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Mon 1/25 Enterprise Course - Part 3

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  • Mon 1/25 Enterprise Course - Part 3

    For those that played this mission, it is part of "the Unternehmen Lehrgen" mission that I have heavily modified and broken up into three parts.

    This mission starts where the previous mission left off, in the forest near Krasnostav with an A10, AV-8B x2, UH1Y, and several Strykers, and attempts to clear Krasnostov and the airfield to the northeast. The area is covered with armor.

    The total mission time is meant to be approximately 2 hours.

    Please note some bugs have been found:

    1) script that is meant to kick players out of incorrect pilots slots doesn't work
    2) MHQ ammo drop box is only visible to the person who dropped the box (local client issue)
    3) view distance for pilots is too short

    This was led by CroMagnon. I had the fun of learning Mando guided bomb drops with on-the-job training. I couldn't stay to see the mission completed, but I heard it was won, so a) goodjob players and b) yay, the victory trigger worked.

    Playercount was between 15-22ish? Maybe it changed after I left. Again, it's better with a full count of 40.

    I'm interested in how long this mission took to complete and how many casualties you felt the team was taking (heavy/light estimate). Any other comments or bugs welcome.

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    Re: Mon 1/25 Enterprise Course - Part 3

    So gewd :3


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      Re: Mon 1/25 Enterprise Course - Part 3

      I led Charlie Squad during this mission. I think we played another 45 minutes or so after you left.

      I'm very rusty as a SL so I am grateful for the troops in my squad who stuck it out. We started as a full squad but eventually i ended up with only 5-6 guys and myself. Those who did stay responded well to movement orders and thankfully we had an excellent medic who kept us alive and well.

      We were the lead Stryker leaving base but we were engaged almost immediately after leaving base. My squad maneuvered as dismounted infantry pretty much for the balance of the map.

      A majority of the mission involved attacking Klen Hill, SE of Krasnostav. The hill was jammed with infantry and light armor. The highlight for me was a fairly coordinated attack involving my undestrenght unit on the right flank and "little sister", a full strength unit on the left. Using coordinated CAS attacks and well timed infantry advanced we took the hill after a fairly intense firefight.

      After clearing the summit both infantry squads pushed N from the Hill to the airfield. CAS continued to rain death down on enemy positions while both infantry squads pushed hard and after some brief but intense skirmishing eventually captured the airfield.

      I'll lead more in the future but I want my troops to have mics and use them. More than half of those who joined my squad were on TS but weren't using comms? I'd give orders and receive confirms by text in game. That's not going to cut it from me in the future. I was unable to assign capable FT leaders and this really hampered how I like to run a 10-12 person squad. It ended up being " On me...spread out...form a line facing W...etc etc...when it should be me issuing orders to my two FT leads. Lack of mics also led to a troubling lack of proper contact reports. (Remember first ...engage second...a proper contact states who you are, where you are, the bearing, distance and type of threat....this must be a training issue???)

      Anyways...sorry about that..didn't mean to digress. The mission was hella fun. Thanks to those in my squad who stuck it out and thanks to the rest of those who stepped up to lead, especially longtime and whoever jumped in when he left.
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        Re: Mon 1/25 Enterprise Course - Part 3

        Delta Squad, "Little Sister" AAR

        SL: |TG-TFP|Jaynus
        No FT's
        It's been a couple days don't remember the names :( I know I had kId and Vikk, 'sec'something, wooblynooby(something to that effect), and a few others.

        Note: Sorry I don't remember all names guys. you guys were an awesome squad to lead.

        "Little Sister" (will cite as LS) began as a single man squad, but shortly after starting the map we were up to 3 men. I decided to move us out as a stryker support group until our numbers went up. I assigned sec as my driver, and nooby as my gunner. We also loaded up the back of the stryker with extra ammo and AT4's.

        We proceeded to move out behind charlie, and charlie instantly became heavily engaged with their stryker obscured in a treeline and quickly disabled. I ordered our stryker forward, providing suppressive fire to the east, while moving north to their disabled stryker. During this advance, we took some RPG fire but then continued to hold the disabled charlie Stryker.

        Once command informed us engineers were on the way, we advanced a little bit further north and east to hold the treeline while we waited for charlie to move on their orders. Charlie began to advanced to our right hand flank up to Klen hill, and we began moving east behind them to take up defensive positions along a rock and fence line. Began taking heavy fire, and multiple units were hit and then healed by the medic. Stryker then moved up to this position, and began suppressive fire into the tree line. During this time we got multiple new members of the squad.

        We then spotted enemy movement to our northwest, and came under heavy fire from our flank and rear. We had to quickly mount and retreat, pulling back south along the road. We then informed command of our tactical retreat, and then pushed north again, moving north of charlie. At this point our stryker was shot by an RPG and disabled. We dismounted here again and waited for engineers to arrive. When the engineer's arrived, they were hit by a hidden RPG, along with our stryker.

        I then ordered LS to advance northeast, moving into the tree line towards Klen hill. Held charlies right flank advancing on the hill, and eventually took it. Shifted movement north down Klen hill to another tree line, where we could see a T-90 sitting near the airfield. Coordinated fire mission with Eagle and destroyed it.

        By this time, Charlie had caught up with us and we bounded forward in tandem with charlie running across the open field. Moved and took the airbase, and we won.

        - I had multiple team members on Ts but they couldn't talk. Worked out okay, but only because they were great and payed attention.
        - The terrain just isn't well suited for strykers, and advise future CO's against using them for transport; only support fire.
        - Charlie SL, was great coordinating movement with you; we did great together. Sorry you had those few lone wolf's running in front of our arc's of fire, not your fault :)
        - Liked Cro's command style. Was very objective based and didn't mind our initiative at all.
        - Loading out the warthog with hydra's would be nice; our fire support was limited to GBU laser missions. Would be nice to just call a destruction on the forest with Hydra's.


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