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Rescue 12/6/09

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  • Rescue 12/6/09

    I have to say I am very pleased with the way this mission turned out and am looking forward running it a few more times great job everyone enjoy the AAR.

    AAR: (note sorry I don't remember who exactly everyone was at each instance but I've included names where I could remember)

    Things got off to shakey start first azzwort the SL had major computer issues and was forced to drop out fortunately we were able to get his map and I took command of the infantry squad. After a few minuets sorting things out we got moving south into the AO. We jogged up into the treeline and began our search for the downed helicopter and its crew.

    We moved in a column formation to the south west keeping inside the treeline and keeping eyes out for enemy patrols. First contact was made, an enemy patrol moving parallel to our direction of travel 300m in front of the squad. I deployed the squad on line and we slowed down not wanting to draw unneeded attention before we had fully reached the AO. With the enemy patrol not a factor we moved up to the south edge of the forest and halted. The enemy patrol continued into the woods to our south and we lost contact. With the woods to our immediate south occupied for sure and no desire to walk around blind in forest full of enemies I decided we would turn east and move along the treeline in column as before.

    We moving less than two minuets when the call of 'contact' drifted from the front of the column. I ordered the halt and moved up to inspect the situation. the lead element had eyes on two patrols, one nine man patrol was cresting a will to our south heading our direction an other 4 man patrol was several hundred meters to the west moving east away from us. The squad sized patrol was 250m out and closing quick. We deployed into a line to bring all our firepower to bear. Just as I was about to issue the order to engage another squad came over the ridge behind the first, with close to 20 Russians in front of us perhaps the majority of the forces in the area the opportunity was too good not to take. "Let em' have it".

    The first squad was obliterated. Two 203's landed right in their formation and the SAW's made short work of the rest. The second squad was more luck than the first and were able to go to ground and began to return fire. A protracted firefight broke out, however our wooded positions afforded better cover than the open hillside and the Russian return fire was ineffective. At least a fireteam and perhaps as much as another squad also joined the fight from the south coming over the ridge. The enemy also began launching illumination into the fight. It was then with the field illuminated by an enemy flare as I checked out left flank that I saw it. sitting next to the tree line to our east, missing its landing gear a UH-60. With the amount of return fire to our front intensifying by the second it was time to reposition anyway. I told out saw gunners to keep up their suppression and had everyone else shift left to the east and told them to rally at the downed helicopter.

    I was moving behind the lead element when there was a great flash of an exploding grenade in the branches of a tree and front man dropped a second latter muzzle flashes poked out of the darkness in front of the helicopter and another man dropped I screamed 'contact front' and got behind a tree and started returning fire. the rest of the squad got on lined and a new firefight was joined. The saws were still hammering away at the pinned squad to our rear but the enemy there were mostly dead and wounded. Someone shouted that we needed the saws forward and I agreed I told them to get on line and start suppressing the squad around the chopper. As the saw's joined the fray I saw the first wounded man in a chest high depression 30 meters right of my position, I told the nearest person to cover me then sprinted and dove into the ditch. The wounded man was just coming to, the grenade had exploded over him in the trees and the overpressure had knocked him out and to the ground. Most of the shrapnel had been taken by his helmet and vest however a jagged piece had cut him on the back of the neck between the collar of his vest and the bottom of his helmet, he was moderately bleeding so I applied a pressure dressing and got him on his feet, he was ready to rejoin the fight. By the time I scurried back out of the ditch fire team one had made it to the chopper and the squad was engaging the remains of the enemy squad who were withdrawing northeast. The other wounded had been hit in the arm but was up and fighting. It was then that I noticed red smoke from the hill to the east of the crashed helicopter.

    I knew right away that must be the crew. Unfortunately there were more enemy, survivors of the first firefight who had regrouped shifting north east to renew their attack. The squad began to engage those targets but they quickly broke and fled to the east over the hill. I told the balance of fireteam 2 to stay at the chopper to secure it with rerden in change, the enemy squad that had been around it had not been destroyed and I knew they would be back for more. As I began to move out to follow first squad I saw three figures running back down the hill with one of first squad, we had found the pilots, they were alive and walking. I told them to move to the chopper and wait there until I collected fire team one, we would then move out to the platoons position. I continued to move up the hill, fire team one was endaging a new group of Russian reinforcements coming from the east. Brooklyn, the teams saw gunner was pinned down 15m to the right of the platoon in a small bit of defliade. I got everyone to increase their rate of fire, threw smoke and brooklyn was able to get back and we started down the hill back to the chopper.

    As we were running down the hill I heard a crack past my right ear and the man next to me dropped to the ground, shot through the shoulder. With Russians hot on our heels and the last remains from the squad around the helicopter starting a couterattack there was no time to stabilize the patient in the open. Brooklyn grabbed him hoisted him over his shoulder and we ran for the chopper as the rest of the squad engaged Russians as they crested the hill behind us. Behind the shelter of the helicopter and safe for the moment I took stock of our situation. Team two was near the nose of the chopper firing at targets to the east and north, myself, the pilots and the wounded man being tended to by two people were behind the fuselage team one was at the tail firing to the south and east. Russians were continuing to crest the hill in greater numbers. Rounds were pinging off the chopper and it was time to get the hell out of dodge. With the wounded patched up I ordered the men with the demo charges to set them, we would destroy the chopper and all of the sensitive materials on it as we fell back to cover out retreat.

    With the demo finally set, the pilots secure and everyone ready to move I told FT2 to break contact and head north, the pilots and I would follow and FT1 would cover and fight a rear guard action. The withdraw from the chopper worked fine. More Russians were coming and I though I counted 8 men and 3 pilots safely away from the chopper. I ordered the demo guy to hit the switches and the satchels went off throwing the UH60 20 meters onto it back. However I had miscounted and rerden the last man in the squad column had been in the blast zone. I told the pilots to stay with FT1 and ran back to offer assistance. FT1 set up a perimeter and we stabilized rearden. However shrapnel had shredded his legs and he couldn't walk. I told one of the men to carry him and we moved to catch FT1.

    What followed was a dark, unorganized shuffle towards home and friendly lines. Burdened with our casualty Russian forces were able to catch us and with the team sometimes separated by as much as 150m organization broke down. I'm still not sure how no one else was hit. A running gunfight consisting mostly at blasting away at muzzle flashes in the inky black of the forest continued until we broke the tree line in view of friendly forces. We carried out everyone we took in and came back with three more as well as denying the enemy valuable intelligence about our electronics and codes.

    All in all it was a great mission and I want to thank everyone who took part for such an epic experience. Hopefully someone got screens. :) Please post your prospective.

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    Re: Rescue 12/6/09

    Falcon I have to agree that it was a good mission, even if it was iron sights at night, the tactical retreat was great, especially when I had Rearden slung over my back and bullets were whizzing past me.




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