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Operation irene- 28/2/10

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  • Operation irene- 28/2/10

    post any aar related stuff here!

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    Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

    After Action Report 02.28.2010
    Operation Irene

    Final Command Structure
    Operational Commander
    Ranger Command
    Chalk 1 / Chalk Actual Viper
    Chalk 2 Longtime
    Chalk 3 Rampart
    Delta Command
    Delta 1 Actual Dredge
    Uniform 64 Command
    Uniform 64 Actual Fusionpoo (Irregulars)
    Alpha Squad Headshot
    Bravo Squad KiD
    Charlie Squad Zedic
    Delta Squad Ghost
    Flight 1 Command
    Flight 1 Actual Boondocksaint


    - Eliminate the advisers
    - Evac back to base

    Original OPORD

    Phase 1 - Deployment
    Initial statement: We ran into some communications during the organizational portion of the beginning, mainly around teamspeak hotkeys. Command was hearing internal comm's from commanders of uniform 64 and chalk actual; Wasn't too big of a deal though, just caused some delays trying to fix it. VON (from my perspective) seemed practically inoperable.

    Mission began, and ordered the immediate and equipping and arming of the forces. Ordered Uniform 64 to mount up in teh convoy, Chalks into blackhawk's and delta into the littlebird. Got code 'IRENE' via radio, and continued trying to get my men mounted up. Ammo seemed a bit sparse, and we ran into entire squads switching arm's because of other elements hoarding ammo.

    Ordered Delta to depart approximately 3 mikes before the Chalks, against my original OPORD. Eventually, all units did role out according to original OPORD.

    We ran into complications due to original intelligence stating we had 2 Chalk elements, when we actually had 3. Also, Delta did not fit into the little bird in its entirety. Ordered Chalk 3 to split between both blackhawks and a 2nd trip, while Delta also inserted some members in the blackhawks.

    Phase 2 - Assault
    Delta inserted onto its specified roof, and had some issues with the landing. All of Delta plus the pilot survived, but we had a little bird down. Delta initiated its assault on Olympic Hotel at this time. At the same time, Chalk elements began to drop into their specified deployment areas and began setting up a security perimeter around the hotel.

    Uniform 64 was current rolling at this time, and I ordered them to continue proceeding towards the hotel due to the delay in deployement. Uniform 64 reached the hotel at almost the same time the targets were eliminated. At this point, we were just completing the securing and clearing of the area when my elements began reporting a blackhawk going down north of the hotel.

    Phase 3 - First Blackhawk Down
    When blackhawk down was called, I ordered all units to hold position and confirm location of the downed blackhawk. Immediately, Airboss called in possible location north of the hotel; which agreed with our ground observations. I then ordered all units to proceed towards the down chopper.

    I ordered Uniform 64 to take up an eastern and north-eastern perimeter of the blackhawk, Chalk to form a western and north-western perimeter, and Delta to move directly in on the downed chopper.

    Movement Orders:


    My elements proceeded to the blackhawk down site, secured the perimeter, and survivors were found. Delta coordinated their evacuation with Flight 1, and then proceeded to blow the downed chopper. During this time, Airboss was attempting to coordinate a ammo drop to the downed blackhawk location. This drop was unsuccessful, and I ordered the blackhawk with supplies to peel off.

    At this point, command proceeded into a Blackhawk and then a little bird, providing command oversight from an air viewing position.

    Phase 4 - Second Blackhawk Down
    Upon destroying the damaged haul of the downed blackhawk, we got radio messages about a 2nd blackhawk going down. I immediately dispatched air elements to recon the down and discover its location. I received confirmation of its approximate location around Ci-15 (Charlie-India One-Five). I then ordered all elements to proceed East towards the crash site. Observed Chalk moving west-northwest of the crash site, and Uniform 64 moving in on a directly western movement; did not intervene and let them proceed at discretion. I then ordered Delta to proceed in the wake of Uniform 64's movement, and to secure the crash site at Delta Actual discretion.

    At this point, I also had a Super 64 in the air with Two(2) times gunners. I ordered them weapons hot east of the AO of the second downed chopper.


    All units proceeded to move into the area and secure it. Delta searched the wreck for survives and found none, so I ordered the destruction of this second downed blackhawk.

    Phase 5 - Extraction
    A UN convoy was dispatched from the north in support of our movements. I ordered Chalk to move to the estimated meeting location of the Convoy, Ch-15 (Charlie-Hotel One-Five). Uniform 64 recommended they move back to their vehicles for extraction, and I gave the go ahead. I then retracted part of this order, and ordered Uniform 64 to leave 1 X squad with Chalk elements in support of the UN convoy.

    Uniform 64 began their movements back to their vehicles, while Chalk held position around the convoy to load casulties. At this point, the server experienced massive desync and we eventually called it.

    1. The 3 tier command structure worked great; it would have been hell having to order all 8 units myself. I recommend for future events that we use command frequency with the new radio's in this same manner, and ONLY play missions where we can setup independent element leaders. e.g. all event missions should have a overall leader for their respective element, so they don't have to lead a squad too.
    2. My element actuals did a great job, took initiative, and required little oversight
    3. We had minimal casualties overall, and once we got out of base the mission proceeded quickly and organized
    4. The Flight group were all "johnny on the spots" the whole time.
    5. Delta was very "on their own" initiative based, just like it should be in the mission. Loved it, Dredge.
    1. The Teamspeak whisper crapshoot was a bit confusing and irritating at times, but not too bad. We still setup the basic communications structure I wanted, and that was the important part. Hopefully the new radio's fix this.
    2. Everyone took WAY too long to equip. I had to threaten shooting people at the ammo boxes to get them to back off. You don't need 30kg of ammo; that's what my airboss and supply chopper is for.
    3. On the same note as above, some people apparently hoarded ammo. I had squads which (i believe) had to *switch* weapon types because of this. Bad form.
    4. The mission massively desync'ed a few times, and eventually went into oblivion at the end. Dunno if this was just from ~60 people, but was disappointing not being able to order Chalk to run a kilometer :P
    5. I had a lot of fun commanding an official TG event. I'm doomed to continue volunteering :(
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      Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

      I've never written an AAR before and my squad never saw much action anyway, so I'm going to write a few observations:
      1) while I understand that the extra ammo was scarce on purpose, I think it should have been mentioned in the Player's Notes so as to reduce any confusion when we will play it again.
      2) the aerial insertion could have been better coordinated: in my opinion the Mh6 inserted the Deltas too quickly compared to the Rangers. I think it would have been better if the Deltas inserted at the same moment the Ranges were fastroping, to give any defenders multiple targets
      3) the blackhawks hovering the town bothered me, but not for the noise level (we were using TS for squad comms anyway, as such it wasn't hard to listen to the squadmates, and as it was mentioned during the debriefing this is one of the common problems faced IRL): heloes rarely hold position for long, since that makes them an easy target. Having the command element coordinating the battle from the air was an excellent move, but I think the heloes should have orbited the area constantly, instead of hovering this much.
      4) Longtime, my SL, did a great job leading us, considering he was having a few technical difficulties (enemies and friendlies had the same models on his monitor). This was also the cause of a funny episode right before we linked up with Uniform 64 toward the end:
      -Longtime: *peeking behind a corner* "I see a few soldiers. They might be friendlies". *gets hit in the face with an rpg* "Oh wait, nevermind, they are definetly hostiles".
      Thanks for toughing it out, Long, and leading our squad until the end. :)
      5) While the intro is pretty well-done (as with everything Mikee does :p ), I would suggest making a new version with a shorter intro for us to play again. We can still use the long version in a future event with players that have yet to play this mission. ;)

      All in all, even though my squad missed most of the fight (having being used as rear/flank security element) and for the few hiccups I mentioned above, I still had fun and I always love it when I operate as part of a well-coordinated force.

      Now with 200% more content!


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        Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

        it twas very fun... not much to right about as it was pretty short


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          Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

          Yeah, it only lasted one hour and twenty minutes.

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            Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

            edited and updated my AAR. all done; feedback on command is welcome please.

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            The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Im just not close enough to get the job done."


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              Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

              Overall the mission went well. A few note worthy things from the Delta side of the house:

              Our awesome rooftop helo insertion was cut short by Annie Oakley and an RPG but our pilot was able to maintain control long enought to put us on the roof. (nice flying waldo). We pushed off the roof and secured the compound after several intense moments of CQB. Our movement to the crash site ran into opposition at every corner and being the point man I had taken a few shots. But, thanks to the quick thinking of Force_Majeure I was able to rejoin the fight every time. Demo of the crash site was smooth and had no friendly KIA. The push towards the second bird was the hardest. It seemed as though everyone with an AK was coming out to play. Once we got there we secured it and all was well until the Desync.

              All in all, the mission went great. Props to the Ranger Chalks for covering our bums at the hotel! The leadership was spot on. I was hoping Jaynus wasnt getting tired of me calling him up and asking to push ahead, lol.

              Great Event Guys! Expect more of the same in the near future.


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                Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                Originally posted by Dredge View Post
                I was hoping Jaynus wasnt getting tired of me calling him up and asking to push ahead, lol.
                Actually it was kinda cool...was perfectly realistic to how the mission was supposed to be; delta constantly asking to go in and save pilots :)

                Task Force Proteus

                The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Im just not close enough to get the job done."


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                  Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                  not really much to add except chalk 3 joined the battle late and hence played catch up at every turn. Helo insertion was less than optimal as we were fastroped on a rooftop but some of us got injured. Not sure if it was because of ropes being dropped on our heads. I recommend the chalks get fast roped on to the road like in the movie!. Also "pilot" only drop the ropes once you hear "chalk x" on the ground. Appart from that excellent job to chalk 3 members! good movement and coordination with minimal comms on my part. Pitty we didnt get to shoot more skinnies.
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                    Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                    The chalks were fast roped in in the movies not landed. Only delta landed


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                      Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                      Originally posted by Boondocksaint View Post
                      The chalks were fast roped in in the movies not landed. Only delta landed
                      I believe he meant fastroping onto the street, vs fastroping on top of a building.


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                        Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                        Thanks Dslyecxi,

                        thats exactly what I meant. :)



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                          Re: Operation irene- 28/2/10

                          I dropped chalk 1 to the southern insertion point. Think i cut the ropes a tad early though, but the chopper was empty for nearly 10 seconds when i cut the ropes. The main reason i cut them was because there was a long radio silence and ive been RPG'd on this mission before. Better comms ftw :) All in all a great success as this was the first major roping Op on TG and it went pretty well.




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