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1400-1600 AAR Feb 8 2010

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  • 1400-1600 AAR Feb 8 2010

    CO: Krause
    Panda Parade (MK19 Stryker): Boondock
    Bravo (Special Forces): Scope
    Charlie (Special Forces): Impulse 9

    I have commanded this mission before to success, but it never sat right with me, mainly because I accidentally killed myself by jumping out of a stryker the last time.

    1. Insertion, securing of informant

    2. Assault on target building in the town of Kinsella

    3. Reverse slope defense



    Our initial task was to rendezvous with an informant in order to get information on the whereabouts of a high value target who might have information about an impending attack on a US embassy.


    We were inserted to the FOB by uh-60. Charlie squad was ordered to immediately mount motorized transport and rendezvous with the informant. While they were doing that the rest of the platoon was kitting up, requisitioning vehicles and rationing medical supplies. Bravo secured the informant and intelligence was passed up to command. The location of an OPFOR officer with more information about the impending embassy attack was relayed by the informant and the platoon was mustered to secure that location.

    Bravo returned to base and was given time to kit up while the rest of the platoon formed up at RV1. The order of march was as follows: MK19 stryker (Panda Parade), SF humvee (bravo), SF humvee (charlie), m2 humvee (command). Within 5 mikes charlie was prepared and formed up in the convoy. All callsigns were ordered to move on RP1, 25 meter spacing.

    Attack plan on the target building in Kinsella was as follows:

    The platoon would outflank the outskirts of the city, known to house a hostile militia and assemble for an assault at RP 5. Panda Parade would break off from the convoy between RP 3-4 at discretion and move to an overwatch/base of fire position north east of the town. When Panda Parade was in position, Bravo and Charlie would quickly advance on the target buildings while mounted, dismount at discretion and secure the compound. Bravo was tasked with pulling security along the ASR while Charlie assaulted the target building and located the target.

    This plan was executed flawlessly, with one (unnecessary due to ACE medical being broken) KIA. During execution squad size elements of militia, armed with AK-74s, PKMs, RPGs and Russian weaponry converged on the target building and a fierce firefight ensued. Panda Parade provided an effective base of fire while minimizing civilian casualties by firing warning shots at suspicious vehicles. All in all, a platoon sized enemy force was dispatched, including multiple technicals and VBEIDS. The target was interrogated and revealed that a large mixed motorized/mechanized taskforce of guerrillas was inbound to attack the US embassy to the north, across a bridge. Our objective now became defending the bridge against this enemy force until engineers could rig the bridge to explode.

    Bravo was ordered to provide rearguard security for Charlie as the latter exfiltrated the area to RP 6. Charlie successfully exfiltrated, and Bravo soon followed. Continued sporadic gunfire was observed coming from the town, but friendly forces were ordered to disengage. Panda Parade was tasked with disengaging from overwatch and linking up with the platoon at RP 7. Bravo and Charlie once consolidated were mustered to RP 7. With the platoon converging on RP 7, the order of march was re-established and all callsigns were ordered from RP7 to RP 10, while I briefed the squad leaders for our plan of action at the bridge.

    We would establish a reverse slope defense, as the terrain offers a textbook configuration for the implementation of such a strategy. Such a plan involves elements sighting in a "kill sack" on the crest of a slope, from the reverse slope position. The enemy is forced to silhouette while engaging into the defender's position, and thus offers itself as an easy target. In this fashion a small force can fend off a large force. I reminded my squad leaders that the .50 cal m2 guns on their humvees can effectively kill BRDMs/BMPs and other mechanized assets and are especially effective to the sides and rear armor. The platoon had a few m136s as well, which would be used during the lulls in which m2 guns were reloading or in the event of enemy vehicles engaging down into our side of the slope.

    Humvees were deployed so that they were facing the bridge, in order to maximize the speed at which we could withdraw, and their m2 guns were sighted on the crest, some 150 meters away. Our .50 cals would be especially effective at such close range ,as would the AT4s.

    I have played this mission many times and often commanders attempt a defense on the hill south east of the bridge with the sandbag bunkers. This always turns out to be disastrous, as the enemy has fire superiority at range, and has clear line of sight on friendly defenses. The sandbags become a sort of trap, and the possibility of a strong center or "defense in depth" is impossible. The defenders are often flanked and encircled by mechanized elements, who fly down the road leading to the bridge and make any withdrawal impossible. This outcome is even more pronounced in this version of the mission, as the latter has a greatly increased number of enemies who attack during the finale.

    Within 5 minutes of setting up our defenses the kill sack was perfectly devised and the sound of vehicles is heard. Soon a BRDM crests the hill and is instantly barraged by three streams of m2 fire, as well as a spattering of grenades from Panda Parade. It is almost instantly killed. Soon, technicals and a ATGM-equipped BRDM rolls forward and meet a similar fate. Squads of foot mobiles crest and are cut down before they can even turn toward our defenses. Grenades continue to barrage the crest line, and the enemy horde, a half dozen more vehicles and a platoon or more of infantry, is soundly defeated. We have 2 KIA (including Panda Parade actual, whose vehicle was destroyed by an ATGM), but against such odds, this is acceptable. The engineers radio us and tell us to pull back across the bridge, that we have 60 seconds to retreat. Bravo serves as a rear guard and continues to engage the endless stream of enemies while the rest of the platoon withdraws across. Bravo has a KIA and several WIA, but finally manage to make it across the bridge. Success for blufor!

    This mission was completed with 45 minutes still left on the clock. Overall I want to thank everyone involved for excellent work, this was the fastest I have seen the mission be completed, and with the least casualties. Props to Boon for providing masterful overwatch and using a realistic ROE in kinsella. His intelligent, real world use of fire enabled our forces to operate in the AO without reprisal attacks (if you kill civilians, the militia gets even more angry!). The attack on the target building was lightning quick!

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    Re: 1400-1600 AAR Feb 8 2010

    Great AAR...wish I had been on.
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      Re: 1400-1600 AAR Feb 8 2010

      Charlie fought the power, and the target was a tough nut to crack, but caved like matchsticks once we brought some "PsyOps" to bear.




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