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Second Battle of Fallujah - 04.24.2010

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  • Second Battle of Fallujah - 04.24.2010

    After Action Report
    Second Battle of Fallujah


    Command Structure
    Commander - jaynus
    Alpha Leader - ThePieSpy
    Tango Leader - Krause
    JIP Bravo Leader - HeadShot, with Hooves in 2nd (Hooves largely on Comms)

    Move in and capture all objectives within the city of Fallujah. Inflict minimal civilian casualties.

    Two infantry squads with humvee's and MTVR's in support. Designate Alpha and Bravo
    Two bradley elements - Designate Tango 1 and Tango 1 2
    One Medivac Chopper, Designate Dustoff 1
    One Platoon Medic, Attached to command

    Area of Operation

    Phase 1
    All elements ordered to move out post haste on designated RP's 1 and 2. Upon reaching RP2, which was directly on the south side of the bridge, all units were then ordered o their respective approach zones. Tango was ordered to begin approach on OBJ1, following the northern shore. Their first approach location was to be 040 065. This location became our first battlefield hospital. Alpha was ordered to approach direct east to west towards the industrial zone, starting from around 040 067.

    Phase 2
    Alpha and Tango were given free discretion to move and clear OBJ1. The medivac chopper began running JIPs from base to our hospital location. This was then designated LZ Red. Command got several reports of unknown friendly elements going commando in the area. Command ordered all unknown or solo friendlies as hostile, and engage on site. These rogues were taken out, and command then requested an admin kick due to them attempting to take a humvee without authorization. At this point, we had multiple new JIPs, and HeadShot reported in as Bravo lead. I ordered Bravo to LZ Red, and then to approach OBJ1 from the south. Alpha/Tango took OBJ1 with (i believe) no casualties.

    Phase 3
    Command designated a BL/PL at northing 069 035. All elements were ordered to move to best location on BL1 with a discretionary range of 1k E-W. I then ordered Alpha into OBJ2, with Tango rolling to or near 031 070 for support; Tango was ordered to this location in order to get a firing lane between the treelines into the objective, while Alpha marched from the north. I maintained my order for Bravo to trail Alpha, at least 50m behind the element. The objective was then taken and cleared.

    Phase 4
    I then ordered Tango to move back east, north of the city near camp Noobia, to provide overwatch from the hills at their own discretion. At this point, Tango took AT and mines; I then ordered Tango to move on their own to any position to the north with good overwatch. I then ordered Alpha to sweep directly east into OBJ5, staying on the southern side of the AO marked zone. I ordered Bravo to maintain 50m behind Alpha for this approach, and to then brake off and secure the eastern side of AO. Alpha and Bravo moved into a large 3 story complex nearly in the center of the city, and were heavily engaged for 15 minutes. Once fire had died down, I repeated my orders and had Bravo first move out direct east. I then ordered Alpha to move south east, and they eventually took the Crossroads marked '19' on attached map. At this point, the Medical location was moved to north of the city near the 'Jogging Area' marker.

    Phase 5
    During the aforementioned movements, I received resupply requests from both Alpha and Bravo. I ordered Dustoff, who was currently evac'ing the destroyed Tango crew, to supply heavily on STANAG and 249 ammunition. First LZ was designated for Bravo's supplies; Bravo had already sent runners to procure the ammunition, and it was received at 035 075. Alpha then received their supplies, with a direct drop onto the crossroads they were holding.

    Phase 6
    I then ordered all elements to continue pushing hard east, with bravo in the center of the town and alpha on the southern side. We quickly secured OBJ3 during these movements. At this point, we hit our 2 hour limit and the game ended.

    Commanders Thoughts

    - Great tactical choices. The objectives weren't linear like most Mikee missions, it was great
    - Liked that the revive script was being used, but see Con's on this
    - Element leaders did a great job, we overall didn't have many casualties at all.

    - The revive script was stock; anyone could revive anyone. Made medics, and specifically the battlefield hospital, useless
    - Ace medical was disabled for the revive script. I would love to find a way to integrate them.This would make medics AND medivac *required*
    - We spent some time hunting down 1 enemy in the objectives to clear them. wasted a good 30 minutes total of game time doing that.
    - Respawns were at base; this kept medivac occupied. If the above note is fixed, maybe the field hospital should be a mobile respawn too?

    Great first version of this mike; liked it a lot.

    Task Force Proteus

    The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but Im just not close enough to get the job done."



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