the notes there was very limited intel and information as to the enemy threat in the area. That being said, our first objective was to 'Defend the Main Base', so thats exactly what I planned.

          On the map there were three main avenues for the enemy advancement noted by markers, however I'd assumed that the enemy may us main routes to gain lodgement into our Airfield so I wanted to prep defenses at those positions first.

          India 1 was tasked with defending the main entry to the Air field located at the South-Western end and I had intended for them to push past the tree line thus allowing some stand-off for our Air Assets to be brought to bear on the enemy targets and limiting the tree cover they could utilize. India 1 was encouraged to bring Anti-Armour equipment as you can never have too much of that. Bullets work great on Infantry but do nothing but annoy a tank.

          India 2 was tasked with defending the South-Eastern corner of the Airfield. That are allowed for maximum line-of-sight South and East as it was a slightly higher area then the surrounding terrrain. India 2 was also enouraged to make use of all availible Anti-Armour assets.

          India 3 was supposed to be the 'Ace up my sleeve'. In the event the defense turned for the worst I would have them as a reserve to quickly move into position and assist either India 1 or 2 respectively. India 3 was also encouraged to prep for Anti-Armour just like everyone else cause all the cool people were doing it.

          Hotel 1 was tasked with preparing for Troop Lift. I was unsure as to off the start of the mission what kind of enemy threat we would have coming against us so I'd thought perhaps I can have him ready to move to India 1 or 2's position to pick them up if the threat was neutralized quickly.

          Tango 1 according to the briefing was unable to mount armour so their standing orders were to look pretty. Seemed easy enough, though Skin had some difficulty complying with his orders as his 'Face' wasn't complete.

          Main Base Defense

          Let's do I say quote that comes to mind is 'No battle plan ever survives contact'.

          India 1 had little difficulty moving to their respective position and as noted in their AAR successfully accomplished their objective. They continued to provide contact reports and steadily advised Tango 1 as to enemy armour positions through-out and engaged accordingly. No points to improve on, well done.

          India 2 arrived at the objective quickly as well and began to send contact reports to which I would relay to Hotel for Close Air support. It was an on-going thing throughout. India 2 were the first callsign hit so I sent India 3 to reinforce assuming that the enemy Main Effort would be coming from their area. No points to improve except Azzwort, your ugly. Fix it.

          India 3 initially prepped for movement to which ever area I would designate. It is my understanding that they got killed early on by the enemy AH-1 that attacked the airfield but were able to adapt quickly and moved onto their objective, which was India 2's position. Once on India 2's position I believe they set themselves up to the East of India 2 concentrating on enemy contacts advancing in the woodline towards the South-East while pushing their own line forward to engage the enemy. Good work overall, no points for improvement.

          Hotel was quickly rendered useless because we couldn't get out of the Airfield so I deemed it necessary to have him change vehicles to an Attack Helicopter. Hotel responded to all CAS requests and engaged and destroyed many enemy armour targets through out the defense. As the battle progressed, Hotel changed over to a Fixed Wing Aircraft for a short period to provide further Air Cover. Good work overall, point to improve is you need to learn to let people into your heart Andrew, come a little ;)

          Tango 1 complete was killed.......several times......and wasted the majority of our was bad....... Once we spawned in someone decided to try and get into our vehicles and lo' an behold we could. So we grabbed two T-90s and began to leave the Hangar. Then we 'spontaeneously combusted' as two AH-1s flew over and engaged us. It was very mysterious (note sarcasm). So after our first hiccup; I had Skin start to command and control Tango 1 while I dealt with the overall coordination of the team. Between Skin, Andrei, Mathew75, Scout_031, IronCruncher, and myself we mounted in many different vehicles and engaged Aircraft, Armour, Infantry, and eachother........ It was bad..... Points to improve................Every one of those dots in this paragraph is a potential point to improve so I will not waste my breath. However, all said and done, we did accomplish the objectives we set out to do.

          After the objective was complete which in itself took almost an hour, I ordered all callsigns to return to the Airbase, rearm, re-equip, and mount up in the helicopters in preparation for follow-on tasks. Hotel 1 was also ordered to change over to Transport helos after.

          In closing on the first Objective; We survived. Don't know how, don't know why. I am still wondering why but hey, it worked. So eat it!

          Destroy Anti-Air Positions

          So my overall plan for this objective was to insert all Infantry Callsigns(C/S) minimum distance 1km from the objective with the friendly tanks already in position. Once all C/S were on the ground I1 was to move West towards a small village and hold there. I2 and I3 were to move towards the south from LZ ALPHA (North-East of the Objective 1.8km) until they were essentially due East of the Objective in some low ground that allowed them to remain there undeteced. All C/S were advised to hold on the respective Hold Positions until I gave the go-ahead.

          C/S T1 COMPLETE encountered 2 X EN M1A2 TUSKS while en route to Hold Marker. 1 X M1A2 was confirmed destroyed however both T1'1 and T1'2 were destroyed thus allowing for no immediate direct for fire support for minimum 10minutes. T1 Complete respawned at the Airfield and then moved to T1 Hold Marker.

          I1, I2, I3 Reported there were on their respective hold positions and I gave the go ahead for them to move onto their objectives. For I2 and I3 their initial objectives were intended to give them good firing positions on to the objective area. It was my intent to have I1 move to the Objective from the North while I2 and I3 engaged the enemy and hopefully allowing them to get into the objective and conducting Flank Manuevers through the Enemy line.

          Shortly after I2 and I3 began to engaged the enemy and were on the Objective, T1 received intel and locations for 2 X EN M1A2 TUSKS so we prepped to fire on them accordingly. Under the command of Skin T1'1 and T1'2 moved forward to engage the Enemy Armour and did so with maximum effect and violence. Enemy tanks were then destroyed as was 2 X EN LAV-25. After that engagement; T1 held firm as the India C/S moved through to secure the objective. I1 had already begun their movement to the objective from the North but then the Squad Leader decided that it may be better if he goes through a castle that was north of the objective to allow him to come down-hill. I concured and used his judgement agreeing to carry out fore-mentioned proprosal. All India C/S were now on the objective and deeming it clear.

          Later, C/S Tango 1 moved into the Objective to destroy the Anti Air Vehicles.

          All C/S were then informed to Consolidate and prepare for follow-on tasks. Considering the amount of American Equipment on the ground at this objective I authorized all callsigns to 'go crazy like a kid in a candy shop' to outfit their C/S with whatever they wanted still remaining Anti-Armour heavy.

          Points to improve: Infantry Callsigns needed to advise Tango Callsigns their location so that we would limit friendly fire incidents as there were a few. Otherwise it was good movement and communications throughout.

          Clear Chernogorsk

          This objective was an intimidating one but I felt that I broke it down well enough that it could be do-able. My overall intent was to have three squads advance through the city at different areas all moving from a central LZ CHARLIE located 1.7km North of Chernogorsk. One sweeping through from the North towards the South, one sweeping from the North-West to the South-East and the last sweeping from the West to the East.

          Tango 1's task was to provide direct fire support from the North from an elevated position that would provide eyes on to the city allowing maximum fields of fire so as to cover the India C/S as they advance through their objectives.

          Hotel 1's task was to have one helo on stand-by for transport of KIA and JIPs and the other pilot was to man Fixed Wing aircraft in support of the Infantry.

          Each India Callsign had three objectives that would lead them to the center of the city and once all individual objectives met, they could sweep en mass towards the South-East to finish clearing the city.

          This was the intent.

          All India C/S carried out objectives approapriately and Hotel 1 provided effective Air support throughout. Tango 1 had some difficulties because as soon as we arrived, two AH-1s destroyed the tanks but we did bring down the Helos with use of AA Missles and Machine gun fire. The people killed with the tanks were then tasked to bring two tanks to the survivors under the command of Skin. Once the tanks arrived, T1'1 and T1'2 remounted and carried out the intended objectives.

          Tango 1 complete advanced into the city when India 1 reported they were pinned down to provide close direct fire support within the city. All C/S then moved and swept South-East to destroy the remaining Enemy in the city and the objective criteria was met.

          At that time, I concluded the mission as we had played it for a long period of time and it was late in the night.


          What went right: Communications through-out; Movement of Infantry; Movement of Armour; Discipline; Command and Control; Effective engagment of enemy targets.

          What went wrong: Notification of Friendly positions so as to limit Friendly Fire; Perhaps too much initiative at times on the Squad Leaders part; Adequate use of Air support was limited based on sheer numbers of players.

          What we need to do to improve: Have more people willing to lead. The current people leading were regular ones whom usually do it which is fine but in the event that certain people are not around missions can and will be not as well organized. So we need to broaden and encourage others to lead. E.g. have your Fireteam leaders have Channel Commander on so they can get accustom to listening to whats going on and perhaps even having them do a lot of the radio procedure so as to practice but under the Squad Leaders guidance. Teach them, don't always lead them.

          Comments: Just wanted to make a thank you too all those whom participated, in particular the India Squad Leaders and Skin whom made my life 1000 times easier by coordinating the armour throughout while I commanded the battle and our tank when I was able. Worked out well overall and I appreciate the assistance. Excellent work Skin, except don't say 'How Copy' so much, its not the only word that needs to be in your vocabulary.

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            Re: Red Alert 3 Monday August 17th

            I think Zed and Azz and Karl have hit most of the major points. I was in charge of India 1 throughout, and i have to say we did pretty well. The folks in my command were quite disciplined and did a better job of keeping track of their fire team assignments than I did. ManColjo and Sushi provided a very nice example of how long range rifles can work with a squad, acting to cover the rest of India 1 while we were moving and providing good intel. Nyax was our AA guy and I believe he scored several hits, one of which took down an F-35 as mentioned, and another which contributed to the destruction of the AH1s outside of. Likewise, the AT group took down about a hundred million dollars worth of US tanks. : ) All in all it was a lot of fun. Good coordination and comms meant we kept moving, and even though it was a very long mission their wasn't much wasted time. Everyone had clear objectives, all elements were utilized and got plenty of trigger time. Champagne all around!




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