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25.01.2010 Op. Enterprise Course Part 2

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  • 25.01.2010 Op. Enterprise Course Part 2

    CO: Jaynus (i think)
    Bravo Lead: The Pie Spy
    Engineer Lead: Merlo
    MGS Stryker Lead: Longtime

    Objective: Eliminate Enemy Arty Pos North of Dubrovka

    Quick AAR for this mission:

    Bravo loaded up in a Stryker at the base in Grishino, and Longtime was going to be the main AT support in the MGS styker. We headed out south east, and were soon ambushed by a heavily armed Vodnik. Taking fire, the Stryker moved off the road to a field, and Bravo dismounted behind a wall. The Vodnik fired on our position, we took two casualties, but were able to receive medical attention. I set up the Jav, and took out 1 of the Vod's (turned out to 2 i think.) When the area was clear, Merlo the engineer regrouped and fixed the Stryker.

    We continued our push, and were ambushed once again west of Gorka. We dismounted, tried to call in CAS, but eventually just took out the Vodnik w/ small arms and the .50 cal. We set up a defensive perimeter until the engineers could reach us again. We got back in the Stryker, and moved out until we reached the outskirts of Gorka. Dismounting, we spotted an enemy transport truck in the city. The Stryker engaged it, and the infantry advanced and eventually flanked it to mop up. With Gorka secured, Command was on the way with ammunition and reinforcement. We met east of Gorka at the t intersection. There was some problems with the ammo that could be unloaded from the command vehicle, so we pushed up to Dubrovka. Once the city was secured, and ammo was on the way, we turned our attention to the north. A T-72 and a Vod were visible. The T-72 was taken out, leaving the Vodnik screwing around in the treeline. When it retreated I was able to get a lock, and took it out.

    With Dubrovka secured, the force regrouped ready to move north west to a possible location of the arty position. Bravo moved in the woods south of the position, and was engaged by rockets from the bm 21, which took out some of Bravo. After Bravo regrouped, the objective was cleared, and we destroyed the rest of the vehicles to end the mission.

    It was a great mission, both the mission itself and the great commanding from Jaynus and my SL Piespy.
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    Re: 25.01.2010 Op. Enterprise Course Part 2

    For those that played this mission, it is part of "the Unternehmen Lehrgen" mission that I have heavily modified and broken up into three parts.

    This mission starts in Grishino with an A10, AV-8B, UH1Y, and several Strykers, and attempts to assault the artillery position in the forest to the northeast. The total mission time is meant to be approximately 2 hours, and I think we completed this mission in maybe less (including time with ammo issues, and more ammo issues to kill the final inactive objective vehicles).

    Please note some bugs have been found:

    1) script that is meant to kick players out of incorrect pilots slots doesn't work
    2) MHQ ammo drop box is only visible to the person who dropped the box (local client issue)
    3) view distance for pilots is too short

    Any other bugs or comments on the mission flow, please leave them here.

    This mission was led by Janus to successful conclusion. Very good job as CO, these missions are intended to be very taxing for the commander and he kept it tight the whole way. Also very good job pushing through the enemy so well with the limited number of players. Playercount was between 12-25 by my estimate, but ideally it would be full with 40 players.


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      Re: 25.01.2010 Op. Enterprise Course Part 2

      CO: Jaynus
      Bravo Lead: ThePieSpy
      Delta,designate Team Vikk, Lead: Vikk
      Engineer Lead: Merlo
      MGS Stryker Lead: Longtime

      ordered a loadup and mountup for all units. Designated a main route and waited for all to mount up. Ordered convoy to proceed along MSR in order of: Bravo, Engineer, Command, MGS.

      We were engaged shortly out of town from the east, and setup a RP of our defensive point, designated RP Victor (I think?). MGS moved at own accord, mostly rotating between our north and south flanks. Ordered Bravo dismount and advance towards the hill to our east, with Engineer's holding back.

      All units remained heavily engaged at this time, moving in a search and destroy pattern. At this point, Team Vikk arrived on the scene in force. Moved team Vikk, along with medical, south to flank while bravo continued on the hill.

      Bravo took the hill, and ordered their continued advance due east along the main advance. Designated a new RP, RP 5, for all units to meet at. At this point, we discovered that the ammo box was only visible by the client that deployed it (me from the mobile HQ), and so I got a ride from Johnny in the blackhawk back to base. Got the ammo truck, and proceeded to get it blown up by enemy units which had advanced along our main supply line, cutting us off from base.

      At this point, bravo and team vikk began their advance north, with the MGS in support. Advanced along the road towards our main objective. During this time, I manually emptied the ammo box into the engineer's repair truck. Command then moved forward in the MHQ, and bravo/vikk/mgs became heavily engaged moving in on the southern portion of the AO.

      Bravo suffered heavy casualties, with their unit being effectively wiped out. However, before their death bravo and the mgs effectively eliminated the enemies presence in the area. We then pulled back approximately 500 meters, reformed, and advanced back up on the objective. Found no resistance, and ordered the destruction of all disabled vehicles. We then won.

      During this entire time, I coordinated grid-based fire missions for the air assets on and off and they kept crashing/getting shot down/going afk.

      - Where does the MGS get ammo? *only* the ammo truck?
      - The helicopter got some rogue pilots and eventually crashed almost ontop of team vikk. no vehicle lock there.

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        Re: 25.01.2010 Op. Enterprise Course Part 2

        Originally posted by jaynus View Post
        - Where does the MGS get ammo? *only* the ammo truck?
        - The helicopter got some rogue pilots and eventually crashed almost ontop of team vikk. no vehicle lock there.
        * Yup, the MGS only gets ammo from the ammo truck or the vehicle service pad (all the way back at the starting base).

        * The rogue pilot issue is a mission bug... pilot seats are supposed to be tied only to the appropriately slotted pilot and kick random grunts who try to fly out of the pilot seat. Trying to fix that.

        Thx Jaynus.




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