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Protvino Flight March 25-26 AKA "Run, Forrest run!"

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  • Protvino Flight March 25-26 AKA "Run, Forrest run!"

    CO: Krause
    Platoon Medic: James
    240: Tobel (Gunner)
    Tiggr (assistant)
    Plt Sgt: CromagnonTX

    Alpha (Rifle): Falcon
    Bravo (Rifle): Colin


    2nd Platoon Bravo Company is encircled in the town of Protvino. The platoon is tasked with breaking out of the encirclement and returning to the company CP. Once there, defenses are to be prepared in anticipation of the Russian advance.


    Phase 1
    Objective: Withdraw out of Protvino to RP 3. Save the platoon from being encircled and destroyed.

    2nd platoon was tasked with rendezvousing on the ASR in grid 117 101 and immediately forming a platoon column. Order of march was to be as follows: alpha, command + weapons, bravo.

    The general plan included a speedy withdrawal out of the town center with alpha acting as the spearhead of our push to RP1 through RP3. Command and bravo would provide rearguard security and support fires. The platoon would bound where necessary, although a high tempo was to be maintained at all times.


    The game began with the platoon mere feet from the rally point, so the platoon was quickly arrayed in a column on the ASR after some hurried directions from myself and Falcon. Falcon opted for a wedge leading alpha in the front while the command element and bravo remained staggered behind. Within a minute the platoon was ready to move and sporadic gunfire was heard to our front, so the command to move was ordered. Leaving the small urban center, a temporary refuge, we came across an open field with a thicket of trees on the other side. Suddenly gunfire erupted from all sides, a platoon sized force was attacking from the north as well as flanking us from the south west. The most intense firefight I have seen in ARMA 2 erupted as the platoon began to deploy to return fire. We were surrounded on all sides with Russians running out toward us in small bounds, firing wildly with automatic rifle fire. I shot my 203 into small groups of communists and was soon out of HE shells.

    Achieving fire superiority would be impossible here - we were outnumbered. I reasoned then that our tempo of violent movement might spare our force from destruction. Accordingly I began to scream at men who were huddling on their bellies and hiding behind cover to get up and move. Falcon charged toward into a Russian section blocking our movement to the west and his squad did not move. "GET UP AND MOVE! FOLLOW YOUR SQUAD LEADER!" I screamed as the chaos reached a new height.

    Falcon's courageous charge influenced his squad to move but he was shot down and calling for a medic as the squad formed on line. The fireteam leaders tried to bring order to chaos, shouting at their troopers to fire back at the enemy instead of panicking. Now Alpha was across the open ground but Bravo and Command was on the other side, still serving as a base of fire for movement. "COME ON, WE'RE MOVING NOW!" and off I went charging across the open ground, bullets whizzing by. Only a few troopers moved so I ran back across the field and met up with my 240 gunners and medic. On my return bound across the field I saw a section flanking from the south west and ordered the 240 to be set up at the edge of the tree line. The 240 team mowed down the section in quick time.

    We formed a makeshift 360 degree perimeter around Falcon as the medic tended his wounds. Soon he was back up on his feet, but not before another trooper was fatally shot and killed while providing security.

    Time to repeat, with Falcon up, I ordered him to bound forward, this time to a small group of houses to the west, on the outskirts of Protvino. As Falcon pushed his squad forward a platoon sized force over-ran Protvino proper some 200 meters behind us and began to emerge en masse from the tree line, engaging into our position. I redeployed the 240 and ordered Bravo to return fire. This combination of fires stalled the enemy advance as Falcon's squad secured the buildings, encountering sporadic resistance. I ordered Bravo and my own section to bound forward and we linked up with Alpha. By the time we got there Alpha was already withdrawing from the area and passing over the train tracks leading to RP 1. I ran toward the tracks, looking around to see where Alpha was. Suddenly bullets ricocheted off the cement at my feet and skipped up, hitting the wall next to me. The western bend in the railroad had an enemy section streaming out of the treeline and engaging into the area. I ran back toward the buildings because I was still alone and began to shout for the 240 and bravo to move up. I ordered the 240 to be set up on the railroad platform and it began to fire accurately on the flanking force. Falcon reported over radio that he was ahead and in position at RP1.

    After the enemy forces down the rail were stalled I ordered Bravo and weapons to bound forward again, setting up on the ridge line of RP1 facing Protvino. The platoon which had over-ran Protvino now came down upon us, having finally caught up to our flight. Dozens of Russians ran out from the buildings to our east and were mowed down from our position on top of RP1's ridge line as Alpha continued onward, pushing toward RP2.

    For whatever reason Alpha shifted further south than I originally intended and bumped into another Russian section. As our position at RP1 became untenable I ordered bravo and command to withdraw in order to also support Alpha's breakthrough south west. Within minutes the enemy section was neutralized, and we had outpaced the attackers in the Protvino area. Sporadic gunfire and contacts were spotted, but the intensity of the fight decreased. I seized upon this opportunity by ordering the platoon in column to immediately move to link up with friendly forces in grid 107 103. We jogged toward that friendly platoon, at times the rearguard stopped to affect the withdrawal and provide a base of fire as the enemy further engaged into our movement.

    Finally we saw trenches ahead - friendly soldiers! We rallied behind them, and many of us gasping and on the verge of collapse, took a much needed, albeit short break. I now took time to plan for phase 2 of our operation.

    Phase 2:
    Objective: Rally on the company CP, prepare to be attacked by the Russian advance

    The platoon was tasked with proceeding in column to the company CP for general resupply. Namely troopers were to be equipped with:
    1. Trenches
    2. Flares
    3. AT-4s (I was unsure of the enemy had IFVs or armor in reserve)

    The platoon was tasked with preparing a system of static defenses in preparation of immediate attack. I was tasked to protect GRID 109 109 by higher. Accordingly I tasked alpha was providing a reverse slope defense east of the buildings there, with Bravo as flankguard to the north west. Weapons team, the 240, would be deployed in the center, able to provide support fires to either Alpha or Bravo's position. The CP was also tenuously in the center.


    We withdrew to the company CP and resupplied successfully. I was initially unaware of the presence of flares in the crates, although Falcon reminded me and the platoon was accordingly supplied well. It was getting quite dark by the time we arrived at the CP, as the enemy advance on Protvino began at sundown. There was some confusion about where trenches would be deployed, this cost us some valuable minutes and the enemy attacked before we finished deploying defenses. Luckily, most of the defenses were in place, and at least the platoon was resupplied on weapons and ammo.

    Five minutes after we arrived and began to deploy trenches the first telltale signs of an enemy engagement, a few cracking AK-74 rounds was heard. This "shot heard round the world" was immediately followed by a deafening volume of fire. A platoon engaged into our defensive line from the North and all seemed stable, until a few minutes later another platoon attacked from the flank of Alpha's position to the north east. For a few minutes it appeared as if the platoon's defenses would collapse, but we held out, as I quickly tried to redeploy the 240 to better delivered fire on the attacking forces. Flares were shot into the air creating a rainbow of color. At first i fired my 203 flares, red, green and blue into the sky. The russians were painted in flickering hues of vivid color, accented by green tracers and yellow claps of thunder. They were cut down line by line. Then paraflares were thrown up until only a few were left in the entire platoon. The gunfire slowed down, but we heard tracked vehicles to the west. Had an enemy armored platoon outflanked us? Falcon tried to explain that it was a friendly mechanized company, but some troopers still held their AT4s out pointing into the darkness.

    Then the Bradleys came into view, mission accomplished!
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    Re: Protvino Flight March 25-26 AKA "Run, Forrest run!"

    First off great game everyone, special thanks to Platoon leader Krause and my FTLs Ironman and Jack Bauer. And here is the AAR from alpha’s perspective.

    PTL: Krause
    ASL: Falcon
    FT1L: Ironman
    FT2L: Jack Bauer
    BSL: Colin

    We started in a very bad position. The Russians had cut us off from the rest of the company and were closing in on our location Krause’s plan was for us to push northwest towards the rail station over the hill then along the coast towards friendly lines. Already the sounds of battle were drifting over the hills from 2nd and 3rd platoons positions engaged with soviet lead elements. We quickly organized the platoon into a column and stepped off no sooner had we pushed 25m then we came under small arms fire with a growing crescendo of fire now enveloping the platoon from three directions we had to push on. We move through a more wooded area and came upon a field. I halted momentarily to decide the best course of action just as I was about to radio command that alpha would commence bounding over the field two Russians emerged from the opposite side stumbling into the firefight. I leveled my M16 and shot both of them. With the platoon at risk of being destroyed and pinned I yanked the pin out of a smoke grenade lobed it to the south end of the field yelled ‘Alpha Squad on me!’ and double timed it across the field. I reached the other side found a tree , took a knee and turned around most of the squad was either in the field running towards me or still on the other side. I began shouting at them to move to my position when I was struck by two AK rounds in the side. I remember screaming ‘MEDIC’ before the inky blackness enveloped me.

    When I came to I was surrounded by a tight cluster of people the platoon medic was busily tending to my wounds. Soon I was well enough to rejoin the fight and found my fireteams. The platoon was still in an extremely precarious position still completely surrounded. With everyone up and moving we pushed on to the rail station which offered the first firm cover since we left the street were we started. However any opportunity to regroup and reconsolidate was stifled by the appearance of a platoon strength Russian force to our rear. I got my fireteams organized and ready to move west towards friendly lines. Directly to our front was a 20m tall hill overlooking the city, Jack’s fireteam scrambled up it first and quickly disappeared over the top of the hill. Concerned about the possibility of Russians behind the hill I followed closely with fireteam one. As we started up the hill every Russian in the vicinity decided that we presented a perfect target and with bullets kicking up around us we made it over the top of the hill. However not everyone seemed to realize that the fire was coming from our east, opposite our direction of travel and it took a few seconds of desperate yelling to get everyone on the correct side of the slope. We now found ourselves in a depression between two hills. I had Jack’s team clear out this area while fireteam one and myself provided covering fire for bravo and command.

    Soon everyone was regrouped and we were continuing west with the Russians hot on our heels. Jacks team was pushing forward with iron and fireteam one in column. Friendly forces soon came into view and still under fire from Russians we somehow made it across the last bit of open ground to friendly lines. With many of our more burdened squadmates passing out we took a brief halt before moving out to the company CP. We staggered into the CP as the last hints of sunlight disappeared from the western horizon. Unfortunately the company commander’s RTO was killed and his radio destroyed during the retreat from Protivino but a runner found me and I was able to inform Krause of the plan. We were to anchor the company’s left flank holding a group of buildings just east of the CP. Although there was some initial confusion as to the plan of the defense we soon found our positions and began digging in.

    We had been preparing defenses for less than 5 minuets when people began reporting movement to the east. I franticly began scanning the line looking for the telltale signs of the enemy. At last I saw it movement in the treeline to our front at 200m and not just one or two contacts but the entire treeline 300m long alive with the movement of an enemy platoon. As I was in the middle of shouting a warning and an order to fire the treeline was illuminated by the twinkling of muzzle-flashes. Those member of the platoon not in a trench or in firm cover quickly found some as the battle was joined. The firefight continued unabated for a good 10 minuets with the most intense moment being when two sections attempted to flank us to the south. A quick repositioning of B and his 249 quickly halted their advance. The firefight began winding down and the telltale sign squeaking of a track being pulled over road wheels drifted through the darkness from the west. The mechanized forces had arrived and the Russians had been held to their bridgehead 2nd Battalion would live to fight through the night.




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