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12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!"

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  • 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!"

    After Action Report:

    Action: Green Mountain 12/16/09 and early morning 12/17/09

    Friendly Forces: Two understrength squads. Command: CO was on leave.

    Team Members: Jasqua (medic), 7th CAV Takir, XCroMagnon, Ken, Sata3D, Steinway, Telecard, the2ndDeath, Unknown, [TG]Nyax, Shifty 420et al. Squad Leaders, Azzwort and tiggr.

    My appologies up-front if I have forgotten anyone. Write me PM here and I will correct.

    Enemy Forces: Unknown (Less, after mission, than before). They will remain nameless because (1) they lost, (2) they had no honor, (3) they were disorganized, even if brave.


    Our Commanding Officer was on leave getting married back in Oregon, USA. We had two individuals on sick-call leaving us with only 15 squad members. About a third of our force had just arrived from initial training while the rest have varried levels of experience.

    The battallion commander had received intel that a terrorist cell was operating in our area and rumors that they were training locals in terror tactics. Our job: a motorized patrol to show the flag and make our interest and presence known. Our primary task was to clear a nearby village of any terrorists. This was to be a quick-in, quick-out patrol.


    Without our CO, Azzword and I decided to take 4 HmmV's with a Fire Team in each and do a quick visit. Plan was to dismount about 500 meters out at an intersection with a hill between us and the village, and walk the rest of the distance leaving the HmmVs in the rear.

    We were lightly armed. It was just before dawn so, no night vision, and no flares(after all we wouldn't need them). We had a team medic. We had three SAWs (240's). And we tossed in a few chemlights, colored by squad. Oh, we also had two ATA's (that number gets important later in the tale).

    Simple plan. Simple mix of weapons. Simple mission. Yeah, sure!


    After loading up everyone in the HMMVs, we made for the village. Spaced convoy. Followed the road. Left then right. Halt ......kill the lights .. kill the engines, so we can hear. Ahh .. blessed silence.

    Ok, plan was to dismount and provide coverage 270 degrees to front and both sides.. don't worry about rear as we were just there.

    In the quiet crisp morning air, as we dismounted for our stroll, we immediately sighted, quite by accident, a BMP skylined against the glow of the new dawn. Its crew was outside mounting up and other sillouttes were seen close by.

    Azzwort and I looked at each other like ....Nooooooo way.

    Someone calls out the threat, "BMP close, heading 085 degrees, crew in the open, they are skylined! Can we shoot?"

    I think I was the one who responded, "NO, they haven't seen us yet. Hit ground and lock them up ... I want everyone to have a target .. you are free to engage only if fired upon."

    Azzwordt and I were hurredly trying to get both squade turned too in a line. Got it!

    The first shot rang out from the right of the BMP ..... followed by two SAWs returning fire and small arms filling in the silence between the bursts. Tracers are beautiful against the dawn. "Light them up!"

    The BMP crew is climbing up onto its rig. Tracers swing left and right converging on the BMP ... too late. We hear the engine fire up and the lights come on. Azzwort calls for any Anti Tank to move to left and engage BMP. Even as he is asking, the BMP flares as a round hits it. "Good hit" .. someone screams, followed almost immediately by "Crew is bailing ... get them." Again, the 240's swing arcs of fire inward. End of that threat.

    We hurredly instruct new squad members, "Aim at the muzzle flashes," and we slowly suppress all the visible enemy. "Cease fire, Cease fire! If you are not shooting at something that is shooting back ... cease fire!" Gradually, quiet gains control of the battle field. The dead BMP crew lays near the burning vehicle clearly visible in the circle of light around it.

    A quick status check shows no casualties, light injuries being tended by the medic. No damage to HMMVs. But, this mission is not going as planned. Somewhere, I remember reading, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy!"

    Azzwort and I quickly confer as the medic works and squad checks ammo status. We decide to go on with the mission. We are still undamaged and combat effective. We form two columns, Alpha (his) on left of road to village and Bravo (mine) on right of road. In the last of the predawn dark, walk towards the town. If we make contact ahead, his squad is to form a line on the left and mine to form a line on the right with the two Squad Leaders in the middle. HmmVs will follow with gunner and driver and to provide heavy machine gun support if we come under fire. This took maybe a half-a-minute to work out. Orders fly and in about 30 seconds we are underway.

    The burning enemy light armor is still aflame ahead of us.

    As we move out, we see emerging into the circle of light around the wreck a second BMP. planned, both squads fan out. We are engaging the BMP with machine guns and rifles and again calling for Anti Tank squad member. We only have a single ATA round left. The second BMP flares as a round takes it in the side as it turns slightly to pass around the wreck. Every weapon in both squads is firing .. I don't think anything that tried exiting that vehicle could have lived.

    "Check fire!" We now have wounded and we are out of ATA. We check everyone and no more ATA. We are in a line facing about 050 degrees towards the village which we cannot see yet; in the last half hour we have moved forwards perhaps 200 meters since disembarking. We have spent 13 of the last 15 minutes under fire.Ammo is starting to get low. One of the HMMVs is damaged and cannot move.

    We begin to take small arms fire from our left. Azzwort quickly pulls his squad back onto a line, now along the road facing 90 degrees from its previous direction. Bravoswings/pivots left. Now we are both in line facing 270 degrees. We have small arms fire and gradually hear another engine. "We don't have anymore AT rounds!" I bet he could hear the tension in my voice. We begin taking more and more accurate and heavy fire.

    This time, Azzwort is faster and suggests that we fall back along the road to the HMMVs now back at the intersection. Alpha provides suppressing fire. Bravo slides behind them and to their left and takes up position. Bravo provides cover fire. Alpha slides behind us and 50 meters to our left takes the line again to cover out next move. The next slide by Alpha straddles a house. Cover at last. The HMMVs are there.

    (We learned this in TG's Basic Infantry class.. thank you, Barnes and Zedic .. Barnes for showing us the power of supressive fire and Zedic for showing us how to use it when you are, how do I say this, "advancing to the rear.")

    Everyone turns for one last time and provides combined suppressing fire. Machine guns are concentrating fire on the third BMP. We must have got its wheels because it is not moving. You can't be sure in the dark. All we knew was the volume of fire directed towards us was diminishing. Bravo continues firing while Alpha mounts. Gunners are instructed to provide cover fire as Bravo mounts. One runs out of ammo. The other two fire nearly continuously. "Reloading!" Those if us still outside provide fire as they reload.

    Azzwort and I are trying to communicate over the gunfire. "Not enough seats." "Withdraw, now! Those outside will follow on foot. Just, please, instruct gunners to keep up fire to rear as long as possible as you drive away" I hope he can hear me. "We will try to keep up. Go .. go ... go!"

    The HMMVs wheel about and off they go. I am picturing the end of Black Hawk Down, where they are running out after the light armor .. it has left them behind ... has forgotten them back there. But the machine guns continue ... briefly.

    Fire behind us, mercifully, falls off in the distance. Breathing hard, we are still alive.

    As I arrive back at the FOB, everyone is already rearming. We are bloodied. We are hurt. We are pissed. And we are embarrassed. "Where the hell did the BMPs come from? I thought you told us to expect very light resistance if any! That was some pathetic up INTEL, man!" Clearly, the terrorists have been in our area. We quickly look at the map and decide that we are close enough to walk to the area of the suspected training camp. It is now dawn.

    We come out of the small forward camp at a dead run. We have shifted ammo so machine gunners can keep up. We are all under 25 kg of gear and ammo heavy. We carry nothing we don't need. We want speed. We want fast, we want quiet. Paybacks are a bitch!

    Again, two columns. Same plan if we encounter resistance. We sprint/run/walk to the area. Slowing, as we near the crest of a small rise, we walk for a minute to make sure no one is breathing hard. Alpha forms a line out to the left of the road, Bravo fans out to the right and Squad Leaders make sure everyone's in position as we advance. We hunch down making ourselves smaller targets.

    The road splits the formation in two. It is raining. We are wet, pissed, out of breath and anxious. There is lightning. A sudden blast! All I see is a tree fall down next to and almost on me. I think,

    "****, it is arty" and scream, "Everybody down on the ground, arty!"

    I look left. "Where is Azzwort? He was right next to me." All I see is a body flying thru the air .... being flung away from us. Time slows ... I truly thought it was lightning.

    (In this mission, in case you haven't played it ... you respawn right where you die .. a very nice feature unless you happen to be flying thru the air from a near-miss arty round. Azzwort later told us .. he woke up hundreds of meters from the explosion .. I suppose it could have been worse ... he could have respawned while he was still flying thru the air only to fall screaming to the ground and die again.)

    Azzwort is disoriented and behind us now .. "What happened!?!" I switch to Side and Teamspeak at same time, temporarily assuming control of Alpha and Bravo. "Hold the line formation and advance."

    We start taking light arms fire. We can see a barn and a small machine bunker next to it. Unknown men are running for the bunker. A 240 springs to life ... you can see the bullets tracking the running men. They never make the entrance to the bunker. I heard the rasp of a voice whipering, "You can can't hide!"

    We see men exiting the back of the barn with small arms .. more and more fire comes online as Bravo and Alpha bring their weapons to bear .. they don't make it out of the doorway. Someone in Alpha calls, "They are running right to left .. left side of the barn ...don't let them get away! " Tracers and small arms' fire swings left, puffs of dust chasing and catching the fleeing terrorists.

    Bravo is all over the bunker and right outside the barn. Alpha is only steps behind. Bravo entered and swept the barn as Alpha Squad, with Azzwort rejoining, started setting up 360 degree security around us.

    Another large groundshaking blast ... "Incoming!" "In the barn, now! .... get down ... stay spread .. don't cluster ... prepare for a counter attack." "Freak'n gutless wonders, they run off and call in arty on us!" and the message "Mission accomplished: Terrorists have been routed," flashing green in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    I would like to thank everyone on behalf of Azzwort and myself. He asked me to write this after-action report because of the outstanding manner in which all the Team Members of Alpha and Bravo performed. We asked a lot of you. The formations were textbook, shifting from formation to formation to meet changing enemy assaults was faultless. At one point I found squad members popping smoke while Jasqua (medic) worked furiously to heal injured team members. Azzwort and I hadn't even asked for smoke.

    People shared ammo clips as some ran out; others shared so we could keep up suppressing fire. We stripped the dead of their ammo (and the wounded) so we could keep up rate of fire. When we returned to base no HMMV had ammo left and all 240s were empty and most of us had no more than a single magazine of 7.62 ammo left. But, they were still providing 360 coverage and a disciplined retreat under fire ( we completed
    the "clear the village" objective too ... Guess we drew all the troops out in our prolonged firefight and killed them or drove them off.

    No one wanted to be overall commander, so Azzwort and I decided to have two Squadleaders and just make joint decisions. It actually worked really well. I don't command much and I don't think he does either, but this was better than either of us could have done alone. (Azzwort, I hope you agree with that).


    I actually think these Fire Teams (aside from tiggr and azzwort), the players listed should get a citation. It is some of the most disciplined teamwork I have seen here. And, some were new players. The Fire Teams held when told to hold, suppressed when asked, withdrew while covering the retreat, improvised, compromised and, even in retreat, never ceased firing. We were understrength but we persevered to complete the mission(s).

    I hope this is the tradition we have been trained in here at TG. If so, they should be recognized.

    If I have missed anybody that was there that night, message me PM here and I will edit/add you to list of participants.

    Everyone who reads this post should go back to the top and look thru the names. These are people you should want to have on your squad when you play here ... without exception!

    For those of you who were new here that night ... Azzwort and I learned to do what we did by taking the Tactical Gamer University classes offered here. Basic Infantry and Advanced Infantry will give you the training and information to help you get good at what we do here fast, if you like this form of play.

    Good luck to each of you and I will look for you again when I play here. Jasqua, you are a great medic ... every time and always.

    If you have memories or details that you want to share, please add your message to this thread. Remember as you read this, (1) I like telling stories, (2) everyone who was
    there will have a slightly different view of the battle, and (3) I have tried to give everyone credit even though I cannot remember who all did exactly what .. I do remember the teamwork with gratitude.

    Great team work everyone! Thank you!
    "The unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates. "The unlived life is not worth examining". |TG| tiggr

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    Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

    Monster AAR!

    Good read!

    | |


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      Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

      Originally posted by MarineSeaknight View Post
      Monster AAR!

      Good read!
      Yes, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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        Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

        tiggr can you put all your AAR's into a book so i can read them? i will pay you for it. Good AAR bro.


        I tought your Basic Infantry Course too you know..............................................


        KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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          Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

          I'm surprised this went so smoothly, considering how much of a mess getting all the squads organized with appropriate light sticks and getting them in the proper HMMVs was.

          Sitting in the Bravo HMMV wearing the appropriate chem light about 30 seconds after it was ordered, I was in the /facepalm pose at my desk for about 5 minutes while everyone else got it worked out.

          Otherwise, it was great. +1 for accurate yet entertaining write-up.


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            Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

            jeez, this mission. I never expected this AAR. I started reading it, and suddenly saw my name and realized, "oh crap, i was there!"

            Alpha suffered from very very bad comms from the outset of the mission. granted, i blame myself, I did a very bad job communicating with my squadmates as to our goals, movement and objectives. We spent somthing like 10 minutes at FOB green mountain trying to get into our humvees, I assigned my two fireteam leaders, Nyax and Cromag to give their teams specific orders. Nyax's team was in charge of driving and gunning the humvees and were in charge of getting our asses in and out of the combat zone. Cromag's team was to be used as dismounted infantry if and when we were least that was the plan.

            Look, guys, i love the chem lights idea, but 9 times out of 10 they are unnessesary. This mission was one of them, we didn't need them, and when we added them onto the 10 or so layers of crap that was going on, plus the meh comms, it just went bad. Anyway, we got our chems, and despite attempting to get my fireteams in gear with their respective orders, we still had alpha guys spread throughout the humvee column.

            Anyways, onto the engagement, i can't remember how the planning stage went, but when we got engaged it seemed to out right out the window, alpha's humvees were blown to hell, and bravo had completly dismounted. Falcon got the first enemy vehicle kill, everyone else was blasting away at various infantry units and attempting to suppress the second and third armoured targets with small arms fire, to varying degrees of effectiveness.

            We were taking cover behind a house, and through various means we somhow managed to take down the other two enemy vehicles. as we started moving into the town the objective was magicly completed for us. I swear we never got within 200 meters...

            We started taking scattered small arms fire from our left, and in order to get out of the AO, tiggr and I did a surprisingly well executed tactical retreat down the road back to our humvees. Alpha put fire downrange while bravo moved behind us to our direct left, then they put fire downrange while we broke rank and moved behind them.

            We loaded into two of our humvees and began moving out, under the false assumption that the third and fourth humvees were in fact FUBAR. In reality, we had lost one humvee to enemy action, but our third was fully functional. through some kind of magical wedging technique shown to us by russian scientists, we managed to get everyone back to base with only a small amount of fuss.

            Re-arm, re-fit, FIX COMMS: this is what i tried to do at base, i told my teams to ditch the chem lights, and pack light. I went back over to my FTLs and grouped the teams as best i could. nyax got two guys, cromag got three, i attached myself to nyax if and when he needed the support.

            Alpha and Bravo ditched the humvees and procieded north to the enemy encampment. Alpha took the leftside of the road, bravo took right. Engagment orders were to stick to the side of the road we were on, and the side that wasn't being directly engaged to move slightly past the engaged group to provide support. As we approched the town, the company echelon'd on their side of the road with their front guy (aka left side of road echelon left, right echelon right), i was the far right of the line. we moved to the tree-line and i heard a MASSIVE explosion. That was all i thing i knew i was flying through the air. Tiggr took command after that, His AAR probably gives a good idea as to what happened on the engagment end of things. by the time i got back in the fight, the mission was over.

            I'm surprised this mission went so well frankly, Tiggr and his squad did a fantastic job assaulting and providing support by fire when and where it was needed. Alpha suffered from poor communications all around all the way up to command level, nothing got fixed untill the very end, and again, i take fully responsibility.

            Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.


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              Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

              Originally posted by Steinway View Post
              I'm surprised this went so smoothly, considering how much of a mess getting all the squads organized with appropriate light sticks and getting them in the proper HMMVs was.

              Sitting in the Bravo HMMV wearing the appropriate chem light about 30 seconds after it was ordered, I was in the /facepalm pose at my desk for about 5 minutes while everyone else got it worked out.

              Otherwise, it was great. +1 for accurate yet entertaining write-up.
              Great write up.
              But on the chemlight thing: They drive me mad. It took 12 minutes the other night to get 2 squads loaded with chem lights. Then commander decides he wants diff colours. Why? WHY? Who cares what colour they are? And why does it take so god damn long for everyone to click about times.


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                Re: 12/17/09 Green Mountain - "If you are not dead, you better be firing your weapon!

                @ Soupy

                Thats why I like to just use IR strobes. Same color, all blufor have them, easy peasy. Unless you use them for CAS and the pilot see's all the blinky lights and goes "yipee! lots of targets....*fires*............*BOOM*.....why is everyone back at base?" lol


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