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2/4/2010 Journey to Zernitrina

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  • 2/4/2010 Journey to Zernitrina

    Co- fusionpoo/apc driver
    Apc Gunner- Charlie Foxtrot
    Alpha Lead - tggr
    Bravo Lead - Comrade

    Mission is on Podagorsk and men are loaded with basic class structure for independent. Mission was to clear two towns of all enemy infantry. Mission started with a fast brief and fast load up. Platoon was set up with alpha as the spear head and bravo as the support/ flanking with 1 apc used as support.

    Mission started with a move to rp1 to try and get early overwatch on first city, this plan failed due to heavy fog. We continued past rp1 to the first dismount point where both teams dismounted and formed on the road. Alpha and Bravo moved as a unit to the gas station where the encountered light arms fire from single unit opfor spread out on possible patrols. After gas station was secured bravo detached from alpha to take the southern part of the city while alpha hit the north. Both teams did an excellent job of clearing the city and once confirmation of near absent enemy AT the apc moved in and eliminated sporadic ai running around. Entire city was clear except in a courtyard surrounded by walls. The apc moved in and knocked down a wall to reveal about 10 enemy units walking around. The apc in conjunction with most of alpha and bravo unloaded on opfor until area was clear.

    Teams then loaded up in the apc and i gave a ride to all teams to second transport apc. We were then on are way to Zernitrina. After a bit of a drive and one friendly unit attempting to get full health by means of "face to concrete" we made it to the second dismount point. I decided that considering low enemy AT we would utilize both apc's which was driven by alpha lead (tggr) and someone gunned who did his job well despite my memory. Same plan as last time, alpha took point with bravo in rear which later detached with apc as support. Bravo advised that 1 apc take point with second apc as main support. Me and charlie mowed down a couple units and knocked down some shrubbery while tggr's apc gunned overhead. Alpha and bravo moved in as a tactical blob to finish off all remaining units.

    Mission was a complete success with no casualty's to report and to few opfor free citys to live in.
    If you wanna find me off TG
    Xbox live- fusionpo0
    Steam Username - 0hilla27/fusionpoo
    Xfire - fusionpoo

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    Re: 2/4/2010 Journey to Zernitrina

    Originally posted by fusionpoo View Post
    and one friendly unit attempting to get full health by means of "face to concrete".
    What a soldier he was.... God rest his soul.
    Everybody loves a Comrade




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