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Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

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  • Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

    Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please...

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    Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

    Well I am going to be brief , then go in detail when we talk in TS mikee (I got some ideas/fixes for you)

    Mikee by far one of the best missions you have created. I had a blast playing this missions. It started out with my team, lead by headshot setting up a defense in our vault. The opposistion decided they wanted to test our defenses so they drove a vehicle through our front door lol. This was met with an AT-4 to the face. We then loaded 4 dudes into our chopper and won an air-to-air battle against dredge. I have more but I want to hear more peoples thoughts on the event.


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      Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

      Opfor CO: Charlie Foxtrot
      Alpha Lead: Dredge
      Bravo Lead: h3killa

      Dredge and Arcto started the game off by loading into our Bradley and assaulting Blufor as fast as possible. At this time, h3killa's Bravo squad mined the farm and prepared defensive positions. The Bradley however was taken out by Blufor, so Dredge and Arcto respawned and used the chopper for recon. The rest of Alpha, Jbone and Dirt Diver, drove with me to Blufor base to do some recon and test their defenses. We were spotted by their blackhawk and took some fire from its guns. We found cover when we saw a SF humvee driving towards us. I was killed, but Jbone and Dirt Diver managed to take out the humvee and mop up the area before dying themselves. A while afterwards, the blackhawk downed our chopper, and Blufor had the advantage in the air.

      Instead of staging more assaults, we thought it would be best to sit and defend our farm from Blufor's air drops. Probably every 5-10 minutes or so, the blackhawk would fly over numerous times, and the team would have to spot the chutes, and move to attack. They did a great job, as they took out any threats minutes after they landed. 2 or 3 guys would move out to where they saw the Enclave land, while the rest stayed and fired upon the chopper, which was eventually taken down.

      Bravo was then fully tasked with the defense of the base, while Alpha was free to collect weapons/ammo and observe Blufor's base as I wanted to stage another large scale assault. When Alpha reported that they found a T-72, I thought that It was time to attack Blufor again. Alpha successfully returned to base with a fuel truck, tons of ordanance, and the tank. Not wanting to leave our base open to a Blufor assault, we needed to leave 3 men at base, which would limit the success of our attack. The T-72 was manned, and the m113 served as our troop transport to Blufor. I stayed back to defend with some of Bravo. Although the assault did not result in Opfor victory, the tank was able to get deep within Blufor base, causing havoc before being destroyed.

      We committed all of our troops to the assault on the Enclave knowing that they were without a chopper and shifting to defensive mode. During this stage, we noticed some interesting voices on VON. Turned out to be the Brotherhood of Steel, and after some diplomacy, we allied with them. We met at the gas station north of Blufor, but we were spotted by a humvee moving to our base. Some of our troops returned to our base to stop the humvee, but it turned around and prepared to attack the gas station. With comms a mess, we proceded to the cave. We were mowed down by the 2 or 3 blufor defending. I think that the assault failed because we didn't have a definite plan (due to the problems the humvee caused).

      All and all though, I felt that Alpha and Bravo did a great job with their tasks, we just lacked the numbers to overwhelm Blufor base.


      -Blufor base is too perfect a defense, and it needs numerous amounts of infantry with armor to progress. Although this coordination is possible w/ another team, I think that it goes against the idea of a resource war that your first Fallout game, and the original series promotes. Many on my team thought that more objectives should be in the middle of the map. The game should be based on resources, and how the team interact to get those resources (ambushes, sabotage, or all out attacks.)

      -I think that the bases should come into play only when a team is confident that they have enough resources to stage an assault. When we had our T-72, we knew that our only use of it was to attack Blufor, and thus limited. The bases should come into play only when the team is ready to make a final assault to try to end the game.
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        Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

        I was on Insurgents, as another foot soldier.

        It looks like that our base was forgotten by the other teams, just at the ending we had someone at our base that got some free kills on respawn, and a group at a humvee that was obliterated by my AT4!

        Most of the time we tried to attack that mountains. The caves were impossible to breach.... we tried everything: AT, grenades, rushes with vehicles... Very unbalanced, and it has a glitch on the walls that makes things more difficult.

        I think that our team could be more organized, we were all in one squad, and one guy on another, that makes things more dificult to manage, and our CO was coordinating the attack on the field with my SL, and at my point of view,it is very confusing.... Theres a big problem, that we cant locate the "real" SL without the diamond, and to make things worse, the SL gave an order and then the CO said another thing....

        That final assault from the Gas station was a failure because the OpFor start shooting at us at the entrance of the cave!! We was betrayed or it was just friendly fire??

        Next time I will sugest my team to search for the T-72, how could you guys grab an T-72 and not win the match???!!! Worst: lost a Bradley, an T-72 and killed you allies at the final assault. OpFor was a disaster... hahaha

        Ive never played this mod before. Great mission, great mod, and another great event on TG!

        see ya!


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          Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

          - objectives need to be moved outside of the spawn areas.
          - OPFOR needs a reason to attack independents and vice versa. As it stands both opfor and independents can team up with no regrets which leads to them beating up on blufor.

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            Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

            Yeah blackmain there the exact points i said over TS right after the event.

            Fun mission but opfor have no reason to attack independent and visa versa.
            Blufor's base is totally impregnable. Myself and dredge ran a tank in there and managed to get most of the way in the back (a bit past the helo pad) but we still couldnt blow the generator).
            Boon keeps saying bluefor dominated the mission but they had 100 more deaths than opfor :p

            Unfortunately blufor got stuck in their base and we got stuck trying to get in! Multiple entry's/exits are needed to un stale mate it.


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              Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

              Thank you for feedback guys, and waiting for more. Changes will be made when version 1.0 is released.


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                Re: Fallout Tactics saturdays event - AAR and Feedback here please

                Independent currently have a osprey while each of the other teams get choppers with guns, why the raiders have more powerful stuff than the brotherhood of steel I dont know :P
                Also the osprey is more a enclave style bird, acts like the vertibird but it has no weapons....

                The PLA ktis only have very limited slots compared to other teams, with officers only able to carry 6 slots of items.

                The stryker has a weird gunner slot, just a slot to like the driver seat, maybe change it out from the command version to a normal version?

                Currently the is no reason to do anything cept attack blufor base over and over, while fun would be better with more to do :P

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