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TFP Epic Mini "Support the Koalas" ARMA2 Gaming Session [30 Mar 2010]

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  • TFP Epic Mini "Support the Koalas" ARMA2 Gaming Session [30 Mar 2010]

    First off, apologies to everyone for the technical difficulties with GL4 and the server. Working with admin's to get all of these resolved. Secondly, apologies to everyone for the wierd comm/movement issues.

    Now. Post AAR's/critiques/anything regarding it here.

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    Re: TFP Epic Mini "Support the Koalas" ARMA2 Gaming Session [30 Mar 2010]

    I got called off for a family emergency just as it looked like things might be getting interesting. That said, I liked the Combined Arms aspect of the mission and I got pulled into a role I had never done before, being assigned as a Bradley Gunner. I quickly reviewed my keyboard command cheat sheets and figured it out, so now I have a new skill I can use!

    As has been the usual, comms really seemed to suffer and there seemed to be a lot of misunderstanding and tension between High Command and the lower echelons. It was clear there were still players who didn't have the plug in properly installed and were thus over-talking everyone else on TS.

    I'd love to get another chance at it, since I missed the meat of the mission. I'll also be interested to read other viewpoints on how it played out.
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