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1/15-16/10 Tikhia

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  • 1/15-16/10 Tikhia

    CO- Falcon

    Section 3:
    Fireteam 1:
    SL - Mkoll
    AR - Impulse
    AAR - Miles
    R - Spock

    Fireteam 2:
    FTL - Alan Ford
    AR - TheRussian
    AAR - Nobody
    R - GJames

    Squad Performance: Excellent, no casualties.
    Alan Ford was an excellent fireteam leader and all members of the squad performed superbly.

    Phase1: Capture the town of Kamenka
    Phase2: Move north and set up a defensive position.

    Phase 1:
    We moved east from the staging area along the road in platoon formation. Sections 1 and 2 engaged enemies along the MSR that led to town. While they engaged 3rd Section moved north setting a base of fire on the hillside overlooking the MSR. From this position 3rd section provided covering fire while 1st and 2nd platoon moved along the MSR to the opposite tree line. Once 1st and 2nd section had reached the opposite tree line 3rd section proceeded to cross 2 danger areas and reach the opposite tree line. After crossing the first danger area 3rd section was engage from the north by an enemy MG position. After a quick firefight 3rd section eliminated the MG position and crossed the 2nd danger area. Once in the tree line we proceeded east engaging an enemy platoon to our east and a section sized force to our north. We formed into an L shaped formation proceeding east throw the forest while engaging enemies to the north and east till arriving north of the town of Kamenka along an ASR. We then proceeded south to the end of town setting up and over watch while 1st and 2nd sections cleared the town. Once the town was cleared 3rd section set up a defensive position on the north side of town and awaited resupply.

    Phase 2:
    Fireteam 2 was quickly resupplied and send north to recon the area north of town. While fireteam 2 was on their recon mission fireteam 1 was relieved by section 2 and was resupplied. Fireteam 2's recon found no enemy presence north of the town and moved onto recon the area west of objective 2. While they were moving into position fireteam 1 took point of the platoon column and proceeded north out of town. Once again fireteam 2 found no enemy presence west or near objective 2. The platoon then deployed at objective 2 with 3rd section taking the left side of the platoon defensive line.

    Mission Completed.

    Edit: After reading it I realize that sounds a lot drier that it was. It was some bloody fighting throw that forest and along the MSR.

    The hungry, ignorant man immediately grasps that he is handed a fish, but is bewildered when handed a net. The man who shivers in the cold thinks happily of the man who invites him to sit by his fire, and somewhat poorly of the man who loans him an axe, flint and steel.

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    Re: 1/15-16/10 Tikhia

    This was one of the most enjoyable and one of the most well executed missions I have played in a long time. 22 platoon was tasked with taking the city of Kamenka then moving to establish a blocking position to the north.

    The basic movement plan for the platoon was as follows: The platoon would form a platoon column and move towards two bridges located along the MSR leading into Kamenka from the west the bridges were located about 200m from a tree line that ran north from beside the MSR. There was an additional 400m of open ground on the east side of the bridges which extended a good 800m or so to the north. Once at the tree line 1st Section would deploy just north of the MSR with 2nd Section tied in on their north. A few hundred meters north of 2nd Section was where the MG team and 3rd Section was to deploy in a stand of trees that branched out a 100m into the clearing. The plan called for all forces to hold about 75m behind their initial positions to allow everyone to maneuver before we came up on line and began the assault. However as we neared 1 sections initial position we began to receive small arms fire from the front. I ordered the platoon to deploy as briefed but for 1 and 2 Sections to provide base of fire until the other sections were in place. With the platoon on line we began the assault

    1st and 2nd Sections moved out across the open ground to the bridges charging the enemy section that was deployed in foxholes around them while 3rd sec and weapons continued to provide an effective base of fire on the section plus that was deployed in depth in the field behind the bridges. The wash under the bridges provided good defilade and 1st and 2nd sections deployed again keeping the sections to their front down. Platoon HQ moved up behind checking for any wounded who were left in the open (there were none) and moved into the wash behind 1 and 2 Sections. After the medic tended to a slightly wounded member of 2 section I ordered 1st and 2nd back into the attack. 1st section moved ahead eliminating all resistance but soon was a few hundred meters in front of 2nd section and had enemy on their flank. I told 1st to hold in place until 2nd could close up which they did in a few seconds and the attack resumed. 1st pushed up the MSR with HQ behind and 2nd started clearing the forest north of the MSR.

    With the attack over the field finished I ordered weapons and 3rd Section to cross the field clearing any resistance as they went and link up on 2nds left. As 3rd began entering the forest 2nd took contact on their left and soon after 3rd was also in contact. 2nd refused their flank and reoriented north the meet the attack. It quickly became apparent that we were in contact with a platoon strength force moving south in the woods to meet our attack. 1st section redeployed an assault team north on line with 2nd section. With the balance of the platoon providing a base of fire to the south with HQ waiting to provide medical support and 3rd platoon moving east against their flank we had an almost textbook single envelopment of the enemy platoon. There is little else to say but that caught in a cross fire the enemy platoon soon ceased to exist. 3rd section moved to mop up any lingering resistance as 2nd reoriented east and continued the advance to the edge of the treeline overlooking Kamenka.

    With 3rd section established in a blocking position north of town along the ASR and 1st and 2nd sections prepped to go we moved into Kamenka fast with 3rd laying down supporting fires. 2nd section quickly breached the town and 1st flanked south and cleared the docks. Soon the town was in our hands with 1st positioned in defense to the east, 3rd in a blocking position 150m north of town backed up by 2nd deployed in the town proper to the north. I ordered all sections to send out two man patrols to clear the immediate area and check for enemy wounded (so we could help them… ). I took a quick SITREP and determined that 3rd SEC needed ammo the most so I ordered them to pull back an assault team to rearm at an MTVR that had been driven up from the company HQ with extra ammo and supplies (MAJOR PROPS HERE TO JASQUA who did an amazing job as the platoon driver brining JIPs to the front and brining up resupply once we took the town). Once that team was rearmed they would push north on a recce det and get eyes on objective two. After they were supplied I told 2nd SEC to move back and supply, once supplied they moved up and relived 3rd SEC in-place. 3rd section pulled back, got supplied and moved back up to their blocking position. As the supply was ongoing the medic moved from position to position taking care of any wounded. Finally 1st was supplied and HQ and 1st Section moved up towards the blocking position the platoon formed a staggered column on the ASR and we moved north. The recce det had reported no contact and I ordered them to push up farther to get better eyes. The rest of the movement to our blocking position was very uneventful. Although I did throw a gas drill in the mix. The platoon reaction was a tad bit underwhelming, a lot of people took quite some time to react although they eventually got their masks on. About 1/3 of the platoon were unfamiliar with mask operation (I.e. didn’t have their goggles set up *hint * next time GAS GAS GAS might be for real). The position was taken in good order, the recce det formed up on us and I had the signaler signal company that 22 was in position, and with that the mission was over!

    In total 22 took a handful of minor wounds with I think either one or none seriously wounded. And zero KIA’s. Everyone from platoon level on down did a wonderful job special thanks to Krause the medic and the platoon squad for doing their jobs exactly right. The section leaders Beta, PieSpy and Mokoll.
    This is a great of example of how much fun smaller more tactical 45 to 90 min coops can be and the best part is we were able to play 3 more similar missions in quick succession. By far one of the best times on the server I have had in quite a while.


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      Re: 1/15-16/10 Tikhia

      I served as the platoon medic in this op. It was my first time being a medic, although I have used the ACE medical system before - and it was much more fun than I expected! Running around with Falcon going from squad to squad and making sure the CO didn't get fragged was extremely fun. There were about three dozen wounds but none of them were fatal. Effective C2 by squad leaders ensured a calm, steady command net and accordingly effective reporting of casualties and situation reports. Textbook leadership by Falcon, who did everything correctly and effectively.

      Great time to all involved!


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        Re: 1/15-16/10 Tikhia

        A brief AAR from 1 Section's point of view (.. by the way it's ONE Section, not 1st Section heh, I cringe every time I hear that).

        What was supposed to happen: We were to form a platoon column, order of march was 1 sect, weapons det, 2 sect, hq. We were to move in concealment through the woods, following the MSR. As we reached our marked points, each section was to peel off and take up firing positions facing the objective. 1 and 2 sections were tasked with maneuvering through open ground into a defilade position by two bridges. 3 sect and weapons det would provide support by fire. 1 and 2 sect were then to advance along the MSR to secure points further down it, hold them, and wait for 3 sect and weapons det to move up. We were then to be tasked with clearing the docks near objective 1. Further orders would be given after this was completed.

        What happened:
        We began the mission with a little bit of a rocky start, we lost 1 player to crash\disconnect and another member of our section mysteriously turned into some random AI dude. He was cool with it though. We got formed up into our assault groups and into a column in roughly 2 minutes, still a little long seeing how simple this sounds. We then waiting for the rest of the platoon to get sorted and into formation. About 5 minutes passed, not much progress was being made from our point of view, around about this time, weapons det, having misunderstood something along the line, advanced towards the platoon objective area and came under fire. No casualties were taken, but we lost the element of surprise. "So what", my fireteam partner says, "never liked it anyway." After another 5 minutes, the rest of the platoon was forming up into the column, JIP players were brought up by "Wheels" Jasqua. We had one new troop in our section, I was kind of worried about him at the start, as he simply was standing by the road staring blankly at the platoon (with his M249 raised and ready to mow us down), but he snapped out of it and fell in, proving to be a valuable member of 1 sect.

        After about 10-12 minutes, the platoon began to move to our objective. An uneventful march until we reached our position, the enemy either spotted us or suspected our presence as we were taking light and random speculative fire. I deployed 1 section along the treeline and had them set up a base of fire so the rest of the platoon could get in position. Many in the section were hesitant to fire at somewhat hazy targets, but with some encouragement from myself and tigger, the section 2ic, we began to provide a light suppressive fire. The rest of the platoon got into position quickly, barely 2 mags later, we were ordered to begin our advance on the bridges. I immediately took 1 section out into the open ground and followed the railroad tracks. The lack of cover and proximity of the enemy helped in getting the troops to move forward quickly, and shortly we arrived at the bridge position with only 3 lightly wounded troops, myself included.

        2 section advanced along with us and was on our left at the road bridge. We set up firing positions and began to destroy enemy targets. Someone from the platoon blasted a particularly tough trench to our immediate front with an AT weapon, solved the problem, and was very appreciated. Shortly after we arrived at our position, weapons det and 3 sect began heavy suppressive fire, we were then ordered to move to our next position. I observed a section strength enemy force covering the lane of advance along the coast, so, I decided to move the section up under the cover of the railroad tracks. This left our left flank exposed, but I trusted 3 sect and weapons det to keep us covered. We advanced quickly along the railroad taking little fire, there was a pair of trenches just past the bend in the railroad that were occupied. A few quick shots and they were down, 1 section moved to take up positions in them.

        At this time we were ordered to hold position and to watch our left flank; 2 section had not advanced as quickly as us, so we were exposed. I got everyone into positions in the trenches, watching our front along the railroad tracks as well as the forest to our left. The pace at which we advanced seemed to have tired out the light machinegunners, as they were breathing hard and had to rest. While we held the trenches, we took a few more casualties. No serious wounds, I was shot again. 2 section, 3 section, and weapons det were advancing into the woods on our left, hq made it's way up to us and provided medical attention, there were many wounded from other sections as well, so we had only short attention from the medics, I ensured everyone in the section was looked after, but didn't get any medical attention myself; wounds weren't very serious. After another 10 minutes of light contact, 2 section reported heavy contact to their left. I left tiggr in charge of his assault group and told him to hold the trenches, I took my assault group to the left flank to assist 2 section in holding off the enemy. 10 minutes later, the enemy platoon that attacked was cut to pieces.

        There was a lull in the battle and ammo and medical supplies were brought up by "Wheels", 1 section hadn't used too much ammo, so we held our position. After the platoon reformed, we were ordered to provide covering fire for 2 section as they crossed open ground in order to secure objective 1. I passed it along to the section, and when the time came, called for suppressive fire. A lack-luster performance ensued, for most of the 40 seconds I was the only one shooting, tiggr and myself did all we could to encourage suppressive fire, but the troops were extremely hesitant. After our 40 seconds ended, I got a very disheartening radio message on the net: "1 section this is 2 section, that is the worst suppressive fire I have every seen, over", "2 section this is 1 section, roger .., out". I let the section know what 2 section thought of our "suppressive fire" .. there was no reaction, but hopefully they took it to heart. We then began our movement to secure the docks. There was a lot of firing on the left flank, but in our sector their was no contact. We cleared the docks and swept to our position east of the town with no contact. We set up defensive positions and began to get status on ammo and wounds. The platoon medic began to make his rounds, Fincuan led a patrol to secure the area and inspect all enemy bodies. After about 10 minutes, our section was resupplied and treated, I hear some groaning down the street, there was an unconscious enemy, I followed exact protocols for handling of PWs, yep, that's all.

        22 Platoon formed into a platoon column along the road and began marching out to our second objective, 1 section was in the rear. 3 section had sent a recce det to check the area around objective 2, there was no contact, the enemy appears to have withdrawn for now. Along the route to our objecitve, the platoon commander masked up and shouted "GAS, GAS, GAS!". 1 section masked up, for the most part. We took three imaginary casualties to the enemy attack, almost half of the section. The awareness worked however, as we answered some questions on how to get the gas mask stuff working, hopefully they are prepared next time.

        Objective 2 was secured without incident, and the platoon signaller called in our success to company hq, they were pleased that we secured our objectives faster than anticpated, earning us a little rest before the next move.

        We did in fact play Bor Ambush later that night ... that was an ... interesting .. mission, ultimately though, we failed, and the entire offensive ground to a halt as the enemy consolidated and prepared strong defensive positions around Windy Mountain. It's going to be a long war.




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