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28 January 2010 - Op Awakening

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  • 28 January 2010 - Op Awakening

    CO: Lq.Snake
    SGT: Force_Majeure
    PLT CORPSMAN: ScareCrow
    Alpha Lead: azzwort
    Bravo Lead: Mkoll
    RoseMary 1 (1st Bradley): Gr!mReeper
    Thunderbolt 1 (2nd Bradley): The Pie Spy
    Dustoff 1 (MH-60): Scope
    Eagle 1 (MH-6): fireship
    Sniper Team Lead: don't remember your name... sorry

    Objective: Assault and clear two towns


    Overall, before the mission crashed, I thought the mission went very well. There was a tremendous amount of teamwork that I haven't seen for a while here in TG. In summary, the operation was conducted in four total phases:

    Phase I: Eliminate the cellular tower to prevent the enemy from calling in reinforcements.
    Phase II: Clear out enemy forces in the vicinity of the 1st town.
    Phase III: Free the prisoners in the prison camp to gain the trust of the citizens in the 2nd town and to reduce the risk of IEDs and rebellions that may fire at friendly forces
    Phase IV: Clear the second town


    Due to connection problems that I encountered before the briefing, I kindly asked the platoon SGT, Force_Majeure, to read the notes and go ahead and take executive command until my problem could be fixed. Force_Majeure did an outstanding job at planning out the operation and briefing the unit while I was not there. Shortly, after my connection was fixed, Force_Majeure and Scope quickly briefed me on the situation. After reviewing Force_Majeure's plan and making minor changes, I was very impressed and decided that I will adapt to his procedures.


    Plan was to form up in a convoy (Order of March: RoseMary 1, Bravo humvee, Command Element Humvee, Thunderbolt 1 / Alpha) and approach the cellular tower from the south. Snipers were to quickly move to their suggested position via ATVs to do reconnaissance. Eagle 1 provided the convoy with recon intel as we were moving along the road towards the first objective. Alpha and Bravo did an outstanding job coordinating with each other to clear out the cellular tower. The Bradleys were very well positioned to provide support fire when it was necessary. Shortly after the tower was destroyed, alpha was tasked to approach the town from the SE corner accompanied by Thunderbolt 1. Bravo was on the overwatch covering their advance. Force_Majeure, the Platoon SGT, was tasked to supervise the ground forces inside the town and provide them with the necessary tools in order to do their job. After clearing the town out, Force_Majeure radioed me via group chat and then. together, we quickly planned out the next attack on the prison camp and second town. Once again, Force_Majeure supervised Alpha and Thunderbolt 1 in clearing the prison camp. Shortly after we successfully freed the prisoners, as we were approaching the town, the server encountered a very large lag spike and then it was decided to end the mission.


    The execution of the operation shown above is a short summary of what actually took place. The mission lasted for several hours before we reached to the last objective. I would like to recognize several people for their outstanding performance:

    Force_Majeure as the PLT SGT did an outstanding and impressive job at supervising ground forces and constantly updating me with quick SITREPs. He was also the one who planned out the operation while I was having problems with my connection.

    Scope and fireship did a terrific job at flying and taking initiative in taking care of the logistics back at base.

    Azzwort and Mkoll were both great squad leaders not only because they could get their men organized but also for making quick field decisions while under stressed.

    Gr!mReeper and ThePiespy were great Bradley commanders who took initiative in positioning their crew well to provide fire support for the infantry force.


    As CO for this mission, I learned that the most efficient way to lead a group of men is to just let them do their job. Also, delegating several tasks to your subordinates can really speed things up. This mission was a success until the end not because of the CO but because of the grunts and the leaders who all did an outstanding job! The teamwork between the pilots, squad leaders, SGT, Bradleys, snipers, and the grunts were quite amazing during this mission. Thanks to everyone who participated!

    IN GAME ARMA: |TG-Irr| Lq.Snake



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