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12/21/09 - Operation October Moon

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  • 12/21/09 - Operation October Moon

    12/21/09 - Operation October Moon

    Mission: Russian Airborne Assault on CDF Controlled Depot.

    Friendly Forces: 3? Rifle Squads (might have been 2) + 1 Weapons Squad + Command Element + 3 Mi-24 "Hind" Attack Helicopters

    Our mission begins out at a small staging area in the north of Chernarus. The squads load up in their respective choppers designated Vader 1 through 3. I was in command of Bravo squad, which was one of the rifle squads. The mission took place in the early morning hours and only squad leaders and senior riflemen (2ICs) were given night vision. There were also no "all in one" ammo boxes to allow everyone to grab a small arsenal. I think these two things combined to make each role in the squad important, and also to rely on our Close Air Support for dealing with threats.

    We are given the green light and the choppers lift off laden with weapons and men. As we buckle up for the long ride to the LZ, one of my automatic riflemen fireship4 plays us some guitar before we hit the landing zone (unfortunately my request for "FREEBIRD! WE WANNA HEAR FREEBIRD!!" was denied).

    The force met no resistance at the LZ, but a truck-mounted ZU-23 tried to engage the Hinds before being hunted down and eliminated by them. We did have some negligent discharges, and a close call when command almost lit up my squad after we extended a bit too far south :P. Speaking of our commander he led quite heroically in front of the squads for most of the way to the objective, giving us a scare or two himself when we saw him running alone in the woods ahead.

    As the squads moved into position overlooking the town just north of our objective we made first contact with the hostiles. My squad moved into the forest just northeast of town and managed to ambush and wipe out a squad sized force while the other squads moved into town and engaged other enemy forces.

    A call came over the net that one of the helicopters had to make a crash landing and the squad it was carrying had several wounded. Bravo disengaged and moved north to RV with the squad (Charlie squad i think?) We were slow in getting medical aid, partially because our Medic (whos name escapes me atm, sorry) was new to the game, and because i had not taken the time to equip my squad with ample medical supplies. We were able to get some of the wounded treated, after which we proceeded back to our position northeast of town and engaged scattered enemy forces.

    A few minuted later we heard the distinct rumbling of armored vehicles coming down the road east of town. I called out to command the contact but due to my FUBAR channel commander in teamspeak i wasnt sure if command ever received the report. My RPG-7 grenedier andrei went into action, but we had extreme difficulty engaging the BMPs due to their infantry screens and the fact that only me and my 2IC had night vision. A large firefight erupted in the forest north of town, which is where most of the squad and I met our end.

    After that we had some difficulty getting the squad back together because the helicopters (which i believe we down to two at this point) were split between transporting respawns and close air support. We managed to regroup at the depot the other squads had assaulted just in time for the mission to end.

    Overall it was an excellent mission, i hope to see more like it.
    Things i really liked:

    -Squad members have to use what weapons they are given to begin with, and forces squads to really work together.

    -No massive amount of enemy armor on the objective, the counter-attack force that came in was challenging but not impossible (no company size force of T72s or something)

    Things that could possible be added/improved:

    -Maybe add in a mortar with illumination rounds that could be utilized by the CO, probably could just by AI controlled like in the Vanilla ArmA missions.

    I'd also like to hear some of the mission from the side of the grunts/other squad leads/chopper pilots.

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    Re: 12/21/09 - Operation October Moon

    I was in Charlie squad that got hurt when the Hind crash landed. We were very disorganized and I never received proper medical attention. Not wanting to RTB with the rest of wounded I went in with Charlie's assault group into the town north of the depot. We encountered scattered resistance.

    I'm guessing we lagged behind and caught a few of the couter attack groups as a BMP was suddenly 3 blocks over and wiped out a good portion of the squad. It was downed by a CAS run which I believe also got the chopper hit by AA fire.

    Soup and myself were the only ones left in the town and taking sporadic fire. After calling out on side, and marking our position both on the map and with an IR strobe most of the fire stopped (thanks guys!).

    Just as the mission was about the be called I downed a lone hostile jogging towards the forest east of the town. This was apparently the last man as it then registered as secured.

    A suggestion:
    Put some RPK drums in the ammo trucks/boxes! I was an AR and had to take 30 rnd AK mags into battle as I only had 4 drums. Granted I joined late so this did not become a problem but still....

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