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Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

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  • Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

    Ok guys. Tell me and the other instructors what you thought of the course. Please instructors dont post until the students have had a chance to post.


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    Re: Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

    It was really, really nice. I haven't attended to previous courses, but most of the training of this kind that I've done in ArmA is usually very rigid, and tends to be either with live targets (that cause uncontrolled randomness for the teachers) or no targets all, making fights too abstract to be good for training.

    Lovely with all formation-shifting, more proper teaching of commands to use to direct the squad, and the lovely pop-up and wooden targets.

    Big thumbs up for this class!


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      Re: Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

      Unfortunately I had to bug out @ 2300est but from what I did participate in, I thought was very useful. Heck I even have a page of notes I was taking. Using TS the way it was done was absolutely brilliant and I hope future classes will do the same.

      One thing though, I dont know what was causing it but that map/mission killed my fps. On average for both servers I hit 20-45fps but lastnight I was @15 and alot of 5 that made me useless as a ftl. I know the mp mission parameters can over ride user settings, so I dont know if it was the grass/terrain details, view distance or both but those things might be something to consider not overriding for future classes.

      Thank you to all the instructors.
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        Re: Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

        Enjoyed the course a lot. Had taken one other Basic Infantry recently but needed the practice and was curious how the approach would vary.

        Things I liked a lot ... the transition from one formation to another was useful as I had not practiced that much in the last class. I especially enjoyed and found valuable the withdrawel under fire ... bounding overwatch in reverse though more time on that one would have been helpful as the units got all mushed up together as we withdrew. And, the individual squad member placements in the line formation became entangled and confused. Field of fire had to be compromised.

        Need to know how to withdraw ... face backwards and run (hahah NOT .. marines don't run away)... back up facing enemy .. how do you see behind you to keep place in line.

        The information and training on identification of contacts, type of contact, bearing and distance were very helpful.

        The physical terrain of the training course was usefully laid out ... would it be possible to have pop up targets ... I saw them lay down , is there a way to suddenly have them pop up like ambush situation or a situation where enemy troops are using shelter behind rock walls or being attacked on one side then suddenly being hit from another side or flank or got forbid from behind. I have a sense that that would be more like what happens to us in-game situations. I realize this is basic if these concepts are advanced then I will wait 'till an advanced infantry class.

        Instructors (especially lead) were very patient.

        Things I found bothersome. We had a couple of significant delays with nothing to do. May have been beter to use that time with info presentation like "why" being in a certain position in the fire team is preferable. For example, I heard the explanation of why you put the SAW gunner in the front of the formation if you are in a column. Why the positioning when in a line? Where is best place for SL to be? That kind of stuff. Also, would like to have had some work on pivoting a fire team under fire or with new targets to a flank ... or even better. How to divide fire if you have targets on more than one side at once.

        The last comments are not criticisms.

        Oh, one technical thing. When you say "come to me .. "on TS, we can't see who "me" is in the game. Makes it frustrating when someone repeats "Me!" .... and I am madly looking around with the space bar but I don't know who "me" is. This was particularly a problem with the Fire Team Leaders since they don't show up with the double tap of escape to identify chevrons of SL.

        Enjoyed this class a lot. Different in many ways from the last class I took here in this topic.

        I am new here if that helps put my feedback in perspective (but I am logging a lot of hours at getting better).
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          Re: Basic Infantry Course 3 Dec 2009

          It was a very nice course. I've been trying to implement it in-game although I'm struggling with it a bit because some people haven't taken the course and aren't following the same procedure's as I am. The only thing I found difficult was having to fake like I didn't see targets 50m in front of me. I understood why we had to do it but I got yelled at because I didn't return fire once the action was supposed to commence. Learning to shift in formation was very useful, learned deeper details about bounding overwatch and egressing, I enjoyed myself and I can (and have) see(n) how this can be useful.




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