CO: Krause
Alpha SL: Headshot ---- Ozymandias
Bravo SL: Force Majeure
Charlie SL: Donegal
Stryker TC: Arcto


Our initial task was to rendezvous with an informant in order to get information on the whereabouts of a high importance target who might have information about an impending attack on a US embassy.

We inserted via UH-60 to a FOB, wherein I immediately ordered Bravo actual and 2 others to mount and proceed to the rendezvous point while the rest of the platoon kitted up at the FOB.

Bravo was on sight within 3 minutes and secured the information, we got the location of the target building where our person of importance was posted. While the rest of the platoon kitted up in about 5 minutes I created the plan of action. We would proceed from RP1 east of the rendezvous point to RP2, at which point various elements would deploy. Our MK19 stryker, commanded by Arcto, would provide overwatch south or north of Kinsella (at the discretion of the element leader) while Alpha provided security along the ASR leading up to the target building. Bravo would be mustered to assault the latter, secure the target and interrogate him.

This plan was implemented perfectly, with one fatality. We were engaged by scattered pockets of militia at the target building and in the surrounding neighborhood. Several VBEIDs engaged alpha and bravo's position and were dispatched. One even charged the CP and was taken out by MP5 fire.

The target revealed to us that a large mixed motorized/mechanized OPFOR convoy would be converging on a bridge leading to the US embassy. Accordingly the platoon was ordered to block their movement. I immediately ordered the withdrawal of all elements to RP 3 south of Kinsella. Within a minute all elements were mounted and had regrouped at RP 3. RP 4-7 were marked, leading around the south east flank of the town at a distance that made effective engagement by remnant OPFOR militia there ineffective. Outflanking the town, we proceeded to RP 7. During the ride Charlie JIP squad became effective and were ordered to RP 7 with discretion, advised of the large enemy convoy approaching from the east.

During the ride I accidentally ejected from the stryker and died. My blasted "Channel commander" button is my middle mouse button, and I had the action menu accidentally open when I went to transmit. Force Majeure took command and effectively lead the defense of the bridge against multiple BRDMS, technicals and dismounts. The platoon successfully withdrew across the bridge as it was blown by engineers, denying the enemy access to the embassy grounds.