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CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

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  • CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

    AAR goes here.

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    Re: CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

    CO: Krause (myself)

    Alpha: Steffen
    Bravo: Tiggr
    Charlie: Impulse
    Golf: Gr!mreaper
    Delta: jbone --- > bear

    Star 1 (UH): Jimmy
    Star 2 (UH): Mkoll
    Star 3 (AH-6): Fusionpoo

    I wanted to write a full AAR but I forgot to save my map as a screenshot >_<

    I remember where I put all the elements but still want the nice map graphics.


    1. Dead zone to the left of the embassy entrance
    2. No carrier
    3. AI attack on Saigon itself bugged, hoarding up AI near the north eastern hill
    4. Dead zone in base, I didn't see it, but mkoll knows where it is


    I think the first task and AO is extremely well done.


    The attack on saigon is still extremely anticlimatic - even if those AI by the hill didn't bug we still had minimal contact to the west. Attack by 3-4 platoons from multiple directions would be cool, rather than a squad or two from two directions. Give the NVA a platoon of t-34s and BMP-1s.

    Recommend you replace whatever missile systems they have now with ZU-23s. The most common NVA AAA missile defense was the SA-2, and these cannot be modeled with any ingame equivalent. The only MANPAD the NVA deployed in any appreciable number was the Strela-2.

    The convoy of 5 armored vehicles pushing at the end appeared invincible. They were engaged by CAS runs to no effect. Not sure if this was working as designed or not, but if it was, please don't do that. Its better to overwhelm the defenders with a legitimate threat rather than that.

    Nit pick: Dark green skins for choppers! ^_^
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      Re: CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

      Mission will be divided into two parts (missions):

      First - > Mortars, AAA's and bridge objective

      Second - > Defense of Saigon


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        Re: CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

        This is not 100% that I would make it to be 2 missions.

        Take a look at this, players would not start in F.O.B. in mission #2, because we are abandoning it.

        This is how I wanted setup the 2 missions:

        Part I quick offensive - Players start at F.O.B. They need to destroy mortars and secure the bridge. After both of the tasks are acomplished, people are not going back to F.O.B. You get message to go to Saigon and mission part I ends. (about 1 - 1.5 hour of gameplay). CAS available.

        Part II - Players (now playing as South Vietnamese - CDF soldiers?) start at H.Q. in Saigon. Enemy troops and mechanized vehicles begin advancing from the West and South of the city. We have to hold the city for 45 minutes and then evacuation choppers will arrive. Meanwhile during the enemy advance, players will receive tasks to be done in the city, such as - destroy enemy stronghold occupied by Vietcong equipped with AA launchers or destroy U.S. equipment that is going to be left in the Saigon. (about 1 hour of gameplay) No CAS available.


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          Re: CO55_Fall_of_Saigon 20100114

          Splitting is a good idea.
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