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CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

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  • CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

    I feel sorta bad about doing an AAR of my own mission, but I must say I had a great time tonight.

    I was a JIP to 1-1-d, marksman, so I can't put this aar into much context.

    I spawned in, the platoon had already secured the OP east of town and was now infiltrating the town itself to get the asylum.

    I bumped into an enemy squad on the way there, a group of militiamen on patrol, and immediately dove into the high grass. I was not detected, and after some observation I managed to slip away. While proceeding onto the hills east of Avgani I heard sporadic small arms fire. The russians were suppressing the hill and running toward up it, but did not see me, and must have been already assaulting it by the time I got there. I quickly outran the pace of their attack and entered into the thick cedar groves east of town.

    During this time I could hear the various squad leaders and fireteam leaders calling in artillery shells and laser guided bombs on targets of opportunity in the town, deep thunderous thuds. My squad leader, shemasko yelled out for a medic on the comnet. Apparently guest, the squad grenadier was down but still alive. The RTO was dispatched by Jaynus (CO) to save guest. The RTO is trained as a Combat Life Saver (half-ass medic). I moved through the cedar grove and infiltrated the town, avoiding some russian foot patrols. Approaching the squad's position I saw shemasko popping out from an alley way and yelled for me to move quickly across the road. In the back of the alley shemasko had dragged guest in there and started telling me about his situation.

    As I investigated him and tried to insist to the others that the RTO better double time it before he die - a russian walked into the alley "CONTACT" pop pop pop. I looked up and Shemasko had killed the Ruskie patrolman, and then gunfire exploded from all around. The RTO was pinned down about 200 meters away, having been interdicted by a russian patrol.

    Shemasko moved to his position while I guarded guest's incapacitated self. Gunfire from the north east, this time M16 fire. I hear shouts, they are apparently coming back into the alley, and piespy (the RTO) goes to work trying to save guest's life while we cover the alley entrance. Apparently the drag bug is back into ACE, because even though we healed him, he wouldn't wake up.

    Onward and upward. Command wanted us to move across town and link up with the rest of the platoon at the asylum. Problem is, the town was alive now with patrols, and they were searching for us. The three of us (piespy, krause, shemasko) starting moving quickly but with bounds toward the west. I run around with my colt1911 out, as the M40 is no use in close quarters or urban fighting. Contact, an enemy section. We are dealing with them, but then enemy fire claps from all sides. We are surrounded. Suddenly, HMG fire. we look, but it's not a HMG, its a tank on the MSR, about 500 meters away, firing away at us blindly. Me and shemasko pop smoke and dive into a building, laying on the ground as bullets whiz and smack into the sides of the building.

    Piespy was unable to make it across and is being fired at. We fire at the russian footmobiles approaching him, as piespy tries to call in artillery on the tank. Three fire missions go by, and we hit it but are unable to destroy it. It continues to fire salvos at us. Command orders us to disengage. We leave piespy behind, who is intent to kill the tank with artillery and start running to the north west outskirts of the town, where there are more cedar groves.

    Another player whose squad leader was killed links up with us, THxxx (3 numbers). We proceed toward the platoon rallypoint north of the town in some cedar groves and find it. Then command orders us west toward OP 225 in the hills adjacent to AVGANI. We proceed at a brisk pace but then Shemasko calls contact and we hit the dirt. In front of us 150 meters is a bunker with a few russians looming vigilantly, looking for us. 100 meters beyond them, behind a waisthigh sandstone wall is a section, staring seemingly in our direction. We decide to engage them, myself the marksman focusing on the long range targets, th and shem focusing on the close range ones. We fire and the Russians return it, all seems to be going well for a few seconds. Then claps of fire from our right flank. I yell for th to shift fire, but he is unable to deal with it. An entire section attacks us close to the right, and russians converge from all directions on us. Shemasko orders us to pull back. I yell for th but he is cut off. We run back into the cedar groves, just me and shem.

    We run wildly into the southern heart of the city, trying to avoid this platoon that is coming down upon us. I trip a flare and we run faster. The town is angry and mobilizing. Down thoroughfares lights and the clack of automatic fire coming at us. We respond and run into cover. We run into a building and avoid detection, then bump into another patrol. Frantic firing, shem is running low on ammo. So am I. We backtrack to the north and check some of the dead russians who we had dispatched earlier. Shem loots one of the bodies and secures an AK-74. We keep running south, weaving in and out of backalleys and through open buildings, because enemy sections are chasing us from the north. Caught in an intersection we are being fired upon from all directions. We rush into a four story building and find some peace.

    Peering out I notice immediately that we have found a high value target: the enemy general. We have found an enemy HQ. There is an unmanned platoon of D-30 canons, ural trucks, a camp, and a building garrisoned with about 10 men, plus this officer. I take the shot and pop off the generals head. The russians on the roof return fire and we hit the ground. We take them out one by one. They cannot see us well, because we are in a dark building and they lack NVGs. Russians run from the HQ into the open and begin to assault our building. We kill them. I recommend we steal one of the urals outside of the HQ to escape the town. He agrees. We begin to run down the stairs to the first floor and the mission ends.

    Guest, who had respawned with a JIP, had reached the last OP, ending the mission.

    A great time!

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    Re: CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

    Damn T72!!

    But overall a good time. When i was trying to meet up wit you guys I had run into someone about 10 feet away and i called out over direct to see who it was, then he turns around and has an AK in his hands, i put about four bursts into him and another one after he hit the ground just to be safe :P. That artillery module is quite cool once you learn how to use it, although the incident with the T72 highlighted that we need to conserve our air strikes next time we play it, because the arty is pretty much ineffective.

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      Re: CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

      Ran this again last night.

      Commander: Myself
      RTO: Pie

      Alpha: Dredge
      Bravo: (can't recall sorry)
      Delta: Scope
      Echo: Krause

      A/B moved to east hill, D/E to west. Encountered sporadic patrols which Pie called in arty on. D/E avoided a car patrol and made it to the West Hill and set up camp calling in arty and LGB's on T72's

      Pie cleared a T72 (under fire) at the radio tower, and after mopping up some inf and calling in arty on some targets in the city, A/B moved north to flank the town from the NE.

      Moving up and securing a building north of town (bravo takes 1st KIA), the blockade at the North MSR engaged us and we suppressed it with rifle fire and artillery. Flanking elements from the NW were detected as D/E moved around the NW of town to link up with A/B and engaged.

      As all elements moved to secure the MSR roadbloak, an MG opened up and Alpha SL was wounded. Arty was called in, but wound up far so the commander suppressed and killed the gunner.

      A T72 south on the MSR prevented entry into the city, apparently the AV8 air support was off getting coffee. Once they returned we use artillery launched smoke screen on the MSR to shield our advance into the rear of the Asylum Target building. A couple sporadic close-in fire and the mission was completed successfully.

      Thanks to all the SL's and participants. A textbook mission, and pretty safe the way it was played. 3 KIA's too many, but we used the assets effectively.



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        Re: CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

        Originally posted by ForGlory&Pain View Post
        an MG opened up and Alpha SL was wounded
        That caught me off guard. Alpha had taken out all the enemy in that area and we where moving to Scopes location, I guess someone ran up to it. Overall good mission. Got caught with a flare at the first OP and turned tail and ran to the shadows. Good thing too, as an enemy squad came over the hill and allowed us to check the sights on our weapons. Alpha then moved up hill and called in a LGB on a T72 and moved in to mop up survivors at the radio tower. From there we had good eyes on the city and was again able to call in LGB on top of an enemy squad set to flank Echo and Delta. From there we swept around the city and attacked from the north. Took sporadic contact and thats when my squad got mowed down by the MG. Medic patched me up but I had lost 1 squad mate in the exchange. We then moved down the road to take out the last T72 and then found out that I had lost another squad member to fire unknown. So I picked up his long rifle and provided sniper support for the remaining elements as they pushed to clear the last objective.

        Overall nicely done! Great CO'ing Glory.


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          Re: CO14 Force Recon Feb 21 2010

          That was a great time there. That mission is hella fun also. Good for the late night soldiers that come by to play.

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