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Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

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  • Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

    Co - |TG-1st| Grunt -PF-
    Chalk 1 - Sc( + )pe (until migraine) thereafter |TG-353rd| Miles Teg
    Chalk 2 - Charlie Foxtrot (not sure)
    Chalk 3 - |TG-353rd| Mkoll

    Ghostrider 1 - |TG-353rd| Waldo

    From the beginning of the mission I could tell this would be an operation of epic proportions. With 3 excellent time tested squad leaders and a commander that I had not seen command a lot, this mission would be exciting as I hadn't ever seen the mission before either.

    As I walked out of the tent that I had spawned in I had immediately realised how low the sun was and there was a large glare factor that would not be nice to a pilots eyes without sunglasses. After a few laps around the base I finally found my bird sitting on the tarmac with two others; 1x UH -60 and 1x MH-6, totalling for 2x UH-60's and a littlebird, I ran straight back to the ruck box picked up a backpack and some rope and formed my survival kit as this Operation was renowned for the helos that had been shot down.

    By this time all the chalk elements had loaded up into humvees and were rolling out of the base. At this time I spooled the helo up and set off into the sunset towards the city. Immediately it was apparent that my efforts to prepare for an imminent rpg hit or some AA battery to shoot me down was futile, because as I flew over the city I maybe took one or two small arms fire rounds to my bird.

    the chalk elements had almost made it to the olympic hotel when Scope had shouted over the radio that the humvees had stalled and they were trying to find a workaround. I dint know what he meant by stalled but i would never find out. As i continued to orbit the city, the chalk elements completed their task below me as the killed the two men that they needed to then withdrew from the building. At this point I heard the familiar sound of another Black hawks rotor blades churning, I looked to my 10 o'clock to see a black hawk flare and take enormous amounts of MG fire and it spontaneously exploded and fell to the ground. When the helo hit the ground I heard a sound byte from the movie play over comms that super 61 had gone down, I then proceeded to orbit the crash site until chalk 1 arrived. As I watched the crash site, I saw numerous insurgents fill in from the surrounding area and gather by the black hawk that was on the ground. As soon as chalk 1 had fired upon the insurgents they all scrambled to find cover and return fire. This is when Scope came over the radio requesting satchels, I chimed in to him that I would be RTB to pick up some and ETA should be about 2 -3 mikes. When I returned to the crash site I found no suitable landing spot besides on the ledge of a building under construction which chalk 1 could gain access to, so as I circled to land I notified Scope I would be landing on the construction site top floor. As soon as i touched down I came under sporadic light arms fire from a nearby building, I heard a few reports from some M16's and the firing stopped. I continued to wait for chalk 1 to reach the top floor where my bird was. No sooner had Scope and his men reached the top floor then he was ordering the helo clear and telling me to get the hell out of there. I continued to circle the area and the placed the satchels but the pilot needed to be exfilled by little bird, I said Id RTB and get it but to my surprise i saw the only little bird flying towards the elements location at the crash site. Grunt continued to try and figure out who that was but we didn't find out until later that it was Dirt Diver. but after he took the pilot back to base he disappeared just as quickly as he had joined. After the pilot was safe Chalk 1 blew the crash site.

    As soon as they had blown that crash site super 63 went down way east of thier position.
    ( and im really tired Ill wright some more tomorrow)
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    Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

    Yes, I was infact Chalk 2 Lead lol.

    As I said in game, the Commanding and support elements were great. SQL's were given new objectives with in an orderly fashion, and it kept the mission smooth. SQL's worked well together, constantly updating positions/providing overwatch/etc. It was a beautiful thing. Also, intersquad teamwork was great, and I enjoyed leading my squad.

    Finally, I would like to thank Mikee for an awesome mission. It looks like it took a long time, and that work certainly paid off as it is one of the best missions and most immersive missions I've played.
    |TG-Irr| Charlie Foxtrot

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      Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

      That was one hell of a fun mission. The comms between squads was really something special while grunt kept everyone focused on the objectives.

      Chalk 3 moved really well together and was a pleasure to lead.

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        Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

        Great job from everyone.

        I haven't CO'd a serious mission since ARMA 1 so I've been nervous about taking the reins. We've got such talented CO's and SL's they have really set the bar high on command level performance.

        If you haven't played this mission you should. The story of " Black Hawk Down" has been made into a number of missions, some great some okay. Though it deviates a bit from true life This version of Blackhawk down is stellar. US forces are tasked with assassinating two Somali generals meeting at hotel deep in Mogadishu near the Bakara market. During the course of the operation not one but two choppers are shot down and what was thought to be a routine in and out mission evolves not one but two difficult rescue scenarios. Finally with both pilots rescued and both downed choppers demolished by retreating forces all friendlies extract by foot to the distant UN base on the other side of the city.

        We were lucky to have the mission maker in game and based on his input and the server population we we decided on a ground based insertion rather than fast roping onto the hotel site. To start I had three chalks (more came in later) and I set them up in hmmvs for a slow advance to the initial objective. I tasked chalk 1 with the assault and chalk 2 and 3 with perimeter security. All was well thus far but as the convoy started out from base I lost server connection.

        When I arrived back on the battlefield. all elements were heavily involved with each unit carrying out their orders to a t. I drove a hmmv up to the outskirts of the city and set up a single man command post.

        Before too long I was in contact with Chalk 4 led by Sector. I ordered him to bring his understrength squad to my position. Upon arrival instructed him to provide security for command as we moved up to the hotel site. During this time the first UH60 was shot down and I ordered chalks 1-3 to move North through the crash site.

        I arrived at the hotel with Chalk 4 and tasked them with command security but shortly artfterward we received a frantic request for reinforcement from Chalk 1. I sent Chalk 4 North to render assistance and eventually the attack was beaten back and we were able to set up an LZ to extract the pilot. One UH60 brought in explosives to demolish the downed chopper.

        As the choppers were taking off I ordered all units to fall back to the hotel but before they made it there another blackhawk was shot down in the far NE of the city. I tasked all chalks on the ground to move toward the new crash site. They met stiff resistance and were finally able to reach the crash site and again destroy the chopper so it wouldn't fall into enemy hands. I think the pilot on this chopper was either missing or dead.

        I received orders at this time from senior command to RV with an armored UN convoy sent to provide assistance and extract all units from the immediate area. I ordered all units to converge on a Platoon RV point and form a 360 perimeter. Eventually the convoy arrived and we prepared for extraction. As we readied for our exit it became clear we'd have to extract on foot, following the convoy to the UN compound. We had begun taking sporadic light arms fire by this point and I ordered chalks 1-3 and Delta squad to move west with the convoy while Chalk 4 was to provide security on our rear flank. Chalk 4 engaged the enemy in a delaying action as the rest of the team moved out on foot to the UN compound. Minutes later it was mission accomplished.

        I want to thank all the SL's and also Waldo and Dirt, my two pilots. The intel provided by the pilots really was key to the success of the mission. Thanks for bearing with me as I break my command cherry on ARMA 2. Though hectic at times it was a fairly straight forward mission to command and I'm pleased it went as planned.
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          Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

          After careful consideration, I'm led to conclude that this version of Black Hawk Down feels like playing a grunt in a Call of Duty mission. The pacing is phenomenal, and we all had a blast. I talked way too much, but then again I always do. Good game to all involved.


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            Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

            Quit talking Scope. :P

            See, being here in 'Arnoldia' I have really grown to hate reading things such as this.....simply because I AM NOT THERE! This is like teasing a donkey with a carrot on fishing pole. Thoroughly unimpressed.

            However, sounds like it was a good time. So yet again Mr. Mikee; congrats on another job well done. Now get yourself a hair cut as the amount of time put into these missions I'm sure your over due.....HIPPY!

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              Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

              Sound recordings were cute the first time, but now it is a major annoyance, it just makes the mission feel tacky.


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                Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

                Not really. It adds a lot of immersion if you ask me.

                I see where you are coming from though.
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                  Re: Operation Irene 2/18/2010 - mission by Mikee, Co= Grunt

                  Is there any way i can get my hands on this mission? Please?




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