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Battle of Karbala Feb 1 2009

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  • Battle of Karbala Feb 1 2009

    AAR to follow.

    CO: Mkoll
    Echo: Headshot
    Foxtrot: Krause

    The mission involves a siege of the Karbala headquarters by a massive army of insurgents. How massive? After an hour long mission, these were the killcounts:

    One section of the team are Iraqi police and start off in the besieged police station, the rest of the team is a polish mechanized platoon. The polish were tasked with relieving the Iraqi police. I lead a infantry section, equipped motorized (humvees). Mkoll ordered a vehicle convoy be mustered, order of march: Echo (BRDM), Foxtrot, Command, totaling x3 humvees and x1 BRDM. We approached the city center and were ordered to dismount. Foxtrot screened the BRDM and moved into the city toward our initial, secondary objective, blowing up an enemy ammo cache which was supplying the insurgent rebellion. Foxtrot moved in and started clearing the streets/rooftops and encountered heavy resistance, screening the BRDM. Approaching the target building a massive firefight ensued and the target building was assaulted. I was KIA and Waldo took command for a few minutes until I returned. By the time I got back the target building was secured and charges in place to blow up the ammo cache.

    The cache was blown and the platoon moved north east, securing crossroads and continuing to screen the convoy's advance by foot. Distant firefights took place between our platoon elements and distant mobs of insurgents down long roads. Finally we made it to the police HQ and some blue on blue occurred, the police fired some rifle grenades at the BRDM and fire was exchanged. After a few moments we established radio contact and the issue was resolved. Foxtrot moved toward the police HQ, continuing to be heavily engaged by insurgents attacking from the east. Disengaging from these mobs we linked up with the Iraqi police at the station and set up a defensive perimeter. Foxtrot took the southern approach, Echo the north. Our vehicles were placed inside the compound. The BRDM is struck by successive rockets and bursts into flame. Suddenly massive waves of insurgents attack from the south and a hour long firefight ensues. We slowly take casualties, have to pull into the compound to rearm and regroup, then go back on the road to return fire.

    The main effort from the enemy comes from the south directly toward our position. RPGs crash into the police compound and disable vehicles, causing injury and death. At several points we are at risk of being overrun as insurgents with RPG launchers rush into the perimeter. As our vehicles are worn down and disabled foxtrot takes initiative and moves the vehicles in a hulldown position behind some 2 meter walls. I myself kill a prodigious amount of enemy and run out of ammo on two vehicles. I volunteer to return to base and pickup another vehicle. Waldo is already on it and returns with a JIP Steffen with the respawned BRDM. Soon the BRDM runs out of ammo as wave upon wave of insurgent attack the compound. The mission ends with success.

    Mission suggestions:
    1. Move back the south enemy spawn, I could see them all spawning in at the same time.
    2. The mission is about 30 minutes too long, you said you wanted to add in other objectives to fill the time. That's fine, heres my suggestions:
    * About 20-30 mins in, add in a mortar sporadically and inaccurately shelling the police station. Mission: find and kill the mortar team.
    * Add a polish relief convoy/helicopter that gets ambushed and needs to be relieved
    * Find and kill a local insurgent cell leader
    3. You said that the amount of enemies would be increased and the amount of ammo in the vehicles would be decreased, I think this is unnecessary as we almost got overrun several times as it is. The amount of enemies is fine, and I don't think adding in a BMP (as occurred historically) would be overboard considering the amount of RPGs the enemy has. Then again, with a full server maybe it would be too easy. We were 1 section down.
    4. Possibly add in enemies moving onto the roof tops AFTER the fact, so it's a sporadic threat.
    5. 1-2 VBEIDs and a technical or two?
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