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Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

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  • Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

    CO: Krause
    Medic: Jbone
    XO: Grunt

    Steel 1 (Bradley): Turkish
    Steel 2 (Bradley): Potato --- Grunt -- CCotide
    Delta (Mechanized Infantry) Section: Comrade --- Jack (for a few minutes)
    Paladin 1 (Transport Heli): Force Majeure
    Paladin 2 (CAS Ah-6): Dredge (for all of 2 minutes!)
    Razor 1 (Sniper recon team): Pretorious

    Phase 1, OPs established

    Phase 2, main effort and attack on Nubak

    Phase 3, securing of the prisoner camp and shifting of OPs/BOFs


    1. Secure Nubak
    2. Rescue POWs from prison camp
    3. Secure Bolabongo
    4. Secondary/optional: destroy cell tower


    The initial movement included the fast insertion of a sniper recon team to hill 93 south of Bolabongo, from LZ Victor, while the rest of the platoon kitted up. Razor 1 was tasked with reporting all contacts on side for the advisement of subsequent phases.

    While the snipers were being inserted Delta was kitted as mechanized, split into two fireteams and mounted into Steel 1 and Steel 2. Satchels were loaded into the Bradleys (for destroying the radio cell tower). Jbone, platoon medic was detached from the command element and attached to delta.

    A convoy was mustered at base as follows: Steel 1, Steel 2, Command Humvee (containing CO + XO), 25 meter spacing. As the sniper moved from LZ Victor to Hill 93 and began to call in contacts, the convoy departed from base, proceeding through RP1 to RP 3. Elements were ordered to push through and disengage from enemy contact at RP4 in an attempt at outflanking and encircling border guard troops. Accordingly the convoy pushed through RP 4 with only minimal contact and with speed moved to subsequent rally points. The taskforce encountered scattered foot mobiles along the way, possibly enemy observers, who were neutralized with little effort. At RP 7 the platoon was deployed to attack Nubak. Steel 1 and Steel 2 dismounted on the reverse slope of hill 75. Steel 1 moved up onto the crest of the hill to serve as a base of fire and immediately began to engage technicals and enemy infantry sections at distance. Simultaneously Delta began to advance on the town from the south west, screening the advance of Steel 2.

    Enemy forces were unable to return effective fire due to distance and a platoon sized enemy force was destroyed with no casualties to BLUFOR as delta began to enter the outskirts of the town. x6 tehnicals were observed and destroyed by accurate canon and coax fire. The western limits of the town were secured with ease, as Steel 1 continued to provide fire support, suppressing and destroying enemy reinforcements approaching from the north along the MSR. Delta and Steel 2 on initiative attacked the cell phone tower complex, encountering multiple entrenched sections supported by static HMGs and strongpoints. Here the first BLUFOR casualties occurred and respawns were dropped to LZ X-ray (not pictured, but where the delta attack marker is). Three KIA in total and soon the cell tower was destroyed by satchels from Steel 2. Steel 2 and delta were ordered to re-consolidate and to return west to continue securing Nubak, which had not been fully secured yet.

    Suddenly Razor 1 actual types out in cap letters on side "HIND HIND HIND" and without warning rockets fire down upon Steel 1 as a Russian Hind flies overhead. Rockets smash the CP and nearly kill the CO and XO. No casualties, most of the rockets were ineffectual. I scream over the comnet for steel 1 to pop smoke. The effect is immediate but I am not sure then if Steel 1 survived the barrage. Running through the smoke to see if I can find the Bradley and/or survivors I direct Steel 2 to immediately muster from the north east and engage the Hind, which is veering south toward homebase. Grunt jumps on the command humvee's M2 gun and begins to fire wildly at the retreating hind. The hind returns north for another attack run and suddenly, the thunderous clacking of a Bradley canon through the smoke cloud is heard. Steel 1 survived, and is firing at the Hind. Soon the Hind's engines grow weak and then cut out completely as the helicopter spirals out of control and explodes into flame on the ground.

    With the Hind down I re-order that Nubak be secured by Steel 2 and Delta, who were rapidly mobilizing to engage the hind. Within ten minutes the remnant defenders of Nubak, many of whom were barely alive and clutching to life on their bellies, were dispatched and the town secured. Accordingly, Steel 2 and Delta were ordered to re-consolidate at RV 1, the latter mounting back up for movement. Steel 2 actual had to leave, and was replaced by the XO Grunt. The third phase of the operation was now commencing: the rescue of POWs in the prisoner camp.

    Razor 1 was extracted by little bird, RTB to rearm/regroup and then was inserted at LZ Tango. They were ordered to provide sniper support and observe for the liberation of the prison camp.

    Steel 2 was ordered to proceed to (the new) RP 1, scan for and engage any visible enemy contacts and then to proceed north west, link up with Steel 1 and crest the hills south of Bolabongo in order to establish a base of fire for both the attack on the prison camp as well as neutralizing threats in the large town to the north. Steel 1 moves north as Steel 2 and Delta move into position at RP 1. Steel 2 reports contacts neutralized and is mustered west to link up with Steel 1 as Delta prepares to assault the camp. I drive the command humvee, now by myself north as steel 1 and 2 move into position and begin to engage a platoon sized enemy force in Bolabongo, including numerous technicals, static defenses and RPG teams. Suddenly bullets rattle the humvee and I look around wildly. There is a section sized enemy force attacking from the west, threatening the flank of Steel 1, and they have bumped into me. I dismount and hide behind the humvee, trading fire with the attackers. Steel 2 asks to withdraw to assist my position but I tell him to hold: his job is more important than keeping me alive, namely, his job is to keep all of delta alive as they move into the prisoner camp.

    From the cover of my humvee I manage to dispatch the 7-8 foot mobiles who were engaging me. My trusty ACOG came in handy. I establish the CP/OP to the east of Steel 2's position. Both bradleys continue to hammer enemy forces in Bolabongo, taking sporadic RPG, SPG and HMG fire. Again, the enemy fire is ineffective due to range, but the bradley canons strike true! Soon Bolabongo falls silent, the whole of the enemy force appears destroyed. Delta moves into the prisoner camp and rescues the POWs, encountering several sections which were out of the LOS of Steel 2's BOF. Luckily, Delta takes no KIA, and rescues the prisoners. At this point my game, as well as about a dozen others, CTD. During the subsequent join/crash chaos Dredge took over as Paladin 2 CAS and Jack as Delta SL.

    The mission is called on the advice of Jack. I agree, as 95% of the enemy force is destroyed and securing Bolabongo would be an easy affair. I consider this mission a success.

    Big props to my squad leaders, I know most of you are new to TG or at least new to leading, and you did very well. I urge you to continue to take leadership positions. Turkish: the reason why your channel commander wasn't working while in game is because you need to set "administrator" mode for TeamSpeak. Should work fine.
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    Re: Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

    Great AAR. I spawned in as the XO just as the mission was getting underway. Not much more I can add to Krause's AAR as it perfectly recounts the mission.

    Highlights for me in this mission were

    Watching the little bird drop the first wave of assault troops by fast rope insertion on the initial objective

    Fabulously exciting chain of events when the Hind attacked.

    Command and control was terrific. Comms, strategy, battle management...all perfect...a definite highlight to the mission.

    Some good missions of late guys. Keep up the good work.
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      Re: Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

      Had a great time as the gunner for Steel 1, with Turkish commanding and Soup driving. We headed towards the border post but hung a left right after the bridge, and worked our way over a couple of hills and into position at our Nubak base of fire, overlooking the city from the southwest. We engaged a few vehicle contacts, mostly technicals, with the autocannon, and then switched to the coax for taking down infantry at closer ranges, as Turkish wanted to save the HE rounds for Bolabongo.

      After a while I was told to swing around to the border post, where enemies were engaging friendlies. I took out a dug-in UAZ and a truck by the border fence. And then the "comic relief" started. We'd been sitting on the hill for about ten minutes with nothing going on, and I had to do something quickly, so I asked Turkish if I could go AFK for a minute. He said it was okay, so off I went. One minute later I come back and on my screen I see our Bradley barreling backwards down the hill, with a smoke screen hanging in the air. Jump into my chair and frantically try to figure out what's going on - apparently a Hind is attacking us. Swinging my gun around wildly trying to locate it (and this is another thing - it might seem really easy to locate targets from the commander's optics, but maintaining SA while buttoned up in the gunner's scope is really hard), it finally pops up at the top of my scope. It doesn't seem to have enough time to set up another rocket run, so I bang away at it with whatever I had loaded in the autocannon - happened to be HE, which worked just as well. It crash-landed gently on the ground south of the border fence and I finished off the crew.

      Friendlies started moving into Nubak. We were the main source of fire support, so I shot away at whatever I could see - a few technicals north of Nubak, then some to the northeast. Turkish told me to take out a building in the NE side of town with the TOW, which I did - it opened up a sightline on an enemy squad which was quickly dispatched by HE rounds.

      Reinforcements in the form of a group of technicals arrived from the north, as it was chosen not to disable the cellphone network in the interest of a speedy attack. With Nubak between them and friendlies, they stood no chance as autocannon rounds rained on them as they had on all the others.

      Everyone was in somewhat of a holding pattern while we waited for the all-clear message. I was asked to provide what cover I could for a group of friendlies who mounted an assault on the cellular tower compound. A hill blocked my view of most of the compound, but I was able to see an enemy squad on patrol to the south of it - didn't bother engaging as they were nearly a kilometer away and there was massive drop on the coax.

      Not a minute later we finally got the message that Nubak was clear. After another ten minutes or so we got the order to move up on the reverse slope of a hill overlooking Bolabongo, which would be our BOF for the assault on that city. Very sparse enemy resistance (single machinegunner-sparse) was found while moving up to that point, though we did meet a UAZ which was apparently lost out in the middle of the desert.

      Finally the order came to move up to the BOF hill and we did, to the left of Steel 2. I scanned our assigned western sector of Bolabongo and started taking out any vehicles I could see, followed by infantry. Some was spotted to the east, some to the far northeast. After ten minutes everything had calmed down, so I started looking a bit to the right and loaded APFSDS rounds to destroy the vehicles behind the southern Bolabongo fortifications.

      Five minutes later a lot of things were burning in Bolabongo, not least of which was some sort of fuel depot northeast of the city which was vomiting black smoke like an Iraqi oil derrick. Unfortunately it was at around this time which a bunch of people crashed. I considered taking command as we'd just lost roughly a third of our forces, including most of the command element, but Krause was coming back - then he crashed again, and so did most everyone who tried to rejoin, so the mission was eventually called (a success). Overall, very fun.

      I can't say what caused the crashes - I assume it might have had to do with a certain weapon being fired, as there are no units on this map which are known to cause crashes, such as BMP-2s. Or it could just be more CAA1 weirdness, who knows.


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        Re: Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

        My only regret now is that I've only played on the TG servers a few times. Now that I'm finally active on the game again, I know where I'll be spending my time.

        Congrats to my fireteam leaders jonny and Tek, by the way. They preformed excellently last night.
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          Re: Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

          Great AAR! Sorry if I have been inpatient lately. Stupid channel commander... :D

          Still not sure how to set "Adminstrator Mode" I will mess with it a little today. All my guys in Steel 1 were badass, I need not say anything more ;)


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            Re: Afrenes Awakening V2 Feb 5 2010

            Originally posted by TurkishDelight View Post
            Great AAR! Sorry if I have been inpatient lately. Stupid channel commander... :D

            Still not sure how to set "Adminstrator Mode" I will mess with it a little today. All my guys in Steel 1 were badass, I need not say anything more ;)
            I don't use windows 7/vista so i'm unsure, but you should be able to right click on the shortcut or teamspeak .exe and select "run as administrator" or go to properties and toggle it on there.




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