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29-12-09 OPERATION MERCURY (Blufor)

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  • 29-12-09 OPERATION MERCURY (Blufor)

    Post your AARs and pics for blufor here.

    Exercise Name: Operation Mercury
    Duration: 2 hours 30 mins
    Exercise Date: 29-12-2009
    Type of Exercise: Blufor were to attack and capture 4 enemy towns.
    Unit: Air Force, AH-64
    Callsign: Thumper 3

    Report Begins

    As thumper 3 we had been given the task of providing CAS for infantry on the ground, and cover the nighthawks as the dropped troops off at the LZs.
    Once the infantry were loaded up we moved out, thumper 3 would take up the rear with the nighthawks leading the way, The nighthawks would soon split off to their own LZs.

    Once the nighthawks split, thumper 3 picked up radar contact, which once confirmed by thumper 1. 1 enemy hind attacking the transport, thumper 3 moved to engage and soon cleared the sky, are nighthawks were able to land the troops and RTB without trouble.

    Thumper 3 stayed on standby waiting for CAS orders from infantry or seeking out more air targets. After a while another radar contact appeared, they were coming in very high. This would be the 1 time the hind got the drop on us, we sustained heavy damage and crashed.

    After respawning back at base, we jumped in the second Ah-64 and were back at the front within 5 mins, this time we had a linebacker for support.

    We had little contacts from ground, the city looking clear and no calls from infantry for CAS, we continued to scan for air targets, which came again. 1 hind coming in high again. This time instead of trying to gain height and fight (which resulted in a lose last time) we bugged out luring the hind back to the linebacker, the hind fell for the trap and was soon shot down.

    Another few battles with the hind happened, all ending with the hind being shot down by either AA or ourselves.

    During this time 2 cities had fallen, the recon team finally had targets for CAS. Thumper 3 moved into position but picked up radar contacts, we locked and fired just as the AAA fired back, we killed each other it seemed.

    Again we were back in the air after spawning, but with AAA now a problem it became harder to move, Opfor has locked down the air over the last city and made it near impossible to enage targets without being shot down, the hind at this stage was choosing to stay close to the AA, only given chase once or twice.

    The second AH-64 was brought into combat, we moved in to target armor and AA within city, we managed to engage and destroy a number of enemy, but Thumper 3 lost the gunner and had to RTB. The hind soon appeared, it gave chase to thumper 3 while thumper 1 tried to assit, Thumper 3 sustained engine damage but landed safe, while thumper 1 destroyed the hind.

    Soon the AA cover over the city was too much and thumper 1 was shot down behind enemy lines, they destroyed the ah-64.

    Thumper 3 was still waiting for repairs at this point, but was back in the air with 7 mins.
    and had the gunner back.

    We tried a number of different attacks but AA cover was too strong and any time we broke cover we would get shot down, (doesnt help that the gunner couldnt lock onto targets that the pilot could easily see and had locked dont know what the problem was)

    It was around this point the dredge had a duel with the hind in a nighthawk, and won...hind pilots hang your head in shame

    The rest of the mission continued much the same, we opfor holding the last town and keeping solid air cover while holding our ground forces at bay.

    Well they did have a 2-1 advantage in man power well still gave them hell for it.


    End of report

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    Re: 29-12-09 OPERATION MERCURY (Blufor)

    Hang your head indeed!! lol.. With me and evan rocking the nighthawk all went well. I would like to thank all my pilots, from the moment we started the mission we gained and maintained air superiority. Good work guys. Evan, you where the best gunner a pilot could ask for.. I will fly with you anytime


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