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Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

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  • Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

    CO: Krause

    Alpha (Rifle): Falcon
    ---- Platoon Medic Igor assigned
    Bravo (Rifle): Beta ---- Skin
    ---- Platoon Medic Sector assigned
    Charlie (Rifle): Seg (

    Platoon Medics: mobyprick, igor, sector

    Seal Team: Kid

    Hawk1 (CAS): Dredge
    Hawk 2 (Transport): Fusion
    Hawk 3 (Transport/CAS): Waldo

    Ambassador: Scope
    First Lady: Ghost (doesn't count because I didn't hear him use a female voice)

    3 phases

    Score screen

    * Secure German Ambassador 036 038
    * Rescue US Citizens 029 032
    * Extract Ambassador + staff from US Embassy
    * Secure intelligence in Embassy


    The US is pulling out of Somalia - our reinforced platoon was tasked with ensuring US nationals, government workers and allies were extracted successfully.

    Basic plan is executed in 3 phases.

    Phase 1
    Objectives: Secure US embassy, main effort, move to rescue stranded US nationals

    SEAL team inserted into the US embassy compound by HAWK1. SEALs are tasked with pulling security and directing the deployment of CAS assets. HAWK1 is temporarily assigned to a MH-6 for the opening phase in order to provide transport for the SEALs.

    Simultaneously Hawk 2 and Hawk 3 (huey and blackhawk respectively) are to insert Alpha, Bravo and Command at LZ X-ray. While historically the marines dropped onto the airfield, I deem this to be unnecessary and risky, considering little enemy resistance is suspected to be occupying the airfield.

    Alpha is tasked with conducting search and destroy operations leading up to the town where the US citizens are said to be stranded while Bravo takes up a base of fire position in the hills south east of it.


    The initial movements of this phase were implemented successfully, and all forces were successfully inserted without casualties. The airfield appeared clear of enemy militia, and I ordered the platoons to attend to their movement orders. During this time Bravo SL disconnected due to internet troubles and Skin took over. Bravo mistakenly began movement toward their phase 2 positions and I ordered them north, while ordering Alpha to hold, as they would be unsupported if they moved into the town. Alpha moved at discretion slightly further north and bumped into several sections of enemy patrols.

    Alpha was able to hold firm and engaged the enemy while I ordered bravo, which was about 400 meters south of their intended position, to double time it north into overwatch.

    Within a few minutes Bravo was in position and began to provide a base of fire for alpha's advance. As Alpha moved through the jungles south of the town a reduced platoon of militia were spotted mobilizing in the area of the town. Bravo provided suppressive fire while Alpha moved into position and destroyed the enemy.

    Hordes of militia began to attack the embassy compound and the SEALs instructed Hawk 1 and Hawk 3, AH-6 and Huey Venom respectively, on the deployment of CAS. Hawk 1 and Hawk 3 delivered repeated effective CAS and decimated waves of attacking militia.

    During this time Charlie had JIPed and was a nearly full section. Seg took command. They were inserted into LZ X-ray, which by this time had designated the destination for respawns and JIPs.

    I ordered Charlie to take up Bravo's phase 2 BOF position, to get eyes on the german ambassador's alleged position and to hold firm until phase 1 was completed.

    Alpha successfully secured the stranded US citizens after some more sporadic exchanges with remnant militiamen and they were loaded onto Hawk 3, which during CAS runs to the east was wounded and touched down in the town to receive medical attention. Hawk 3 was patched up. The US citizens were evaced and so began Phase 2.

    Phase 2
    Objectives: Secure German Ambassador + staff, reconnoiter western side of Mogadishu for instruction of Phase 3

    Bravo is tasked with providing base of fire and overwatch for the village where the ambassador is alleged to be hiding. Bravo's 2nd fireteam is to sweep in and secure the area from the north while Charlie is tasked with securing it from the south.

    Alpha is tasked with returning to Bravo's phase 1 BOF position.


    Bravo moved south from it's phase 1 assignment and linked up with Charlie, which had been providing overwatch. Charlie had spotted a UAZ with unidentified foot mobiles and a few scattered militiamen in the AO. Once the BOF was established Bravo and Charlie moved on the town, neutralizing disorganized militiamen who had infiltrated the area from the city of Mogadishu.

    At this time I was still in the north CP position and did not have eyes on the town. It was reported to me that the German ambassador was in a UAZ, although other conflicting accounts were given. Ultimately, the two sections sweeped into the village and secured the ambassador. Hawk 1 was in the vicinity and provided guidance on enemy movement from the air.

    Hawk 3 was ordered to land and extract the VIPs and did so successfully. So began Phase 3.

    Phase 3
    Objectives: Spoiling attack into the city to secure the embassy, extraction of the embassy staff, extraction of the SEAL team, extraction of all US forces from Somalia

    Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are tasked with rendezvousing at the RV1 marker, on the reverse slope of the hills west of Mogadishu.

    From RV1 the platoon is to move as an element to RP1 and then deploy for an assault on the town. Alpha is to provide overwatch and base of fire from the hills west of town while Charlie sweeps toward the embassy from the south and Bravo from the north.

    Following this action the embassy is to be evacuated by Hawk elements, in order of importance: ambassador, first lady, marine staff, SEALs.

    Finally, with the embassy emptied and secure, the US marine forces still on the ground are to rally and be extracted themselves.


    Elements were mixed and in disarray following the two prior phases. My intent was to reconstitute the platoon as a cohesive element and then deploy for a spoiling attack on the town in order to distract the militia and thus enable the extraction of the VIPs from the embassy.

    There was some confusion between ROMEO VICTOR 1 and ROMEO PAPA 1 - two sections, Charlie and Alpha did not wait at the Romeo Victor 1 marker, but instead proceeded to Romeo Papa 1, and thus were threatened with enemy fire. I ordered them to hold firm and remain out of sight while Bravo moved north. Bravo reached RV1 and was ordered to meet the rest of the platoon at RP1. With the platoon constituted I gave the order to deploy for the assault.

    I repeatedly attempted to raise the embassy on coms to alert them of our movement in order to minimize friendly fire but there was no response. I then minimized my game, went into their teamspeak channel and demanded that they answer coms. Scope informed me that he could not listen to me because he did not have a radio. This disruptive behavior threatened the security of the spoiling forces but by luck there were no friendly fire incidents.

    Alpha moved up onto the hill and began to provide fire on scattered militia roaming about the town. Meanwhile Charlie moved on the embassy from the south and bravo from the north. During this time Charlie began to shift north and was ordered to return to their main axis of responsibility. Hawk elements were ordered to extract friendly forces in the Embassy. This was successful. With the embassy clear, Alpha on initiative pulled security on and designated an extract position for the rest of the platoon, in the suburbs just east of their overwatch position.

    Alpha provided 360 security while the rest of the platoon was extracted in this order: Charlie, Bravo + Command, Alpha.

    The platoon returned to the carrier and the mission was called a success.

    In the end we had 0 combat KIA, although 1 was killed by the German ambassador for some reason. I want to personally thank all of my squad leads and pilots for an excellent job. Everyone did exemplary .

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    Re: Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

    A thouroughly complete and enjoyable AAR as always, Krause, although there was one little bit that had me confused:
    Originally posted by tyrspawn View Post
    although 1 was killed by the German ambassador for some reason.
    Wait, what?
    How did the German ambassador kill one player?!

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      Re: Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

      I think that player was flagged red, a civilian may have been killed or something, i'm not sure. The AI shot him for being a (presumed) TKer.


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        Re: Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

        Originally posted by tyrspawn View Post
        I think that player was flagged red, a civilian may have been killed or something, i'm not sure. The AI shot him for being a (presumed) TKer.
        That makes sense... kind of.
        Still getting killed by a normaly unarmed friendly AI is pretty embarassing :D

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          Re: Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

          I'm glad the mission went smoothly! Version 8 fixed the tasking so the intel can be collected and the flag lowered before extracting out of the embassy: in my opinion the best moment of the mission. Thanks for playing guys!



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            Re: Embassy v7 Feb 15 2010

            high 5s all around! flying was fun until i had to land in the city because i was wounded.... people need to not have sound mods that make the helicopter unrealistically loud.. or make use of the ACE earplugs (this actually works) i went to land in a street and as i was bandaging up fal*** came up to me screaming and 'trying' to reprimand me :/ didnt work when i told him i needed to land cause i was wounded
            i almost left him there and didn't evac the civvies cuz of it, but im just really nice i guess
            had fun as hawk 3 overall... didnt get to fly the v22 because mostly it wasnt needed... could have used it at the end though for evac
            hope to fly again on that mission force!




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