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  • CO 12 Arms Race v0.2

    So I created a mission, a mission that involves a 2x 6 man merc team from "The Company" to take out an arms dealer, destroy a communications array and get out of there.

    the Mercs = CroMagnonTX, Fireship4 & myself.

    Things started out fine, we landed on the western side of the island headed to the 1st objective which was the Comm Array, Crazy Horse was our handler for the operation and provided the information on where we needed to go, cover ops style!

    We encountered local opposition and many firefights broke out at this point, there was only three of us, we covered, we used bounding, flanked. we took out the objective special forces style, placing a satchle with 30 sec timer within the comm array and getting the hell out of there before more locals showed up.

    once the comm array was destroyed we headed to the next objective which was to take out the Arms Dealer, we headed towards his position we ran into another patrol of which could have been about 10 - 15 guys vs 3 of us, intense suppressive fire and cover and flaking tactless were imploded by the 3 man team, we took care of them with style.

    A PKP Pickup ambushed us on top of a hill just 200 metres away from the objective, Fireship4 returned fire with an AT4 and overshot the rocket above the pickup truck, we took one loss at this point, myself.
    I respawn into another AI and headed back to the fight, CroMagnonTX managed to take down gunner and driver before I could get back, and another patrol started to advance on there position. we quickly retreated knowing we were outgunned and out managed, we retreated and picked them off one by one, we managed thin them out, than started our push towards the Arms Dealer location.

    We found the meeting, we got into over-watch position, the Arms dealer and the client where headed for dirt nap. Fireship4 grabed another AT4 and sent it towards the convoy of trucks surrounding the meeting, the denotation of the trucks killed all of those in the vincenty it was pure class.
    Crazy Horse authorized the chopper to start moving to the LZ, we quickly mounted up in a pickup truck and started driving to the LZ, we could see the chopper inbound, it was taking alot of fire from the town.
    a AA missle impacted the side of the chopper and crash landed to the ground, we were stuck without transport.

    Crazy Horse issue an order from management to see if anyone had survived the crash, we investigated, we found evidence of the lone survivor, Crazy Horse confirmed this and provided with exact coordinates of the pilot, he was being held by the location opposition.

    We proceeded to the reported position of the pilot we must now rescue, we found the building, we stacked up, we confirmed the tangos, we where in position, we made the move, but we couldn't save the pilot in time, they executed him before we could take them all down.
    After that we need to get of the island, we headed for the Airport, surely there would be some planes we could steal?

    We then setup position to observe the town, we noted the patrols, the armor and how many we were facing, we had to go around the town and try another approach, taking the town headed on was just suicidal, we headed to the far east end of the island, we made our way to the end of the run way strip when a either a Shika or ZU opened up on the pickup truck we acquired, it exploded after we bailed nearest cover, till the smoke cleared nothing more was left.

    I scanned the horizon for any armor, I had a lock-on, I fired, my Jav was away, a confirmed Shilka dead.

    we proceed to the end of the run way, we spotted a ZU at the end of the airport, we made our move to steal one of the Planes, we covered, we bounded under consist fire from the enemies swarming into the town, Fireship4 was killed by the ZU, CroMagnonTX and myself were the only ones left, we made a dash to the Planes, we took one each, maybe at least one of us could make it out alive.

    I ran towards mine, jumped in the pilot seat, started it up, taxied on the run way and pulled the throttle back, CroMagnonTX did the same we were airborne, than CroMagnonTX took a hit from the ZU at the airport, his plane was damaged, but he could still fly it out of there, we headed south past the light house, the mission was completed, the contract over, time to collect that payment.

    Big thanks to Fireship4 and CroMagnonTX for game, this was the most intense game I've played in months, if anyone is keen on play this, its currently version 0.2, and I need to work on the weapon load up, I only have default weapons and Aimdots suck, missing triggers and mission objectives arn't announced to all the team members. but if you wanna give it a bash you need the following.

    The Island - Quesh kibrul (30mb) -
    The Escape Planes - Wings of Russia - AN-2 Air Force & Maule M7 (7mb)
    The Desert Mercs Pack for ACE2 (143mb)
    Access to the 353rd Server



TeamSpeak 3 Server


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