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  • Operation Swift AAR

    This thread is meant to be an AAR and constructive criticism for Operation Swift, not to degenerate like the other one.

    Just an FYI for everyone who was turned off by this mission due to the catastrophic IED in the road, Kezei has maintained that THE FIRST ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A WARNING IED and that it was a glitch/mistake. Keep in mind it was MISSION TEST, the first time it was being played. Be gentle. WE NEED TO BE SUPPORTIVE OF OUR MISSION MAKERS.

    1. I love the ambiance of the starting base, it feels like a special forces base!
    2. The premise and equipment being used is completely believable.
    3. The player models are cool - special forces operators!
    4. Varied terrain around the AO lends itself to the mission execution and gameplay.
    5. Awesome satellite imagery and photos in the briefing.
    6. Informative briefing without it going overboard with detail.
    7. I like the operational flexibility and feeling of not knowing exactly what will go down.

    1. Make it clear in the briefing that the crate can be loaded onto the stryker.
    2. I think a little "campaign overview" section could be useful explaining the sort of tactics the bad guys have used in the past, their expected formations and weapons. I did not expect IEDs because I was not informed of the OPFOR's tendency to use them.
    3. Make the IEDs radio or wire operated this way you can kill the triggerman.
    4. Add some "spotters" (with cellphones - possible?) before the IEDs as an additional warning. Keep in mind IEDs are not usually giant land mines... most of them are remotely detonated, and there should also be a significant chance of it failing to detonate (15-20%) due to bad signal, bad wiring etc.
    5. The option of inserting via helicopter/fast rope would be a cool alternative to vehicle convoy.
    6. Mobs of angry people with rocks and the ocassional SKS from the western city would be cool.



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