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Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

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  • Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

    CO: Krause
    Bodyguard: Dirt Diver
    Platoon Medic: Miles Teg
    Platoon Driver: Scope ---- Waldo

    Alpha (Rifle): Ironman
    Bravo (Rifle): Kid (Igor sporadically)
    Delta (weapons): fireship


    Capture "OBJ1" aka the town of Pusta before 20:00.

    The platoon was ordered from the start point 150 meters north west of the RV1 to form a platoon column on RV1. Order of march was as follows: Alpha, Delta, Bravo, with Command shifting back and forth.

    Plan of attack on Pusta involved outflanking the suspected enemy killsacks and from a reverse slope position north of the town RP 1 - RP 3, deploy for an assault at the tree line, with Alpha and Delta providing a base of fire while Bravo moved to overwatch. The platoon would then bound by section toward the objective, eventually seizing the town proper.

    Within 5 minutes of start the platoon was assembled at RV1 and soon marched toward the rally points. Everything was going as planned, when halfway between RP 1 and RP 2 on the north side of Mount Vysoky Kamen Kalashnikov fire rang out from the ridge line. The road the platoon was taking had a sharp embankment to the north, with the great mount to the south, with little room to maneuver. A Russian observer team rose up from the path ahead of Alpha and was neutralized instantly. Suddenly more fire from the ridge line, and the platoon returned fire. Initially I ordered the platoon to push through but it soon became apparent that a larger enemy presence was coming down upon us.

    Bravo was ordered to shift fire south and cover Alpha as they were ordered to move to RP2. I wanted to avoid assaulting the mount, as friendly elements would inevitably skyline and take heavy casualties. My intent was to outflank the mountain in order to avoid this quagmire.

    Bravo misunderstood the orders or moved on initiative and began to move up the mountain as a huge firefight ensued. Alpha moved south up onto the mount as well, in a sort of unplanned reverse slope defense. A platoon or more of Russians were engaging our area, and were slipping through the line. As I barked orders for Bravo and Alpha to disengage from the mount and return to the path north of it bullets began to whiz by me. 20 meters away a man with an AK-74 was firing full auto at me and Dirt Diver responded. He then killed another who followed the fallen Russian.

    Bravo was ordered to hold their position and provide a base of fire for alpha to bound away from the enemy. Once alpha reached the path leading to RP2, Bravo was then ordered to disengage. All in all, the firefight lasted twenty minutes, during which time several JIPs were ferried by Waldo (who had replaced Scope) to RP1.

    Sporadic fire was still coming from the ridge but I ordered all elements to disengage by bounds, and within a few minutes the platoon was once more reconstituted as a column. As we reached RP2 another cacophony of fire erupted from the ridgeline. Another platoon of Russians began to engage into our position. I ordered Bravo to suppress this new threat while Alpha and Delta deployed into their base of fire position at the treeline north of Pusta.

    Alpha bumped into multiple sections of Russians attempting to flank us from the east and soon was grappled in a horrible firefight which resulted in 2 KIA and 6 WIA. Alpha was faltering about 50 meters north of their position and was threatened with being overrun. Bravo had fared better in their sector and had destroyed the Russian elements opposing it. Accordingly I mustered Bravo to sweep south west, over the eastern extent of the mountain, and flank the Russian elements engaging Alpha. This measure was executed masterfully and the sections opposing Alpha encircled and destroyed. Alpha and Delta now had space to move into position, and were ordered to do so.

    As Alpha and Delta moved into position ,they began to engage enemy reinforcements sweeping in from the eastern forests adjacent to Pusta. Accurate m240 fire from Delta slew waves of unsupported Russians. Bravo met with sporadic and light resistance while moving to their point of assault and bounded across the field, supported by the fires of Alpha and Delta.

    The town itself was inhabited by scattered foot mobiles, and it appeared that most of the defenders had emptied out to engage us in the north. All that remained of the enemy were a series of manned earthen fighting trenches surrounding the town, and reinforcements attempting to move in from the eastern forests. Bravo on initiative began to assault trench systems west of their overwatch position and were ordered back into position.

    With Bravo in position, Alpha was ordered to bound forward into the northern extent of the town, while Delta remained as a reserve fire support element. Delta continued to fire on Russian flanking forces coming in from the forest and soon ran out of ammo. Waldo mustered a resupply convoy. During the final minutes of the mission Bravo was mustered to assault the cut off trenches surrounding the town with support fires from Delta (Which had been shifted west) while Alpha seized the south and east of the city. Victory for BLUFOR!

    The mission ended with 10 tickets (5 kia?), not bad for being a platoon understrength by a section and attacking a company!

    I want to thank all of my squad leaders for a job well done and for rising to the occasion when things looked FUBAR during those Russian ambushes!

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    Re: Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

    The hostile (in great strength) flanking of our hill off the bat was a bit hairy. Then the under fire"position adjustment" to the overwatch positions was tense.

    Was a great run, would like to see a "hold town from counter-attack" tacked on to this mission (or as a epsiode 2 to this). The town assault was rather anticlimatic.


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      Re: Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

      I still don't understand why people don't like WAC missions.

      Fighting in the trees is very, very nerve racking, especially when the enemies are popping out at you within spitting distance! Good mission, good leading, good response to sudden contact... Beautiful. There were, of course, hiccups with bravo SL getting CTD's (or was it just a complete crash?) but the FTL's did a good job swapping between roles on a whim.

      I agree with Glory though, after we had gotten out of that forest there seemed to be... well, pathetic defense on the town. Perhaps there's a way to make it so soldiers will stay in the town without making them investigate nearby gunfire...


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        Re: Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

        Keep in mind guys, to defend a position or area, you do not necessarily have to be IN said position or area. Town is in a bad spot, so, they didn't defend from it.

        Good to hear the AI is doing well though.


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          Re: Pusta Push Feb 14 2010

          thats why i think a "unannounced" counter attack would make the town less of a let down.

          mabye have the timer give tank reinforcements if they don't capture it in the 1hr. Otherwise just an infantry push out of the SE.




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