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Fallout new years, second game (v3.0)

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  • Fallout new years, second game (v3.0)

    It is my first time writing AAR, so bear with me.

    First, I want to say thanks for guys who were in my team (fusioon - leader, inq, flakt, telekpc - sorry if wrong spelled or forgot someone). Great teamplay guys.
    With the new 3.0 version (don't get confused with previous v 2.0 thread), lots of things changed in mission gameplay.

    I was playing as Megaton Merchant trader, we were neutral to everyone. First thing, we sent three guys to search for weapons and vehicles, while keeping 2 to guard Megaton. I succeded to find some medication crates, I load it up on my pick up and came back to base. Other guys came back from Fort Banister with lots of equipment that we wanted to use for trading. We managed to secure at least 2 trucks and few smaller vehicles. Meanwhile, one of our guys found and drag tactical missile to our base.

    I set claymores and mines all around entrance to Megaton, except for West, in order to keep us safe from enemy raids. Fusioon told people on global at least dozen of times about minefield and I put marker mines on map, but some people still got blowed up in the air and then accused Megaton traders of shooting them.

    By the end of game, we had box of fuel and other water barrels that were also dragged to base. Megaton was strongest civilian outpost on the wasteland, with people coming to get security and even live in the town.

    I was in rush writing this AAR, but for guys who played yesterday (second game) new version 3.0 of completely changed Fallout, write about it here.

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