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A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

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  • A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

    A Day in Hell (a new mission by Dredge ... initial test play on server)

    January 7-January 8, 2009. Commanding Officer Azzwort.

    Dredge, Azzwort, Tiggr, The Pie Spy, CroMagnon, Darren, Camoflage, Irkwing, OnlyGolden!, Sc( + )pe, Skin, telecard, h3killa, n3rd, ratlover232 et all. If I have forgotten you, write me a PM and I will edit this post. Three squad leaders especially, remind me who you were.

    As always, AARs are from one point of view. This time I was a M246 gunner. This is what I remember. I believe there is/was video of almost the entire mission. We all look forward to it.


    The subdued drone of the C130 engines had lulled sleep deadened senses into slumber in the cool belly of the beast. We came suddenly to the furnace blast of the tropical air as the rear cargo doors opened onto hell. Okay, if this was hell, just where were we? No one told us our destination ... we didn't "need to know" ... we knew it was important or they wouldn't be using us. We all had chutes on, so it was clear we were not going to gently settle onto some tropical island runway.

    Clippng my static line to the overhead wire .. I thought "****, this must be a low one." Azzwort just looked at us laughing, "What the hell do you all look so nervous about ... no one ever died falling through the air ... ", the wind tore his last words from his mouth as he screamed leaving the platform " ... it is the sudden stop at the end that gets 'em!" And, with that, we all tumbled into the heat after him ... only to feel the back-wrenching crack of the static-line opening ripping our chutes.

    I can't help it .. I always look down ... there was nothing but open grasslands below us. "Great," I thought "No cover, its daylight, in the open, heat of the day ... at low altitude ... somewhere that I have only even seen a map on once ... and they didn't even tell me what country we were in ... somewhere in Africa I'm betting. "

    Three squads or more ... or less .. we lost some in the jump. That never makes the commander feel good. All I remember thinking was "For the love of God, let's get out of this open field to some cover." Everyone saddled up and we took off running .. heavy packs .. hot sun .. soon we are sweating like pigs ... feeling faint and hoping we make it to the all-too-distant treeline.

    We stood out like ants at a picnic to anyone who looked our way. Not good!

    Finally, a little shade as we hit the treeline. Felt like I'd run for half an hour. The heat was oppressive; it was everywhere. You can't escape it even in the shade. Not at all like Chernorus. These look like some kind of palm trees.

    At the first structures .. we spread out and secured a perimeter as Azzwort quickly checked the map. Movement ...writing this is like being there again ... we are not alone. You can hear weapons safety being flipped to off ... people dropped to a knee ... bipods get swung out. Someone, I can't rememeber who, whispers... "Silenced weapons, only!"

    A calm voice crackles over the radio ... we know that whisper. "I have enemy infantry times four ..." Long pause. "No, make that six ... moving in treeline at one-four-zero degrees ... permission to engage?"

    "Watch your zones, everyone ... only silenced weapons with optics track the targets .. you have permission to engage IF YOU CAN MAKE THE SHOT. COPY?"

    Another Squad transmits ... "Alpha shooter, you take the last two .. our shooter will take the first two .. let us know when you are ready."

    "They are turning away .. I say again .. they are turning from ... ", I can hear the tension rising, "Losing visual on targets .. do you have them?" Another voice answers .. sighing .. "Negative .. lost them."

    Everyone comes up to their knees as we, once again, focus on the compound a few hundred meters away. That is the objective. That is why we are here. That much we do know, by God!

    The radio crackels to life again ... "Danger close! Second contact, enemy times at least four ... new bearing ... ****, they are walking right towards us .. permission to engage?"

    "Silenced weapons only ... you are weapons status green ... identify and fire at will"

    From ten feet away the quiet is shattered by the report of a single M16 round. It is not silenced. A voice splits the silence .. "Everyone .. light them up .. they know we are here now ... supressing fire ... take them down."

    The jungle comes alive ... and slowly, as firing tapers off, we see their bodies laying in the heat. Everybody checks their ammmo loadout .. because we jumped light, we are very conscious that every round has to count.

    Our CO keyed his headset's mike. " Well they know we are here now, move!"

    We uncluster from round the small structure that provided us some cover and concealment. No one looked at the numnuts who broke firediscipline. We all knew who he was. He was new and this was his first mission with us. We stepped from the shadows once more, we were on the move and visible. The compound was heavily constructed ... more military looking than civilian ... thick walls .. reinforced concrete ... and probably enemy guards. There is little resistance. Maybe we caught them by surprise but we all knew that wouldn't last. It never does.

    "Spread out .. secure the perimeter .. clear the building .. put a watch on top." I get told to move my M249 to the roof top and, since I had optics on it .. to take overwatch and start looking for enemy forces ... a counter-attack.

    I look at someone's map ... "the nearest population is .. there" ... I point. Two of us to cover in that direction. The third shooter takes the other exposures.

    I hear people moving quickly. Caches of weapons found ... set up demolitions. More weapons .. more charges. Still another cache ..."What the hell were they planning here?" Two more charges are set.

    "Alpha, cover south and west .. move out we are preparing to exfiltrate. Make sure we don't get surprised."

    "Copy ... get that 249 off the roof .. we need you!" I look at the other two. "I am outa here, guys."

    More heat, more sweat, more bruised muscles, and I am off the roof and moving southwest after my squad. Why do we always move at a run? Thank God it is only three or four hundred feet from the compound. I can hear them breathing hard as I catch up and take a knee nearby. As our breathing slows, we listen to comms.

    It was Azzwort. "I am gonna count it down ..I want a controlled detonation .. get your fingers on the button ...ten .. nine ... eight .. seven .. six in the hole .. fire in the hole ."

    "I say one last time .. fire in the hole ... detonate!"

    What happened next unfolds in slow motion in my mind as I write this. First, there was the sound ... and it is tooooo loud ... without tactical goggles my vision blurred ... then silence ... too quiet had it knocked my hearing out ... then I notice I am wounded ... and slowly, unreall,y the whole three-story structure collapses ... Jesus! ... our men are on the roof .. there are men inside ...then I hear a voice next to me ... "Holy ****! Is that supposed to happen?" I shake my head trying to clear my vision of the blood in my eyes.

    Comms crackles to life ... the voice of our CO, Azzwort, "Bravo .. check in." You can hear the break in his voice. Bravo was in and on the building. Nothing. "Bravo?"

    Someone, not thinking, echoes the phrase, "Well, they know we are here now" as the dust and smoke rise from the collapsed building.

    Azzwort, not knowing he still has the headset keyed, says quietly, "I'm sorry, guys ..... I'm sorry ..... " All of us are doing the math in our heads. We are all cross trained Special Forces ... four caches, two satchels each, in and around the building. It is concrete. What was in the caches? .. weapons .. grenades .... explosives ... and then the countdown ... controlled detonation ... simultaneously ... on eight satchels.

    A quiet voice, not Azzwort's this time, says simply, "We have done what we came here to do .. we need to get out of here. Take those trucks in the compound .. mount up and do it now .. we need to get out of here." I don't know who said it, it could have been anyone, I think it was one of the squadleaders, but at that moment I couldn't recognize his voice. But, I knew he was right.

    Slowly, people began walking and running to the two trucks. Everyone was injured. Some were wounded. All were stunned. The retreat began. It was silent. It isn't usually after a fight. No joking. No, "We won!" No shooting in the air.

    The old engines coughed to life and the trucks sped across the grasslands. Crows followed, trying to fly in the open backs of the vehicles. I hate crows ... I hate the fact that they are always where battles have happened. They always make me think of fallen friends.

    They remind us of what we have left behind. I switch magazines. We are not done here! Our truck is being followed by crows. In the heat of the back of the fleeing truck we all look at each other. Crows are not a good sign!

    I take the small cross hanging around my neck and place it between my lips, "Hail Mary, full of grace ....pray for us sinners " ... I don't know who, but someone on the squad completes the prayer for me, "... now and at the hour of our death."


    (I have left the end of this mission and some of the important tactical details out deliberately. You will know why once you have completed it. I do know we will all be going back because we left friends there in the sand and heat. We spilled blood. And, we are not finished!")
    "The unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates. "The unlived life is not worth examining". |TG| tiggr

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    Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

    As usual a fantastic AAR tiggr! i love the description of the building blowing if that guy with the video can get that uploaded....

    Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.


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      Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

      Very well written!

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        Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

        The vid is coming Dredge is gonna do some editing first.


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          Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

          My comments:

          The mission is almost flawless, I have a few gripes:

          1. When I spawned in I only had 1 magazine.
          2. Lose the silencers, first thing I did as soon as we hit the ammo crates was replace my rifle with a m203 ACOG.
          3. The Generation Kill fire mission sample, eh.... rubbed me the wrong way, even though I like the show. Where is it supposed to be coming from? It bellows out from all directions like God speaking down upon us. The epic music should stay though!
          4.You can make buildings indestructible, its a a simple line in the init of a building.
          5. Consider a different building for the main building to prevent floor fall deaths.


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            Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

            Thanks for all the feed back. Tyrspawn i will answer some of your questions the best i can :D

            I will look into the magazine issue, i copied your load out to the other two guys with the same class as you so i might need to look in the init and see if i missed something.

            If you get to the objective fast enough and get close you can actually take out the first squad without alerting the other one. Thats what i was going for on that. Plus since its dark, and we are SF silencers seemed fitting

            I have no idea how do make the audio come from any direction other than "above" lol. and the music stays at all costs :D

            that building is a part of the map, i didnt put it there so i cant edit the init. If you use limited satchels or even a heavy weapon to destroy the cache you shouldnt have any problem

            I didnt put that building there. I just chose the best location for the attack and defend. And if need be mission CO can keep them off the roof. However, I was on the very top portion in the prone during tests and had no problem.


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              Re: A Day in Hell ( a new mission by Dredge)

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