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    Police Chief: Tiggr

    Cops: Force Majeure, Waldo170, Karnax, Ken, Purple Haze, Takir, V3lk


    Its hard to tell a good cop from a foul one. For few their first insight on the world of Tactical Gamer took place on Bravo server tonight. For a few it was a strong learning curve. At 2215 pst Tiggr took Police Chief position of the mission: Crooks v1.31 RPG. From there he had all of the remaining players slot up, with the devious but witful team on opfor consisting of Zedic, h3killa, and telecard (JIP). After a quick donut break and a cup of coffee, Tiggr set out with his trusty sidekick PurpleHaze and two rookie cops fresh out of basic set out to question the ruthless but seemingly boring Arms Dealer. The rest of the officers were ordered to take up post at the local dunkin donuts and stay on the look out for the ruthless HO KILLA. Upon ‘resisting’ arrest the happy trigger foursome of faithful officers ‘unloaded’ on the now unarmed arms dealer. After a ruthful search of the Arms dealers so called bag o’ arms. The quartet concluded that the arms dealer did not have any weapons.

    Upon receiving a desperate 911 call the dispatcher informed the nearest units which happened to be the Police Chief and his faithful sidekicks that a bank heist was in progress and another murder had taken place of another HO. From there they set out for the bank. Merely seconds after getting into their vehicles the Police Chief and his sidekicks were gruesomely killed in their seats by a masked terrorist that had bought all the weapons from the arms dealer (IE the weapons they were searching for). After recovering from there last encounter, they set out from base in a cop car. Merely moments after their departure a seemingly faithful Officer joined in as Waldo170 (JIP). After receiving the go ahead for the role of pilot he set out in a Civilian MI-8 in search of an observer. After spotting the police chief and his faithful sidekick PurpleHaze, Waldo signaled the officer to stop the vehicle and lend over his sidekick Purple to be his observer. As PurpleHaze was fastening his harness in the MI-8 a white sedan pulled up alongside the police chief. The Police Chief ordered the man out of the car twice before seeing the masked terrorist he switched to his unloaded shotgun and after hearing the hammer of the shotgun fall on an empty chamber he panicked and decided it was best to plant a satchel under the terrorists car. After the terrorist realizing he had a helicopter behind him he sped off, in his haste the police officer touched off his own satchel blowing up his own squad car and rendering him immobile. After setting out on foot after the terrorist the helicopter from here on known as blue thunder proceeded to circle over the town in hopes of finding the elusive masked terrorist. After wheezing along the side of the road the police chief decided he was burning too many donuts and decided to commander a rookies squad car and proceeded down the highway to the suspected meth lab and bank robbery. After reaching his destination and getting out of his squad car, still unarmed, he proceeded to have a look around and got sniped by the elusive h3killa. From here blue thunder got a heads up that the Police Chief had been assassinated and received his last known location, and went down to the bank to have a look for the elusive assassin.

    Once reaching the bank it was apparent they were not going to find the killer, blue thunder adjusted to a south westerly bearing and was having one last look when an RPG was fired at them and had clipped the rear rotor. Blue thunder then proceeded to speed up and lower altitude on a vector to leave the area immediately, however little did they know that there was an unconfirmed enemy AA battery of some sort. After taking multiple hits PurpleHaze ejected as the bird lost its engines. Waldo proceeded to try a daring emergency controlled descent it was apparent that the MI-8 was a goner and crashed in the field leaving no survivors. After reviving back at police Headquarters it was apparent that the MI-8 would not respawn. From there Waldo began searching for more means of helicopter flight. He eventually stumbled upon an American surplus Vietnam era UH-1 huey and giggled in delight at its shiny controls and good looking miniguns, however to his disappointment the miniguns were only loaded with 60 rounds each. After taking off he rendezvoused with the Police Chief in a nearby town where they were protecting one of the last hookers. From there Silver Thunder landed on a nearby bridge and awaited for the arrival of his trusty observer PurpleHaze. To his surprise PurpleHaze had multiplied into a group of 3 consisting of Takir, Karnax, and Force Majeure. From there the four officers loaded up in the heli, which was invisible to tiggr and proceeded to head back to the Bank to search for their previous killers. However they were unsuccessful when they took another RPG to their tail rotor and lost it completely. A few minutes after bugging out of the hostile area Waldo had Takir confirm that there was no tail rotor. After flying around trying not to go below 50 kph they came around to the hairbase and tried to figure out how to land. After hearing that they could attempt to land it like a plane Waldo setup for an approach on the airfield, however when he was coming about over the ocean to land the bird lost power and hit the water.

    After recovering the rookie cops had successfully captured the ruthless h3killa and had him in the local jail. This is when Force decided to take the squad car and escort h3killa to the courthouse. While in the base Force managed to get out of the squad car and let the killer , h3killa, get in as the driver. As h3killa gunned it Waldo and Force unloaded 30-40 rounds on the back of the car and inevitably killed the killer. Once in the squad car Waldo got h3killa into the side of the car when an undercover cop that looked like a terrorist was in front of the vehicle (Ken JIP) from here h3killa yelled ,” THAT TELECARD SHOOT HIM!YOU GUYS WANNA SHOOT HIM HES TELECARD.” From here Force repeatedly shot Ken a fellow officer and then realized what he had done. By this time Waldo and h3killa were on their way to the courthouse. Waldo however did not turn to go to the courthouse, instead he sped right past the turn and continued on deciding to twist the current game into something more exciting. From here the defect pilot cop and the killer were on their way out of the city. Now it being apparent that Waldo was a friend of the terrorists he anonymously broadcasted over TS that he had defected. Tiggr not knowing Waldo’s voice immediately asked over TS,” Who the hell was that? I wanna know now! We have a defected cop on the loose!” At this time The two rebels had flipped their car conveniently just north of the Police Chief protective position over one of the last hookers. Now Waldo a defected cop wanted to prove himself loyal to the terrorist gang and went down into the town looking like every other cop and began firing at the hooker and the surrounding cops. Once being spotted he stole another squad car and proceeded up to the highway where he knew h3killa was. With the Police Chief almost got the unknown defected cop and began cursing at himself as the car sped away on the highway. Once gathering himself after his narrow escape Waldo tried contacting h3killa through coded message but got no return as h3killa had respawned in the jail back at base. Now Waldo hearing over comms that h3killa was back at jail he proceeded back to base knowing that no one knew he was the defected cop. As he leisurely strolled through Police HQ he got in a fuel truck and was about to leave when he got stopped by Force, the now Loyal officer, and was questioned what he was doing with that truck, no sooner had the Police Chief vouched for Waldos truancy that didn’t exist then Waldo was out of the base with a vehicle on a mission to ‘look for the escaped convict’ He then returned to the jail and secretly got h3killa out. Then they successfully escaped from the town and proceeded to kill of the rest of the Hookers. All the while the Police Chief never found out who the defector was . Many good cops were killed and many bad guys were killed. In the end we got a mission that ended with a bang and a very good way to end Christmas.

    Once Again you cant tell a good cop from a bad one.

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    Re: Crooks "A Christmas Story"

    HAHA epic mission. I'll never forget aiming my M4 right at Killa's head ordering him to get in the police car. When he decided to not listen to my orders and approach me, I shot him several times in the leg!

    I'll never forget that night.

    Force 7437


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      Re: Crooks "A Christmas Story"

      very nice




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