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1/17/10 Urgent Fury Day 2 (Saturday Event)

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  • 1/17/10 Urgent Fury Day 2 (Saturday Event)

    CO- Dredge

    Boondocks - SL
    Barnes - Utility
    Miles Teg - Sniper
    Mkoll - Demolitions
    Marvin - Automatic Rifleman
    Ghost - Medic

    Phase 1: Eliminate enemy artillery position
    Phase 2: Recon and assault the Cuban FOB
    Phase 3: Assault and destroy the Cuban HQ

    Phase 1:
    Panther Team was inserted far behind enemy lines east of the suspected enemy artillery position. Unfortunately Miles had been afk at mission start so while Panther team was waiting for him to be inserting Barnes and myself (panther 1) were tasked with setting up an LP/OP over looking the enemy artillery position. From the LP/OP Panther 1 was able to identify the enemy position and a squad strength enemy patrol but we were not able to identify the artillery. After Miles had been inserted Panther 1 (Barnes and myself) moved to the north of the artillery position while Panther 2 (rest of the squad) prepared to assault from the northeast. Marvin and Miles provided suppressing and accurate covering fire while Panther 1 advanced from the north and Boon and Ghost advanced from the northeast. The assault lasted a little over 1 minute with panther team only taking minor wounds and killing 20 enemies. Panther team then secured the mortars for use against the enemy.

    Phase 2:
    Boon and ghost manned the enemy mortars and began to use them to provide support for the friendly infantry advancing from the south. Barnes, Marvin, Miles and myself (panther 1) now pushed south in order to set up and LP/OP near the enemy FOB. Panther 1 managed to get within 100 meters of the enemy FOB and was able to identify a section strength patrol before we were engaged. Upon contact panther 1 fell back to the north and set up an impromptu defense while ghost and boon moved to rejoin the team. From this position we engaged the pursuing enemy which was engaging us from the north and trying to flank us from the east. Barnes, Miles, and Ghost proceeded on a flanking action to the west while boon, marvin, and myself provided base of fire. Unfortunately Barnes was killed while flanking so boon, marvin and myself moved to assist the flanking element and we formed a new line just south of the enemy FOB along a roadside. From this position we engaged 2 enemy squads while friendly infantry squads assaulted from the south and secured the FOB. After eliminating the 2 enemy squads panther team moved into the Cuban FOB and formed up in a barracks for a quick debrief and some rest.

    Phase 3:
    After being resupplied Panther team was tasked with spear heading the advance of the main assault force. Nothing of note happened until we crossed the second danger area in the route. Barnes, miles, and ghost had crossed and secured the other side while boon, marvin and myself were crossing. Marvin spotted an enemy patrol that had just broken throw the trees to the north. Panther team immediately got on line and started suppressing the enemy. While the main assault force moved to engage I caught a lucky bullet to the skull. Fortunatly for me Glory was at the base and ready to give me a ride to the AO. Glory landed just south of the main assault force and set up a fallback point. I rejoined panther team which was probing the enemy line for a weak spot. Barnes and miles were moving east when barnes was wounded and while ghost was aided barnes, miles was killed by enemy MG fire. Panther managed to find an area that had enough cover to let someone get close to the enemy line. So with smoke covering the areas in between rocks I crawled to the enemy line and planted a satchel. Once I got back into cover I opened a hole in the enemy line and panther team charged threw followed by the main assault force. Once inside the enemy base Panther team was engaged by an enemy squad. During the firefight that ensued marvin was killed but panther team managed to eliminate the enemy. Panther team and the main assault force the proceeded to clear the cuban HQ area and snuff any remaining resistance

    MISSION COMPLETE.. had to type this twice thanks to my internet going out.

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    Re: 1/17/10 Urgent Fury Day 2 (Saturday Event)

    Seeing as you've written the only one so far mkoll, I'll take a shot at it. This is from the perspective of a Bravo grunt who was having some internet issues and quit early due to them...hang in there.

    SL: Skin
    FT1 L: Tarmpaket
    FT2 L: Jaynus

    There was some waiting for Bravo when the mission started. There wasn't enough from in the helos, so we had to wait acouple of minutes before we were able to aquire transport, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Once we reached the LZ, we were with command. We moved up with Alpha to the valley/canyon. Me and Dirt Diver layed down covering fire w/ the m60s as Bravo advanced on the left side and Alpha on the right. As the two squads moved up, me and Dirt were told to as well. As Bravo moved out of the canyon, we were engaged again, and took a casualty or two.

    After the canyon and the area around it seemed clear, we moved up the hill to our west. Turns out that the map wasn't lying and that area DID infact have AA. I think everyone but the SL, FTLs and the two MG gunners died. When our casualties regrouped with us, we moved to the Alpha/Bravo regroup point. Alpha was way ahead of us, so we had to hustle. When we arrived, we rested, rearmed, and used the outhouse to its full potential :P. At this time, my connection hit the fan, and I was forced to rejoin. During my leave, I assume that Alpha and Bravo began the trek to the next objective, which was an Enemy FOB.

    When I reconnected, I boarded a helo and landed at an LZ west of Bravo. Me and a JIP rejoined them in a field, and were engaged from a treeline. Our squad called in some mortors (thank you Panther team) just to be sure, and we moved out to the objective. At this time, FT1 consisted of a quick assault team, while FT2 had both MG gunners and was a support/suppression FT. We preceded to the enemy encampment. South of the FOB, we discovered and took out an enemy radar station. Probably about 10 or so infantry, and a pile of dead bodies (warcrimes) were at the station. Once Bravo FTs regrouped at the radar station, we moved north to the base.

    The bravo support FT had great overwatch on a hill to the south, and we engaged the enemy inside the walled off camp. Alpha, I believe, stacked up on the southern wall, and threw a couple of frags before entering the base. The special forces team breached the northern wall with a satchel. Bravo's assault fireteam moved in from the east, only to find armor right infront of them. Alpha took it out and the base clearing was finished. One of my best moments at TG, it was beautiful.

    The squads set up a perimeter and waited for reinforcements and supplies. After we were good to go, we moved NW along a dirt road in a platoon sized wedge towards the Cuban HQ. We were engaged, and it was at this time that I lost connection again, and I decided that it was enough for one night. How anticlimatic :)

    Around about 3 hours and 30 minutes for me, and that was without the final assault on the Cuban HQ.
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      Re: 1/17/10 Urgent Fury Day 2 (Saturday Event)


      Super-6-1 |TG-353/4| "Glory"AndPain UH-60
      Super-6-2 |TG-Irr| Arcto "Soupy" UH-60/MH-6

      This was actually a bit challenging, as there are certain conditions of the map that punish bad behavior and can actually mess things up badly if you aren't paying attention.

      Initially, S61 deployed Alpha Element to LZ Socom, a clearing at a rail track intersection, then returned to deploy Command and Bravo. Meanwhile S62 delivered Panther to their LZ north.

      As the squads advanced a new LZ was designated, unfortunately close trees forced a hard landing that disabled my UH-60. After deploying the ammo crate, I destroyed the bird and caught a ride back to base with S62.

      Blowing up the bird gave me a red-bug, so I had to reconnect in my slot. That caused me to loose my map and compass, which made the next transport hairy as the LZ was hot and I had to land by map memory. Fortunately Bravo laid smoke that aided my landing under fire greatly. S62 attempted an additional landing, but heavy AA fire brought down his UH-60 and a squad.

      the birds don't respawn, so this made the cost of our mistakes sink in very quickly. we only had one UH-60 and the MH-6 left, so we decided to continue the flights using the UH-60 only. Snoopy gave me his map and flew crewchief as we ferried JIP's and respawns around the west coast to LZ super 6, a rather tight landing in the trees.

      Soupy afterwards took the MH-6 for some low-quantity runs while I remained at base anticipating many respawns. Fortunately they did not come heavy, and I transported 3 more batches before the mission was complete.

      And a good thing, as I only has 25% fuel and no refuel trucks. Transit times were long enough that I was worried about fuel lol. :D

      3.5hrs of flying later, and mission complete!

      I like the limitations on the choppers, you have a spare bird in case of an accident, but you can't go flying these things without care and concern. Otherwise you really let the team down if you loose them.
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        Re: 1/17/10 Urgent Fury Day 2 (Saturday Event)

        Overall I will say that this mission went very well. Thank you to all my SL's for making it happen. I would like to recognize the 2 MG gunners that laid down beautifull suppressive fire in the valley. The bound and overwatch from both Alpha and Bravo was good and you used the terrain and the man made obsticles to your advantage. I take responsibility for bravos demise. As soon as it clicked to not let them go over the ridge I heard the AA fire. Trust me gents, IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN ON MY WATCH! The movement to contact between each of the objectives was solid. The assault on the FOB was perfectly executed and thank you to Charlie squad lead for being patient and letting me come find you. I will say that you always need to be on your guard! I had assumed the compound was safe and double controled my weapon and began walking around checking things out, turned a corner and was looking down the barrel of enemy armor...lets just say my computer chair will never be the same. I commend Alpha for the quick reaction as soon is i ran inside and said "ARMOR" Alpha took its shot. well done! The movement to the final objective was met with sparse resistance and the final assault was just pure hell. I lost count of how many enemy machine guns they had but realized they had a good bead on us when anyone who got higher than a low crawl was met with a bullet to the dome piece. Panther did a great job of giving us cover and concealment with smoke as well as giving us the entry point in the wire. All squads converged on the target and took up individual lanes to clear, Great job on that SL's. We cleared the rest of the HQ with only a few more shots fired and a few cuts and bruises.

        Overall, I think we had great leadership, great soldiers, the pilots where one of a kind. Great job everyone. I look forward to leading you into digi-battle again!



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