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March 14-15 CO32_KustrykV4

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  • March 14-15 CO32_KustrykV4

    CO: Krause
    Plt Medic: CromagnonTX
    Driver: Glory

    1 Sec (Rifle): Azzwort
    2 Sec (Rifle): Ironman
    Weapons: Zedic


    Secure OBJs 1-5, enemy strongpoints in the vicinity Nadezndino


    22 Platoon is tasked with securing the Nadezndino valley area, assaulting and destroying an entrenched Russian platoon. Higher's intent is for 22 Platoon to secure the road in order to ensure the enemy movement is paralyzed in the region.

    Basic plan is executed in 2 phases.

    Phase 1:
    Objectives: Consolidation of platoon, movement into AO, deployment of a base of fire and assault on OBJ 2-3 area.

    Platoon is to rally at RV1, south west of the insertion point. Order of march is to be as follows: 1 section, weapons/c2, 2 section

    Platoon is to move in a platoon column through rallypoints (RP) 1-4 and then deploy for an assault into the Nadezndino area. At RP 4 platoon is to break into maneuver elements to deploy: 1 sec is tasked with bounding toward and assaulting the enemy, 2 sec is to provide flank security to the north, while also serving as a base of fire to effect 1's movement, weapons is tasked with providing accurate suppressive fires onto the enemy positions.


    Plan was implemented perfectly, with fluid transitions between formations, although section 2 lagged behind at several points. RP4 was reached and the platoon was ordered to rally. Once the platoon finished rallying, the order was given to assault. 1 section began to move slowly along the forward slope toward the town while 2 sec and weapons scaled up the hill quickly and set into position. 1 SEC reported enemy contacts and asked to engage. I ordered them to hold their fire until weapons team could sight in their weapons. Before weapons could get eyes on the enemy positions the Russians began to fire upon us, initially holding fire superiority.

    The enemy platoon was observed from the OP: the force was deployed around the urban center in earthen fighting positions, with several sections flanking in from the north western path and forests flanking the town. Alpha was ordered to begin the assault.

    At first the Russians had fire superiority, but after some chaotic shifting of elements at the BOF hill and directing by the C2 element, accurate fire by the 240 was finally dropping on Russian positions. The Russian reserve was redirected in an attempt to repulse our attack; from OBJ3 a section moved toward the OP and bumped into 2 section. A horrible firefight broke out as 1 section engaged and destroyed static elements on the base of the forward slope. Entering the town, 1 sec began to engage in house to house fighting as they continued to exchange fire with converging mobile sections from the other side of the valley. 2 Sec was ordered north west after dispatching the flanking forces in order to secure OBJ3 and get eyes on the north of the AO. Accordingly, enemy forces in the vicinity of OBJ 1 were then cut off and denied movement from the rest of the reduced platoon.

    Within 20 minutes complete fire superiority was achieved and the vast majority of the enemy forces in the AO decimated. The Russians had thrown their reserve against our assault, and were unable to spoil our effort.

    Phase 2:
    Objectives: Consolidation of platoon, destruction of remnant opfor pockets of resistance, securing of isolated, cut off objective areas

    Platoon to rally on RV2, 1 sec on the left flank inside the town facing north, 2 sec on the right in the open field, weapons to act as a mobile base of fire on basis of need.

    1 Sec to advance on Obj 5 to complete disruption of the enemy platoon, 2 sec to act as a reserve and base of fire.


    All units assembled successfully as the C2 element moved from the OP to OBJ 3 in order to radio in the objective. I met with a few foot mobiles who were retreating toward the north. They were dispatched and the objective completed.

    1 Sec was ordered to advance on OBJ5 after the rendezvous and bumped into a russian section attempting to withdraw north east and possibly link up with a Russian holdout force in that region. They were denied movement, reduced and pushed west. The enemy force was weakened to such a state that I saw no need to keep 2 Sec or Weapons in reserve, so they were sortied north to secure OBJ4. I reasoned that the sections would be able to fulfill my intent without substantial support. This judgment proved to be prudent, as a quicker tempo of movement ensured the eradication of the enemy force, scattered about the AO, before it would consolidate and counter-attack. 2 section and weapons headed north, C2 lagging behind. 2 Sec came into contact within 5 mikes from a reduced section of infantry, who were destroyed. C2 also bumped into a handful of foot mobiles running about in a disordered fashion. All were dispatched without much effort.

    The north of the AO was now secured as 1 Section held firm at their objective. Accordingly 2 Section was ordered to regroup with 1 Section while Zedic had fun in a fortress to the north east.

    A final, ineffectual attempt by the enemy to turn the tide of the battle occurred just as 2 Section linked up with 1 Section. A section sized force, attempted to breakout from their encirclement toward the north east and bumped into 1 Sec. A firefight ensued, and fire superiority was soon achieved by the arrival of 2 Section. 1 Section moved into the objective area while 2 Sec was ordered to provide flank security. The mission was completed with:

    0 KIA
    a few WIA

    Good job, especially to azzwort, who served as an excellent maneuver/shock element leader.

    Zedic's accurate deployment of suppressive fire was also crucial in securing a 0 KIA outcome.

    Big props to Glory for somehow enduring being a platoon driver for two missions in a row.
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    Re: March 14-15 CO32_KustrykV4

    Right, my perspective...

    So, 1 sec was a pretty good group overall, good comms, good leadership, good teams. Before the mission started i wrote out my squad members and assigned them to fire teams. teams were as follows

    Group 1: Me, Gr!m, ovets

    Group 2: Beta, Headshot, Guest, Meek

    Krause laid out the basic plan of attack during the briefing, and by the time we were in game my squads were squared away. Teams met with their respective TLs and when beta and my team were set up we organized in staggered column on the road. My original plan was to have MGs on point in direction of movement. Beta suggested putting Headshot (his AR) on the rear right of the formation. My rules of movement were simple, sqaud leaders are not on point. Mgs should be in front and back with infantry spread around between them.

    We moved to the first RP in staggered column but as we moved on to RP2 and broke off the road, i figured we wouldn't be able to maintain that formation without helpful guides (eg roads) to help us. Granted, we were doing fine, but i wanted to do a quick formation drill due to my constant want to see if people listen to me or not. So we moved into sortof a split wedge formation based on the front man in our side of the group. Right group went right, left group went left. Cool, line formation. Then i figured we might as well tighten formation so we got into a normal wedge with gr!m on point.

    Moved through RP2, Weapons det was complaining about how we were moving too fast, had to take many rests. Moved through a small town towards RP3, and eventually made it to RP4....

    Right, so now that the boring formation stuff is over with we come to THE BATTLE!!!

    1 Sec moved left around the hill to our assault point to our hold marker. Gr!m gained eyes on enemy contacts down in the vally. I called command and requested permission to initiate contact. Was denied, but got a favor when Russian troops opened up on the American hill elements to our south-east. 1 sec moved down the hill and engaged contacts in the town. I think i missed the boat on the EI train because the rest of my squad was putting fire on a group of danger close infantry. Once i got the memo, i participated in this engagement as well. We bounded by fireteam, one tree at a time, firing like crazy people at the town. We got into the town casualty free, i did hear that beta got shot, but he didn't really complain about it. We began engaging contacts to our north-west with point fire (we had used a majority of our ammo attacking the town), and attempted to move through the town to make sure it was clear. I turned a corner on the west end of town and was shot by an enemy PK gunner.

    I called for a medic, beta got on comms with platoon medical officer, cromag, i got the epi, morphine, and bandages i needed. way to be effective 1 sec. When we got back on station i was given orders to move to OBJ 3, a position we were not in the position for, i didn't really say anything on comms, but somone did go and take the position so it wasn't really a big deal... 1 sec's next objective was to capture objective 5 to the north west. We had resupplied at this point and were well availible to shoot like crazy people again, luckily the enemy made the attack easy, maybe a fireteam or two was all that blocked us at OBJ5. OBJ 5 secured, we were good to go.

    We met up with 2 sec for the final assault on OBJ1. We moved as two groups in wedge formation side by side (platoon line?). We engaged a few scattered contacts, but the enemy moral was so devastated by our sheer manly balls that they didn't have the will to fight. So we took the position with no problem. I called in the final objective and the mission was a grand success!!!!!

    Special thanks to like, my whole squad. You guys are some seriously awesome players. Beta gets special mention for being my FTL and thus having to deal with my scatterbrained attempt at making orders and issuing them. you guys all rock. Also thanks krause for letting my guys do their jobs without the burden of being micromanaged or whatever, and zedic for providing suppressive fire that one time we worked with your squad and all the fun conversations up to RP4.

    Also, even though we technically were 1 sec, ALPHA DAWGS!!!!!

    Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.


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      Re: March 14-15 CO32_KustrykV4

      Great AARs guys wish I could have been there looking forward to getting some good games in once finals are over!




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