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14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

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  • 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

    Tested out a new mission authoured by Ghost02. In the same style as Op Golden Eagle of olden days.

    I was assigned as part of the civilian populace. There was talk of a new radical religion in the Big City, us rural lumberjacks decided to make the voyage to the south to meet with these religious figures. Along the way we heard news of the first annual meeting of the Lumbermill Union. We stopped by, me and my merry band consisting of a hard-core rocker and some dude and a leather jacket. We voted Skin as the president, mostly because he was wearing a rad suit.

    We proceeded back to our ancestral lands to return to our manly task of cutting down trees. But, alas!, on the road home we happened across the poor sight of a mutilated man of the cloth on the roadside. I simply could not handle this tragedy and took it upon myself to bury this noble man. He was a priest of the Church of the Great Tuna, even though he was dead, his teachings lived on through his spirit. Our merry band of Lumbermill Union workers valiantly formed a funeral procession and marched back to our homeland in order to bury this holy priest at our home.

    Our procession had to be armed very strongly, for the priests of the Great Tuna were seen to be very tasty snacks by the local wildlife, mainly the bears. The road was long and harsh, twice my trusty partner "Crazy Dude with Grey Hair" nearly lost his sanity to his fear of the local Bears. However, thanks to our processions valiant efforts, the holy man of the Great Tuna reached our village without further harm. The crows eyed longingly at his glistening eyes filled with fear and death, but they never knew the taste of their pain.

    When we arrived at the village, we then had to decide where we were to put our hero to rest. Our village was small and quaint, we had no burial grounds. However, we did have a holy and pure Shilka. It's rumbling peacefulness brought joy and happiness to our village. We thought it best to bury this man of the Great Tuna underneath it's growling care. We gathered the congregation, who seemed to be growing more and more dead by the minute, around the holy Shilka of Khelm. Our glorious Union leader Skin gave a inspiring and uplifting speech and with it's conclusion, we committed the Holy Priest of the Great Tuna to his grave.

    Whilst our noble ceremony was taking place foul deeds were afoot. H. Rearden, the Judas of the Church of the Great Tuna, was conspiring and scheming an evil plot. He planned to kill our congregation and reap all the benefits of our Union alone. We set out to stop this fiendish man, who had already claimed two victims. We had found him at last, burrowed into a house like a rat! Our glorious Union leader Skin lead a frightful charge to rid the world of this foul man, alas, he was slain along with his two trusted and close friends, "Other Guy in cool suit and Funky glasses" and "Other Old Guy". My dear friend "Crazy Dude with Grey Hair" could stand this no longer! With a terrible cry he rushed into the field of battle bellowing with a mighty battle roar. I was utterly inspired by his heroic behaviour and began to breech H. Rearden's unholy castle. My dear friend's life was cut short, the fiendish minions of the Judas cut down "Crazy Dude with Grey Hair" as he hollered and frothed with rage. I burst into the room and slew both the evil men, ensuring they would no longer taint the world.

    Then came the long and sorrowful work of committing my dear friends to their graves. With a solemn prayer for each, I lovingly carried my comrades to their graves.

    ALAS! The dastardly BLUFOR were afoot!

    The godless heathens they are had the gall to desecrate this holy ceremony. Screaming such things as "Put down your weapon!" and "Drop the body!" they seethed and frothed with rage. I could contain myself no longer! I screamed at them to begone, for they were foul demons to interrupt such a holy and important ritual. However, I was weary from battle and vastly outnumbered. I succumbed to their taunting and beckoning. I dropped my faithful comrade, my dearest friend "Crazy Dude with Grey Hair" and lay him to rest. I then went to throw away my arms, and to take up the valiant and gruesome task of clearing the dead.


    The fiendish BLUFOR were tricksey! They scoffed at our rituals, they lied to my face! "Put down your arms!" they say, "Drop the body!" they say, yet when I comply with their wishes, the dastardly fiends do not allow me to continue my task, but they slay me mercilessly and without remorse!

    It twas a sad day for the Church of the Great Tuna, but as our Great Tuna teaches, all will be forgiven and be welcome into the vast sea to swim with the Great Tuna. Tunaism will conquer all.


    Yeah, was pretty nifty mission. Had some err, ... interesting times as a civie.

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    Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

    Reason the DEA was called in?

    LSD exposure.


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      Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

      Great AAR beta, you truly are a scary crazy man. That was really fun, even being one of the first victims to the traitor, I had the opportunity to hear the words of the Great Tuna while in heaven.

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        Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

        haha yeah it was a fun mission, towards the end of the game the opfor were so annoyed with the double crossing civi's that the orders were "shoot on sight" when civi's were encountered =p very friendly
        excuse my poor english, im australian


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          Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

          Great game, to bad the blueforce died of the desync :P


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            Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

            I was one of the Blue Force in this game.

            Several things caught my imagination about the mission. We didn't know who would be friends if any. We let the civilian population know we were coming to a community near them.

            Again, in this game I had control of captives who were"unarmed" civies. They were on the ground and told not to move, not to get up, not to kneel and that if they made any such move I would shoot them.

            One stood up and I shot him dead point blank. followed by the most horrible pleading crying and begging from the other captured civie I have ever heard. I was trying to explain that I shot his friend because he stood up. It so distracted me that someone shot me dead. ( I would love to know who and from where?) My fellow Blue Force went completely BATS about my killing. I could hear all this from my dead body.

            I also saw civies come to my body after my Blue Force marines/DEA left and take weapons from my corpse. (Not sure on this)... then OpForce showed up and threatened the civies if they didn't tell them where BluForce had gone.

            Comments: Great idea for a mission GREAT! Loved having to interact with civilians.

            Suggestions: When you set up civilians see if you can arrange them into two squads or fire teams in the player roster like opfor and blue for. Then one must attach to opfor and one must attach to blue for (doesn't matter which). This would leave opfor and blue for with same distraction and balance the game. You would know you had some friends, but not who and allow the civies to spoof, intrique, and generally irritate the forces.

            Can they pick up weapons from dead and wounded? May want to look at burying the dead or hiding their bodies so civies cant get weapons.

            Can I give a civie my side arm if I "trust" them?

            Respawn of 15 minutes was interminably long ... 6-7 minutes would serve better since it would not slow game play and still punish carelessness with long timeouts.

            AND, again I have my question, "What are we to do with captured player/civilians?" I hate shooting unarmed individuals, be they prisoners, even escaped ones, or civilians. Also for blue force ...if you are going to invite civilians to meet with you and instead capture them for interrogation, use a building with only one way in and out then perhaps we won't have to shoot them against the wall of the local church. "God, I pray no one had a print screen going at that moment!"

            Maybe we need to "search" the civie before turning them over to someone else to guard. Can you "see weapons" on their person, if so how?

            Bottom Line GREAT idea for mission please .... revise it and keep it posted ... please
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              Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

              There is a new script that detains civis and puts them in prison, so there.

              LOOK AT v4 GUYS! IT IS A LOT NEW!
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                Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy

                All hail the Great Tuna


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                  Re: 14 DEC 09 - Op Poppy


                  I tried civilian in your new version ...was curiious

                  I got a gun. I got spotted by BlueFor. He snuck up behind me and all the sudden I heard "Drop the weapon," Fearing for my life, I did. I was disarmed by BlueFor and ended up in the new prison.

                  I escaped the prison, made my way to the BlueFor arms cache (which is right next to it). Managed to acquire two claymores and two satchel charges. I set a satchel charge and started backing away.

                  Thus, I managed to get past one AI guard at gate to prison compound and approach weapons with 5 AI BlueFor team members at them and take and plant a satchel charge. As I was backing off from the cache a "real" member of BlueFor drove up and I heard the "What the he saw me.... booooooom. I was too close and died too but death of 6 AI BlueForce and 1 real BlueFor resulted.

                  If you want to know how I did it, PM me.

                  Revised mission is even better thanks for all the work, I think everyone is enjoying the a lot.. even if it is playing hell with tactics.
                  "The unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates. "The unlived life is not worth examining". |TG| tiggr




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