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Storm Chaser - 11/28/09

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  • Storm Chaser - 11/28/09

    Had a fantastic time playing Storm Chaser v1, thought a write-up might be worthwhile. In case you aren't familiar with the mission, BlueFor is working to escort a high-value Soviet doctor out of the region, as he has agreed to provide intelligence to coalition forces in exchange for protection. Prior to making a run for the border, however, he is attempting to download and destory his research; OpFor, working with the local independents, is trying to kill him as quickly as possible.

    At least on the OpFor side, things started out on rocky ground, as planning ended before we all understood what our approach would be. Once we hit the ground, we loaded into a transport helo, but we were inadvertently dropped significantly further away from our target than we had intended. There were confused reports about where the target actually was, and we spent the first 10 minutes or so wandering the closest city, unsure of how to proceed.

    Despite the supposedly FUBAR situation on the ground, however, we managed to pull together a pretty effective tactical force under h3killa and PeinX's ad-hoc leadership. PeniX grabbed a local bus and (in an amusing show of incongruity) drove the entire team of assault-rifle wielding and balaclava-clad terrorists from our impromptu LZ north along the main highways. Once we were outside of town and could secure faster transport (a pickup truck and a red hatchback), we split the squad into two groups and radioed our position to the CO. With some navigation assistance from command, we made our way to the laboratory where the doc was destroying his data, but were engaged and overwhelmed by his bodyguards.

    Respawning at our base, we divided the force into an armed jeep and a Ural (PeniX in the former, me in the latter). We barreled up the dirt roads going northeast, attempting to head off the doctor on his escape route. We closed in on a series of small villages between his laboratory and the border, and h3killa began wiring civilian vehicles with explosives. We radioed in our position and determined that our turncoat target was just down the road. With the rest of the squad ready to assault, h3killa jumped in the fastest truck we had and surprised BlueFor, detonating the charge he was carrying and taking out the doc before he could respond.

    A great mission, especially given the relatively difficult start -- and a great example of why I enjoy the TG crew so much, as a disorganized start can so easily devolve into chaos and "lone-wolf" play. Thanks, all!
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    Re: Storm Chaser - 11/28/09

    This was my first time playing Storm Chaser, and was excited after hearing all the praise. Its a great mission that can dissolve the serious tactical nature of the game and allow everyone to have a break to have some fun.

    I played a body guard for Dr. Tesla, who was Tralic I think, and it went pretty well. We were split into 3 groups, and my role was to 'drive in circles' to distract Opfor as much as possible. This plan went pretty well until Tesla's group became stuck in Berezino without transport. As they were looking for a different car, I ran into Blufor, literally, around Gorka. We were albe to set up comms, and Blufor decided to hold Gorka, or "G-Town" on Global channel, as i preceded to further distract Opfor. We all were able to eventually regroup again in Gorka, and I split from the now large convoy in Novy Sobor to confuse Opfor as the othes were heading for the border.

    It ended with a bang when h3killa drove a car full of explosives into Tesla's car. Despite plans going wrong, I think everyone playing did a really good job, even though some never played it before. In conclusion, I'd really like to see this mission become a regular, especially after playing alot of intense missions in a row.
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      Re: Storm Chaser - 11/28/09

      That was amazing I am being a terrorist every time now. A+ mission. Hoping for a V2 with more features and improved game mechanics.




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