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co 21 Morning Star day 2 (Oct 17, 2009)

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  • co 21 Morning Star day 2 (Oct 17, 2009)

    Good games everybody who played. It was a long mission but most stuck around to finish the whole thing.

    From CO perspective the ones I was in touch were all SLs.

    Vic - Charlie lead. Great communication executed orders well.
    Nner - Alpha lead. The kick butt squad. You throw these guys at anything they get it done.
    Chef - Bravo lead. Recon team also did well.

    CO styles are different mine is to give my SLs some freedom to make decisions. I just point general organization which worked out pretty good.

    Anyway I promised you guys a picture. So here it is.

    After finishing the mission everybody posed for a pic.

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    Re: co 21 Morning Star day 2 (Oct 17, 2009)

    I had a great time in the server today, although several parts of the mission was boring, I was there start to end. The most exciting part I thought was when I was piloting the chopper and was going in to land at the LZ when 2 rockets came flying at us, the first one missed us by inches, the second one knocked my tail rudder out and I managed to safely land the chopper. I'm the one in the back with the ACOG rifle not saluting(Behind the sniper in the ghillie suit) I was in Alpha squad under command of Nner. I will definatly be comming back to play here!




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