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Afrene's Awakening 3/4/10

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  • Afrene's Awakening 3/4/10

    Subtitle: joking around turns into mission success

    I start playing by myself about 830 or 9 just to kill a little time. Hop in a Bradley (I enjoy Bradleys for anyone who hasn't played that op with me) and proceed to the checkpoint across the bridge, Once I'm there i destroy the radio tower with a Tow missile and light up the checkpoint. Proceed north along the road and then start laying waste to the second objective: Nubak. About this time azzwort join me on the server and guns while I drive. We finish clearing out Nubak and head north to the prison camp. After destroying everything in sight from afar we move in and are killed inside the compound by a hidden guy with an rpg. Respawn, I equip for ground and azzwort drops me off in the airfield east of the prison camp then circles spotting targets for me so i can get the drop on them, I clear the prison camp. At this point Adept joins us and azzwort ferries him up to my position, together we clear the perimeter of the compound while azzwort continues to spot. Azzwort brings down the ah-6 in the area with the pow's to see if we're supposed to do anything with them to get that objective when the helicopter suddenly explodes killing myzelf, azzwort, and all the pow's. We respawn, I grab another Bradley and azzwort another ah-6. Adept is airlifted back to base for medical supplies while I drive towards the town that is the 4th objective. I shoot down a hip-8 on the northeast of town and check it out. Azzwort gets the cas bird. The cas bird lasts about a minute and a half once it gets to the city before getting taken down by a zu-23 on the back of a ural. He auto-rotates and entrenches himself in a nearby building on the far west side of town. I start that way to try to rescure him but only make it about 100 meters into town before getting killed by an rpg. Janitor joined at some point while adept is still rearming. Both are waiting when i spawn and we all hop in the ah-6 thinking of some daring and ridiculously cool rescue of azzwort who is running low on ammo as he gets about 10 more kills defending his position. I'm cruising about 20m off the floor about 150 whatever arma's speed unit is. I see a good spot about 100m from azzworts clubhouse, zing over head and yank back to try to stop over the spot. Of course that kind of acceleration causes the bird to pop up to about 80m off the ground where it is promptly hit by anti-air fire. I manage to auto rotate about 10m from where I intended to land anyway and we press south to azzworts position. After a short firefight to secure the area around azzworts position we start sweeping east throught he city with the best fireteam teamwork I have seen. We get about 3/4 through the city when azzworts video card starts throwing a poo poo. Then me adept and janitor clear the remaining 150 or so meters ourselves. Then begins the hour it always takes to find that last guy. Somehow a HMMWV shows up which may have been from corporalsam who has been having connection problems for the last hour or so. Not sure where Janitor is at this point (feel free to add if you got into something interesting). Me and adept run back through the city and stumble across azzworts downed chopper. Figuring why not we go ahead and destroy it. The resulting explosion kills us and our hmmwv. Corporalsam finally gets connected and brings a HMMWV to the city. Me and adept respawn back at base, hop in the m-60 seaknight, I fly adept, on the side gun. We circle the city looking for the last guy and start coming under heavy machine gun fire, we can't figure out where it's coming from but corporalsam is able to follow the tracers and takes out the enemy. Mission complete.

    final scores were something like
    Me ~120-130
    Azzwort ~40
    Adept can't remember
    Janitor can't remember
    Corporalsam the last guy



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